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By jeff
Fort mill
Always a good thing
March 6, 2022
Always a good experience
ProsEasy to work with
By Albert A.
San Diego California
Great protection
December 28, 2021
This was the first ceramic coating that I used it was easy to use just donā€™t shake it like the instructions says or do it the night before use other wise it will pour out, other than that is great gives good shine
ProsEasy to use Comes with all you need Good protection Shine
By Paul
Fort Lee NJ
Excellent user friendly coating
November 14, 2021
This newest formulation from CarPro is outstanding. This product has a longer cure which allows a larger area to be coated before flashing off, also making the product more forgiving. In addition, it has superior slickness and exceptional gloss. Very impressive.
By Nicky
Newark, OH
Extreme shine
September 19, 2021
I don't like how this product flashes but it is extremely glossy and smooth
By Dennis
Palm Coast
Great product
June 5, 2021
Been using CQuarts for 5 years. Provides great protection for paint, long lasting shine, and super slick!
By George
Palm Beach, Fla
January 18, 2021
Great results and easy to use. For me it flashes in under a minute. High gloss.
By Mike
Great product
September 27, 2020
I just applied this a few days ago on my C6 Z06 and it really does look great. It gives a great shine and feels like a great protective finish. That being said I did also spend hours prepping and correcting the paint before application. I took away one star due to the fact that this product doesn't flash to a rainbow effect like other ceramic coatings. That rainbow effect let's you know it's time to buff off. And I've seen three different instructions as to when this product flashes and when you should wipe/buff it off. The paper instructions it comes with says 1-2 minutes, the website says 1-5 minutes, and other non-official detailers say 30 seconds to 1 minute.. That's a lot of variation for a product you need to time just right.
ProsGreat Shine Hard finish Not too hard to install
ConsNo visual way to tell when to wipe off
By Kai L.
Great product for DIY
April 1, 2020
This is the second time I'm doing this over the course of 4 years. First application lasted about 3 years. Their newer formula is much better in application and performance. Super slick surface and shine. Great to have the protection.
Valley Stream, NY
Amazing product
February 26, 2020
The same great results as cquartz 3.0 UK but with a longer flash time, making it much easier to apply during a hot summer day. I cannot see the difference in wet beading or shine when comparing the uk vs regular. There are pictures of a black bmw with UK under the product link.
ProsEasy to apply. Amazing Shine and water beading/sheeting
By Todor
Cape May, New Jersey
Excellent product
October 7, 2019
Highly recommended works great
By egor
Citrus Heights, CA
August 20, 2018
My go to Ceramic Coating! Easy to apply & buff off. Just gotta have the paint prepped for optimal bonding surface and even distribution of coating.
ProsRelative low cost for Ceramic Coating High Gloss Extremely Hydrophobic Somewhat scratch resistant (Stuff isnt magic but close to it) Easy to apply
By Matt
Cranberry Township, PA
August 1, 2018
Definitely the most hydrophobic product I've used. Car is easier to clean and dirt doesn't stick as much as it would with a traditional wax or sealant. I did experience water spots with this product after a rain which is disappointing considering the prep work and time involved with a product like this. I typically use a sealant and never have a problem with water spots but this left me with water spots. I'd recommend this for those that don't enjoy frequent washing. your car will still get dirty, and you will still have to wash regularly to keep it clean. You may experience less dirt sticking to the vehicle but it is not a shield against whatever your daily commute throws at the vehicle. Its an excellent product but don't buy it an expect to never have to wash your car as that's simply an unfortunate myth that you may come across. I knew going into the purchase that it wouldn't be some magic formula that keeps your car permanently clean so I'm not disappointed in that respect. I'm just disappointed that I have water spots that I haven't experienced before when using my sealant of choice.
ProsUnmatched hydrophobic properties.
ConsExpensive, very involved process to prep the vehicle before application, not for those that aren't willing to go through all the necessary steps in order to apply properly and get a perfect result.
By will
Cquartz v UK
January 18, 2018
Great product, treated gently can last years. We find the regular is easier to work with than the UK. Gives you more time between application and buff...
By Eric
Alta Loma, Ca
Like liquid butter
August 19, 2016
Left my car looking showroom ready. Love it.
ProsGet get get.
By James
Johnson Citky, Tennessee
Works Great
July 7, 2016
It works great and is very durable. Plus it's easy to apply.
ProsEasy to apply
ConsCan leave streaks on black cars;just need to be more careful when applying.
By Rick
Lititz pa
Product great but .....
April 19, 2015
When I Recieved my order I noticed the bottle was only half full. Assumed that was 50 ml I found when I did my c6 that I just barely could get one coat on without being able to do glass or wheels. I applied as sparingly as possible. Notified AutoGeek to see if I was shorted. ......... It happens but I'm never buying the stuff again if that is all you get for $90 with shipping.
ProsLooks good even with one coat......wish I had enough to do glass and wheels. Even so.....it is obviously a great product ....just costly.
ConsOne coat won't hold up like multiple layers and it appears to do two coats or three which is what I was expecting you'd have to buy two or three $75 bottles. I just don't believe there was 50 ml in the bottle. I applied extremely thin to complete a C6
By J
Hard Candy Shine - Continues
November 12, 2011
Adding a follow-up to 2 previous reviews after letting the work truck go to hell (as it were). Southern pine trees don't know what to do when the weather starts cooling off down south. Warm one day, cooler the next, back up again - so what do they do . . . . leach sap that's what. The truck sits uncovered just below one of these monsters & I've been working like crazy all summer with no real desire to detail much of anything on the weekends, except the lady of the house. All that pine sap started driving me a little nuttier so I finally decided it was time. Nothing special, just a pre-soak & a good wash . . . . and a boat load of pine sap rain left behind. So I disgustedly dried her down & planted my backside firmly on the couch. Next day I decided, what the hey & thought I'd give her an light alcohol mix wipe down. Got a big goose egg for that one - after smearing it around, it left behind the nicest haze you've ever seen. So I decided to move on to the car while I stewed. Eventually, I decided - stew it - I'll hit it with a 9 to 1 alky mix, lose the cquartz from the effort and try again later. So here's the point - that little bit of effort not only totally removed the sap rain but I was surprised to see the beading, sheeting & the cquartz shine come back. Now I'm not dumb enough to think the process didn't affect the protection afforded from the cquartz application - today anyway - but I DO know this . . . . the shine still looks CQartz good to me. Another few days should tell that tale. Next time, I'm going KC's route & apply multiple coats.
By KC D.
Love it!!!
August 3, 2011
We are a Kansas City based auto detailing company and we are always trying new products. Cquartz is a great product. Our first project was a 2008 SL550. It was a 25 hour project that was topped with one coat of the Cquartz. Turned out very well. It seems to hold up well. I've done a 50/50 test panel on the KC Detailing van's hood. It looks amazing and darkens the color. It makes the paint look deep and rich. Great Gloss. Water beading is not that of a sealant or a wax. This product is a different beast. This will help cover up light swirls. You have to coat it if you want that though. We recently detailed a 2011 X6 fresh from the dealership. We coated it with four layers and boy did it look amazing. We coated everything. Trim, plastics, wheels, the lug holes on the wheels, the inner wheel, the exhaust tips, mirrors, and everything we could get to on the outside. The customer leaves for Japan in two years so we are excited to see if it holds up long enough for us to coat it again before he has it shipped to Japan. Love it! However, I'm interested to try Optimums new coating. Looks like it beads better and the application is a lot quicker. No need for multiple layers. but, I do like the option with Cquartz to put as many layers as you want. Four is the most I have heard of. we will be testing 5 coats fairly soon. Keep up to date on our work.
By J
Hard candy shine - STILL
June 12, 2011
2 weeks after initial application - it was time to wash the truck. This product sheds bug guts and tree juice like teflon. They just wash right off. A blowdry and wipedown and it's shining money. Found my holy grail of a sealant. Quick, simple and worth every penny.
By J
Hard candy shine
June 4, 2011
Detailed my work truck using a 3 step polish process & layered a skeptical coat of CQuartz on the dark bronze grey finish (my non-technical term) just for grins. GLAD I did. This is one absolutely fantastic product. Holy smoke - it leaves the most gorgeous hard candy shine I think Iā€™ve ever seen. Straight forward & easy to apply. Follow the instructions exactly and see for yourself. It's a winner.

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