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By D. Ridge
RR New Mexico
May 2, 2018
Works very well
I like it, it works well, gives my car a great shine, (but a little over priced) that's why 4 stars.
ProsWorks well, gives a very nice deep shine, easy & quick to use.
ConsOver priced
By edward raye
westford massachusetts
April 19, 2018
mckee's 37 high gloss detail spray
I am very pleased with this product.
October 1, 2016
Good product but expensive
Good product. Reminds me of Zaino Z6 which is only 10.95 for 16 ounces instead of this at 14.95. Smells just like the Zaino product as well. Could be the same exact product. I'll be ordering the Zaino Z6 from now on because of the price.
ProsNice glossy finish
By Mark Chester
Kelso, WA
August 29, 2016
Pretty good product
I used this on my show car for the first time the other day. It does leave a good shine and is easy to apply. One thing I noticed is that the amount required when applying the product is less than other products I have used.
ProsNot much product required to achieve a good shine. Leaves a nice gloss on the car.
ConsAlthough the product does work well, I am not sure that the price with the cost of shipping makes this product better than products available locally.
By Mike
Belle plaine mn
August 26, 2016
Stuff works great...i use it to detail valance,steps on bumbers ,stuff in engine bay,trim,just spay it on.a few light coats and let dry...makes everything look new...awsome product
By David F
Tulsa, Ok
August 10, 2016
Gloss Spray
Best I have Found so far!
ProsEasy to use and has nice shine.
By don
Hampton Roads Virginia
July 2, 2016
this product delivers the type of results I look for in a detailing spray. simple and durable is my experience.
By Dan McPheron
OFALLON, Missouri
March 30, 2016
Brilliant streak free shine!
I am a car guy that keeps us vehicles meticulous! I have tried most detailers available and have found this one to be the easiest to use and leaves the most brilliant shine.
ProsEase of use and amazing shine!
ConsThe spray feed tube was too long for the bottle. Had to shorten it.
By Jon L.
Nantucket, MA.
May 6, 2015
Awesome product.
While I have nothing else to compare this to, as it is the first QD I have ever ordered, I love it. I use it after waxing, after washing, and as a general quick fix to spot clean (bird poop) in between washes, It leaves my dark colored car looking great and very smooth. I'm a big fan of DP and all of their products.
ProsEasy to use, great results, great price.
By Larry
St Pete, Florida
March 31, 2015
DP Final Gloss Quick Detailer
I received this as a "bonus" item when I purchased a car drier. Once I tried it, I discontinued use of all my other quick detail products! Although the paint doesn't feel quite as "slippery" as with many other detailers, it more than makes up for surface feel by the absolutely brilliant appearance of the paint and ability to repel airborne dust. My black paint has always been a dust magnet, even when parked in car shows in the middle of paved parking lots. With detailing spray, I have always been reluctant to wipe the car down for fear of streaking, or worse yet, scratching it, but this stuff seems to negate the need to do so nearly as often. As yet, I haven't tried it in the direct sun, but I am optimistic that it will perform as well as it does in the confines of my garage.
ProsFantastic shine. Easy to use. Streak free. Seems to help repel dust.
By "David"
Palm Spring, CA
October 29, 2014
More than a "Quick Detailer"
I have tried dozens of products that all claim to do a wonderful job with secret and state of the art ingredients. However, this is the first product that I actually enjoy spraying a tiny amount and watching as it disappears into the paint as I gently rub. I use DP paint sealer once a month and every other day I use this product. The car (black) looks like I just had it detailed. Every time, everyday. I have been buying products for the past 50 years at street fairs, auto supply stores, online and this is the finest overall BRAND of products that I have found so far. More importantly, for the price, you simply can't beat it. I only wish DP was for sale at retail stores so I wouldn't be paying a small fortune in shipping charges. That is how much I like DP products. I laughing when I type this because I never thought I would be saying this: Try any of their products and you will be sold. Seriously!
ProsEasy to apply Beautiful results Doesn't scratch the clear coat Actually intensifies the color Gives the paint a wet look Looks like you did a major detail when you actually did a "quick detail".
By Jimi
October 11, 2014
Detailer’s Pro Series Final Gloss
this is the best detailer around, Great shine and easy on and easy off.
ProsGreat protection with a mirror shine.
By Neal
Milwaukee, WI
July 22, 2014
One of the best out there!
I have used a lot of products for detailing cars over the years, and this has got to be the easiest quick detailer to use, especially for a dark colored car. I can't say enough about the gloss, ease of use, and slippery shine that this produces. My father used to have his own car wax line and this is better than his quick detailer, he even admitted it. One more thing, there are no streaks produced by this that I could see, even while applying in direct sunlight. For the money, this is a great product and I will most certainly purchase another bottle once this one runs out.
By Israel
September 10, 2013
I have been looking for a QD that gives a nice shine, boost existing protection and repel dust. This is it! I put it up against some of the most popular QDs on the market and final gloss came up on top. I will be getting a gallon once my 32oz runs out.
By Sonny Black
August 6, 2013
Very Satisfied Customer
I have not been able to find a streak free QD until this one. An even greater deal when offered at BOGO. Ive used Meguiars and an ONR and water mix but they dont compare to this stuff. My silver car has two coats of Wolfgang DGPS and one coat of Detailers Max Wax and using this to spot clean really makes the paint pop. Pleasant smell too.
By Corey
November 11, 2011
No Complaints
DP Final gloss is a great streak free QD that works on paint and glass. It leaves a nice glossy look to your paint and when I tested it on glass it buffed off streak free. I seemed to get different results on different cars. I am assuming it must be the interaction of the DP Final Gloss with the lsp you are using it on. I suppose this is probably true of all QD’s. It’s purely a personal preference but I prefer the scent of a few other QD’s.
By Robert Matthews
December 8, 2010
Superb Detail Spray
This is an outstanding finishing touch! Side-by-side comparison with Final Gloss and other detail sprays reveals a significant difference in shine. Our white BMW looks brilliant after using Final Gloss!
By david
April 24, 2010
the perfect companion product for the new DP poli sealant! contains carnuba.
By Jay Brown
July 1, 2008
DP final gloss
If this is the previous final boost item, it is the best stuff I'VE USED ON ANY OF MY CARS in all of my time as being a persniffitive car buff, just ask any of my relatives.
By rscpa
May 27, 2007
Works great
The DP detailer works great!! I have been impressed with all of the DP line and this is no exception. Cleans and gives it that just waxed shine!!
By AL417
May 13, 2007
Great Product
Another fine product in the DP line-up. I used it as a drying lubricant and as a wax enhancer. Gives great reflection and smoothness to the paint.

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