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By Gunny Fitz
March 26, 2019
Are They ALL The Same?
First time using this brand of Microfiber Cleaner. Wish I could say this stuff SERIOUSLY cleans all my towels but I honestly cant tell if this stuff works better than all the others I've used. Anyone know if an independent test was done on which MF Cleaners work the best?
ProsLittle less expensive than counterparts. Name Brand
ConsNone this far
By Stan
August 30, 2018
McKees37 Microfiber Cleaner
Excellent product. Works very well.
By Hank
July 1, 2018
I use it on all my microfiber towels, leaves them ready to use on my next wax job or cleaning my computer monitor!
Prosuse only a small amount
By JRoman
November 11, 2016
Solid Product
Does what you expect it would but you definitely have to soak heavy stains before a wash.
By Kuya 1
Sierra Vista, Arizona
October 9, 2016
Right product for the job
Washed my microfiber towels with regular soap and they did not work the same as new, used this product and amazingly they returned to their original condition.
ProsCleans microfiber towels like no other, like they say the proof is in the pudding.
By Glen
LaPorte, Tx
August 13, 2016
Good Stuff
Leaves the microfiber clean and soft
By James
East Haddam, CT
May 9, 2016
It works well
I tried this on my pile of used microfiber towels and they came out great. I used regular laundry soap before and wasn't happy with the results. This stuff works.
By Kevin
Rockwall, TX
April 18, 2016
Cleans great in the sink!
Cleans great in the sink!
By Chris
February 21, 2016
Works for me
Had used a different product that didn't work that well. This does the job. Wash on hot with a heavy duty cycle, dry on low. For the reviewer that had trouble with stains, I found that keeping a spray bottle of the cleaner handy and pre-treating the stains makes all the difference (spray directly on the stain full strength and let soak for 10 minutes or so before starting the washer). I use light colors specifically so I can see any stains, and this has worked very well for me. I try not to get anything too grungy on my good microfiber, so I suppose you could find something this cleaner wouldn't get out, but I can say the before and after photos do match my experience.
By St.
Norfolk, VA
February 3, 2016
Great MF Cleaner
Cheaper than other cleaners, my towels came out looking good. I used it in my HE washer with no problems. Will only buy this stuff from now on.
ProsWorks great!
By Bryan
June 11, 2015
Great Cleaner
Cleans microfiber towels really well. You only have to use a small amount to get the job done.
ProsGreat for cleaning those microfiber towels
ConsA little pricey!
By Brian
Sandston, Virginia
July 25, 2014
Works pretty well
Used this to clean some microfiber bonnets and towels after detailing my truck with a "black wax" that I'll never use again. The cleaner, for the most part, does what it says. The wax came clean, but I decided to wash them a second time due to the black wax stains. Besides the stains, the towels feel like new.
By Trevor
Powell, TN
July 20, 2014
Great Product, Works very well.
I decide to give this cleaner a try, I'm glad I did. Microfibers came out like they were brand new. Took all the residue and dirty right out of them.
ProsRemoves all old waxes and cleaners from the microfiber
By Russell
December 14, 2013
Works great
Works as described. Much cheaper than some of the others and my towels came out looking great with no residue. I used it in my HE with no problems at all. Great stuff.
By Bob P.
April 3, 2013
Works Great
I use this product on all my microfiber towels and detailing pads. I feel it works very well. It does take more product than stated. I pre soak my towels in a bucket with about 3oz of product. After that I add product start to stains. I then rinse them by hand and wash them in the washer. Really hard stains I use a detailing brush on with straight product. The stains usually come out and my brush is very clean. The only issue I have is the product is expensive. I bought it on BOGO. Next time I will buy the 128 oz when DP is on sale.
By Oscar
March 16, 2013
works like a charm
Just got this stuff today I was eager to try it. I follow all the the directions as mention above, and the mf came out super clean, with the electric static feeling def would recommend this to any detailer!
By james
September 2, 2011
By Carlos
February 6, 2011
Cleans microfiber towels very nice. I agree with other reviewers though, results arent as dramatic as the pictures, But i did fing they cleaned very well.
By Mike
June 17, 2010
Not good at stains
I have used 32 oz. of this product. It leaves behind stains in my white towels. I do not find the before/after pictures accurate to my results. Will be looking for a different cleaner.
By Bill D
February 16, 2009
DP Microfiber Cleaner
I did a load of about 8 microfiber towels and none of them came as clean as shown in the ad above. After the first wash came out so poorly I actually agitated and soaked the towels on a bucket with about 1 oz of the cleaner added to hot water. That did not work so well so I washed the towels again in the washing machine with 2 oz of the cleaner and that removed very little of the staining. The towels are soft and it appears as thought the wax has been removed but virtually non of the stains come off. If you want the stains removed from your towels this is not the product to use. I actually had better luck on some of the towels I had washed once before in regular laudry detergent.
July 11, 2008
Nice Stuff
Rejuvenates and keeps MF feeling new. But doesnt remove heavy stains, even if you let it soak. Not a bad product for the price though
By Chris
July 6, 2008
This product works but I had to use double the amount of detergent to get my microfiber applicators and microfiber towels cleaned. The trick to getting the microfiber applicators is to run them under cold water and try to pick some of the wax off with your nails. Then put them into the washer. The DP microfiber cleaner did not remove one of my most soiled microfiber towels. I ended up throwing it out. It made my other microfiber towels and applicators look as good as new. The only downside that I have to say about this product is that it’s so darn expensive. I should have bought the 128 oz formula instead. But I bought the 32 oz formula just to try it and I think didn’t realize how much of this formula I was going to use. There is no scent in this detergent.

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