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By Rhys
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Great Product, would highly recommend!
February 9, 2020
This was my first ceramic coat, I initially bought it because it looked like it had a pretty easy application process. I took my time in preparing my new 2018 STI Type RA deciding to prep the car by hand. Sure I ended up spending 40 hours on prep work but it truly was a labor of love. I have always caught myself taking second glances at my Camaro when I have waxed it in the past. This coating is completely different though. The first few nights after I had at least one layer of coverage I would catch myself sneaking downstairs at night just to take a peek at the shine this product was radiating from my dark garage. Needless to say that first bottle of ceramic coating is gone and I have more on the way already because this stuff is amazing and I literally want to bulletproof my paint. Keep in mind that you will need to do similar prep work if you have driven your car in the wild prior to application of the coating whereas if you were considering it for a brand new car there would be very little prep involved. If you have used your vehicle prior to application you will at the very least want to hit your car with a buffer and compound to get rid of all surface scratches and swirls prior to the application of the ceramic coat and ensure you have a smooth clean surface for it to stick to, there is only so much the cleaner wax provided in the kit will do. The initial quality of this all in one kit, paint, tire and glass coatings, although I still have yet to try the glass coating as I want to get my windshield polished first, is absolutely outstanding. Looking very forward to seeing what the coating booster I have on order does to the shine of my 4 layers of coating and what the tire coating does for rubber as I would love an alternative to sloppy wheel sprays.
ProsEasy to apply Looks better with each successive coating, in my opinion Quick flash time, especially in cool garage Was able to coat my car in the garage during Canadian winter
ConsBottle said was good for roughly 5 cars, I was only able to do 2 solid coats on the entirety of my 2018 WRX STI Type RA which is a relatively small vehicle and then got 3-4 total coats on most forward facing surfaces and was only able to do half my hood for a third coat before running out so I would argue that one bottle is good for 3 coatings even. I was honestly hoping to get 5 coats out of the bottle applied on my vehicle as was advertised. 2 solid coats on my winter rims also seems like half the bottle of the wheel coating. Probably a con with any ceramic coating is making sure your surface is ready for coating, as once you put that first coat down any scratches you have not dealt with will just become that much more stubborn to get rid of with however many layers of coating you apply to them.
By Paul
Sydney, Australia
A very promising products, very easy to apply.
August 19, 2019
I have used the PBL Diamond coating elite kit last year on 2 cars, one belongs to a friend of mine who ordered the kit and I helped him applying it plus mine. So far so good. I really like the easiness to apply the products. The black label surface cleansing polish is worth mentioning. It smells so good like a yummy drink :-). Another good thing abou the PBL Diamond Paint Coating is that you can top it up with carnauba wax which I did. For durability, it seems to hold on on my car (I have not seen my friend's as yet). The wheel coating is still in good condition after 9 months. But the car is garaged and I put the I topped it up with the Blackfire BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant wax though. For the reasons above, I decided to order a set recently when Autogeek was offering special discount. I also have another 2 cars coated with CarPro CQuartz, which I am comparing. Will provide the update in due course.
Pros1. Easy to apply, durability seems to be aligned with the manufacturer's claim. 2. The PBL Diamond Paint Coating can be topped up with other wax to add more protection and enhance colour.
ConsA bit expensive.
By Martin
Satisfied customer
January 18, 2019
Great product! I'm still in the process of coating my three vehicles. It's a slow process for me since the weather is all over the place right now. I've coated the windows and wheels and what a difference Pinnacle has made! I can't wait to do the paint! First review of 2019!
ProsEasy to use. Miracle microfiber towels are awesome
ConsSuede cloths would be a good addition
By JC N.
Cold outside
January 1, 2019
Haven't had the chance to use it except for the wheel treatment and that on real nice on my summer wheels. Stay tuned.
ProsEasy to use
By John
Lake Forest, CA
Great producet
July 1, 2018
The Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Elite Kit is a great product. I've used the paint ceramic coating on my RV and am very pleased with the silky smooth finish. I tried the Window product today and the windows look invisible. I am very pleased with this purchase.
Newark, DE
Diamond Coating
June 9, 2018
Finally got around to coating the new Ford Escape. Prepped by washing, claying, buffing, and using the surface cleaning polish. Maybe overkill on a new car, but claying and surface polish are necessary. Have sealed and top coated with carnuba for years ( Liquid Glass-old school-and Souveran ). Results with the Diamond Paint Coating were pretty nice!! Very deep. Probably will top coat with carnuba, but just because of old habits. The coating is a little bit of work only because you have to take out the high spots, but I applied on a very dry day which caused rapid drying. Actually, surprised how nice it looked even though it’s a new car. Window products are awesome, also. Plenty left for another vehicle. Interested to see how long it stays nice, but will probably touch it up with the booster once or twice a year. Thought about topping it with Liquid Glass because I found that to last close to six months, but I’m not sure it would bond like it does to paint.
ProsLeaves a deep shine, not unlike a sealant top coat finish.
ConsBuy it on sale and don?t let any prep deter you.
By Dan
San Jose, CA
Car stays cleaner, longer - definitely worth the cost
May 26, 2018
I used my first bottle 4 times on 3 cars, each with excellent results. It was the first time I used a coating. I followed the directions and it was extremely easy. It leaves no residue and wipes off easily. The shine is deep, rich, and clear. The surface is so slick that most dust just sheets off. I went from washing it 1-2 times per week to 1 time every 2-3 weeks. So the trade-off in the expense was less work and fewer cleaning products (sorry AutoGeek).
ProsEasy Fast Works as promised So hard and slick that when someone clipped my car under a cover, the metal was bent but no scratches to the paint.
ConsYou spend less time lovingly washing your car-baby and more time driving.
By B
How easy!
May 10, 2018
I have been using a paint sealant for years. My wife got a new car and had a paint coating on it when we got it. It has been over two years and still looks great. So I searched for something that I could use at home. This stuff is very easy to apply and wipe off after it drys. For the price I sure hope it last as long as they say it would.
ProsEasy to use. Looks group great!
By Thomas
Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Great products and easy to use
March 23, 2018
The Diamond Coating Kit worked great for my new car. I clayed and then used the paint prep on the entire car, including the glass, wheels and paint prior to applying the coatings. The applicators and microfiber towels worked well with the cleaner and coatings. The car looks great! The elite kit is a great value.
ProsEasy to use Simple application Nice supporting applicators and towels Good value
ConsNone noticed
By Don
Chagrin Falls, OH
The Real Deal
October 4, 2016
I have never used coatings before taking the plunge and buying this kit. I've been a sealant and wax top coat kinda guy in the past. We purchased a new vehicle for my wife and I wanted to try something new for the car finish. We took delivery of her white MBZ SUV in March. I prepped the car with a clay bar, cleansing polish and then applied the sealant. The finish was extremely slick, smooth and had a layered wax shine. The shine and slickness were impressive. It's been six months and I've applied the coating booster once. The shine and gloss are still terrific. I'm sold on the Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating sealant system. The finish is impressive and the coating is easy to apply. I've applied the wheel and glass coating with similar results. Great products!!! I highly recommend using a clay bar as part of your prep. This helped even with a new car.
ProsFast easy to apply Lasts a long time Great glossy finish
ConsInitially seems expensive, but overall it's worth the money
By wes
dayton, tn
easy application
July 8, 2016
This product is extremely easy to use! I was a little nervous to get started as the bottles are small and was unsure how application would work. But, it turned out to be simple. Coatings go on clear and don't leave any noticiable residue. The only issue I had was using the polish. I applied using my Porter Cable dual polisher and got some on the plastic areas on my wife's Land Rover Discovery. It was a little difficult to get removed off the plastic. Next time I will do a better job of taping off or using product by hand instead of machine polisher. Overrall extremely happy with look and application process. Can't comment yet on longevity but if it lasts as long as indicated this is probably the best product I have used. If it doesn't last as long, probably a little too pricey.
Prosapplication look
Conspolish tough to remove from plastics
By John
Portland, OR
great product
April 6, 2016
I used this package on our new SUV. I gave it a thorough washing and clay bar treatment. This left a smooth surface for polish application. The polish was very easy to both apply and buff out. It left the surface perfectly smooth. The diamond paint coating was a little intimidating given the tiny spray bottle. However, it was so simple to apply. I just applied linear patterns and buffed out the excess. Very little elbow grease involved. I used the same polish on the windshield and rear window followed by the glass coating. Again, very easy application process. The wheel coating was the same story. I plan on coating the inside once I take them off for winter wheels. All of these products leave your car super slick. I had some bird droppings just come right off with detailer spray and a microfiber cloth. I would describe the finish as very glossy. I topped the panels with caranuba wax and have been very impressed with the depth and richness of the paint.
ProsHas everything you need Easy to apply Great finish
ConsExpensive Longevity remains to be seen
By DCB36
Smooth & Glossy
March 9, 2016
I've applied this on a new car to establish a solid base of protection. I also applied it on an older, yet gently used motorcycle. I like the protection and the look. With only a few weeks observation, I'm wondering if the coating will last for years as advertised. I'd recommend to a friend with the caveat that I can't confirm if it is long lasting.
ProsGood directions on applying the product. Smooth finish and glossy appearance.
By Sstephen
First time user
June 3, 2015
Went on much easier than I expected, and results are great, just have to wait to see how long it lasts.
ProsEvery bit as good and better than some dealership coating I have had in the past.
By Daniel
Morin-Heights, Quebec
black labl diamond coating
April 22, 2015
This product is amazing, the shine is mirror like, living in Canada were snow and salt on road will be a real test
ProsAmazing shine , very easy to apply on wheels , paint and glass.
ConsDries very fast
By Ryan
East Tennessee
Quicker and Easier Than You Might Think
March 13, 2015
I went all-out for this coating, in regard to a nice long and thorough washing/claying before I used the surface polish. I applied the polish mechanically and removed it by hand because it seems to get the best results for me. The polish went on thin and came off surprisingly easy. All of the coatings went on very, very quickly. I was expecting it to act more like a sealant or a spray wax and it was more akin to applying Rain-X. The coatings dry faster and smell a lot better than a lot of waxes I've used through the years. As for the looks/appearance? Fantastic. By far the best looking paint protection I've used.
By Pam
Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Elite Kit
February 5, 2015
After purchasing a new 4Runner, a friend suggested we use Pinnacle products. We were incredibly impressed with the depth of the shine. The window treatment repelled the water, and the wheels not only sparkle but more importantly, they are protected. I am very happy with Pinnacle products. I highly recommend them.
By Tom
Leesburg Fl
The Best I have used..........
November 19, 2014
I have a black ca r and like it to glow like a DIAMOND.This product did just that ! Very easy to apply and take off.Iam putting it on my motor home now.......so ar it looks like brand new. its a 2005 class C Forest Rive4 Forester.
By Kevin
Great product and kit.
September 29, 2014
Fantastic results using the kit as the instructions detail. Easy to use. Great results. The paint finish looks amazing.
ProsEasy to use. Works as advertised.
By Dave
Alberta, Canada
Amazing shine.
August 18, 2014
After prepping the paint I applied the Black Label coating. It leaves a mirror like finish. I found it difficult to apply when using the foam applicator, so I took the advice of others who found using a microfiber applicator made the product easier to apply.
ProsGreat mirror like reflections.
ConsNone if you use a microfiber applicator.
By robert
nazareth, p.a.
very easy to apply a little goes a long way
July 15, 2014
you do need to work quickly when spraying one area to evenly spread product works great on clear coats the prepping is the most important step but once that is finished the rest is a breeze
Prosgreat shine wait and see how long it lasts though
Consdo not use on classic car original paint it has the opposite effect everthing will stick to it even bugs are hard to remove
By Chris
Lancaster, Pa
Amazing Results!
June 5, 2014
Use all three products on my Mercedes E 350, paint has unbelievable shine and depth, glass is very clean and quite easy to keep clean. Removed each of my AMG wheels, thoroughly cleaned, dried and then applied the diamond wheel coating per directions- no more brake dust, don't even have to use wheel cleaner anymore, just use the car wash shampoo! Wheels absolutely shine!

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