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By Fyrewerx
Orlando, FL
April 19, 2019
Long Lasting Protection
I have been using Collinite 476 since the mid-60's. Its protection is long lasting, and keeps the vehicle shine extremely well. I have recommended it to many friends, especially if they value long term protection over show car shine.
By David
April 14, 2019
It's Collinite!
I've been using Collinite Insulator Wax since 1994 on all my cars - beautiful! So when I saw this Double Coat by Collinite I decided to take a chance. Easy to apply with a damp applicator pad, and easy to wipe and finish buff with a microfiber towel, it has left a beautiful look! Being older, I'm not quite as "enthusiastic" about waxing as I used to be, but I still love doing it myself. I trust Collinite that this product will look great and last for a long time.
By Chris
December 3, 2018
I have used this on several vehicles since my purchase and for twenty dollars this is the best bang for buck wax on the market. Applying to one panel at a time and wiping off after each panel,application is a breeze. The results are outstanding,highly reflective carnauba shine. If the durability is even half what they claim it is a win win situation. Very impressed with this wax. I found their insulator wax much more finicky to apply.I think 476 is Collinite's best product.
ProsGreat price and durability Shines like an expensive wax
ConsIt is not a whole car wax keep it on the paint Not for glass either
By Mike
August 28, 2018
Just flat out works
Goes on wet easy to use and last longer than anything else I have used
By rbs
central IL
August 28, 2018
Nothing close
I'll admit that I haven't tried but a couple of the synthetic sealants, but this #476 Collinite sure lives up to it's billing for me, and I have used many different carnauba waxes over the years. I use this on my truck, applied once a year. We travel all over and it rarely, almost never, gets a hand washing, auto car washes are used almost exclusively. I also spend two months of the year traversing a brutal road of sand, gravel, mud almost daily where the truck gets disgustingly dirty, and still this wax holds it shine and bead water for the entire year. Highly recommend this product, it does exactly what they say it will and in spades.
Proslooks great and lasts
By Jeff
August 18, 2018
Too hard to remove
Too hard to put it on thinly, took forever to remove
By Turk
Ocala florida
May 17, 2018
5 stars
By Jeff Schlueter
Southeast Wisconsin
March 28, 2018
Amazing !
This is a truly amazing wax. It is easy to apply and polish off. The shine is outstanding. I have tried most of the waxes on the market and Collinite makes some of the best. You can't go wrong with this product. One tip-I use one applicator for each different wax and store it in a baggie so it don"t try our or get contaminated.
Prosthe shine is incredible
By Ramesh
Napgur, India.
July 22, 2017
Collinite #476S: Gives wetlook?
Having used C845 and satisfied, just decided to go for 476 today. After the WG deep gloss sealant cured for 24 hrs I lhave applied by hand 476 on the hood. Allowed it about 20-30 minutes and removed by hand. Unable to comment now if it has given that wet look. Will try with two coats. Wish to know from the experienced users: 1) How long it be allowed to settle before removal. Please.
By rlmccarty2000
Fitzgerald, Ga
April 21, 2017
As good as they get
I am an old guy that tries all the new products so it took me a few years to get around to trying this one out. Probably a good thing, because if I had tried this first all the new stuff would have been disappointing. This is one of the all time great waxes.
ProsCost Great durability Great shine
ConsYou have to find a screwdriver to open the can. Lol
By Michael Henry Sr.
Bolingbrook, Illinois
November 21, 2016
This is a great product is goes on easy and comes off just as fast. Once it's on the vehicle it's on it and once you wash the vehicle the shine is still there .
ProsEasy on and easy off leaves a great a great shine.
By joe
boyne city mi.
November 14, 2016
best wax ever
great wax great price fast shipper highly recommend it
Prosgoes on with ease comes off a little had but worth it GREAT WAX
November 12, 2016
Super is right
By Shannon
Sanger, Texas
August 31, 2016
Good stuff
Purchased this after reading reviews. Needed something that had good lasting power. I cannot attest to that as of yet. It is easy to work with as long as you put on thin and don't let it sit for too long. Happy with the shine it gave on our Bright White Dodge 3500. Glad I purchased.
By Jeff
Atlanta, GA
June 26, 2016
Read the directions!
I was given a can of #476 from a friend who "hated trying to remove it" from his cars. Unfortunately, I didn't learn how to apply it either. I slapped it on my truck, covered the entire hood and front fenders. The paint wasn't very clean either. After spending almost 20 minutes trying to remove the wax from 1 fender, I realized I must have done something wrong. I scrubbed the remainder of wax off the truck and started my research on how to use this stuff. After realizing I did everything wrong on the initial application, I applied it correctly and wow, what a difference. It isn't hard to use (if you use it correctly) and it really lasts. I'm coming into my 4 month and the wax acts like like I just applied it.
ProsAwesome- when applied correctly Long lasting Gives a great depth of shine for a wax known for protection cheap price
ConsPain in the butt when you use it wrong! maybe not as easy to use as sealants
By Mark
North Canton, Ohio
June 22, 2016
Very good product, BUT
I would recommend using Collinite 845 instead since it does not leave a chalky residue on black vinyl or rubber parts and it is easier to use and seems to last just as long.
By Joe DeTomaso
Cleveland, Ohio
April 25, 2016
Best Wax
This is the best wax you will ever use! A little hard to take off if you let it dry completely but the longest lasting stuff I have found.
By Marty
Seneca Falls,NY
March 20, 2016
Ultimate wax
Have never found another wax that beads up water like collenite.
By Rodger
Pittsburgh, PA
May 4, 2015
Collinite Super DoubleCoat
I have used this wax exclusively on my vehicles for over 25 years. I produces a smooth finish EVERY time and is very easy to apply and remove.
ProsEasy to apply and remove
By Evan
Fort Pierce, Florida
April 22, 2015
I've Tried Them All.
This is simply the best paste wax that I have ever used. It last 4-5 months and is easy to apply. Love this product!
By Ges1
United Kingdom
March 27, 2015
Amazing Depth of Shine & Amazing Protection
Simply the most mazing WAX - That's all I can say - it's good for road grime and all kinds of dirt!
By Richard R Jacobs
Saint Louis
March 14, 2015
Try it you will love it!!!
I have been using Collinite #467 for years and nothing else is as good. You have to work a little but nothing else will last as long I wax in spring and fall and that's it so I recommend it as your go to wax
ProsGreat product works as advertised
By Zubair
Johannesburg, South Africa
March 12, 2015
Biggest detailing bargain ever, lasts longer than sealants with an added bonus of carnauba wetness and depth. Shines more than 845 and alittle less than 915.
ProsBargain and must have, shine is up there with the best, removal is a breeze.
ConsApplying it took alittle more effort to spread.
By vince
chesterton indiana
October 22, 2014
great product
I have been using collinite since the late 1960's great to work with ,and the results are matchable and i have tried just about every thing on the market
By Greg
Syracuse, New York
October 4, 2014
The best!
Very easy to apply (make sure cloth is damp)...my car looks fantastic.
By ebrahim
September 12, 2014
perfect wax ever
i have used many waxes but i didn't see beading / sheeting and gloss like this one ..... this is real wax no joke but be careful when apply it DON'T apply it to whole car then remove it .it will be very very hard to remove just apply it 2''x 2'' then remove it wipe on wipe off
Proseasy to use (wipe on wipe off ) high gloss
By Tony
Park Ridge, Il.
August 25, 2014
No Better Wax
I applied 3 coats of Collinite #476 to my parked outside 2013 Silver Camry, the finish feels like there is a coat of plastic on the car. I've read where Collinite can be tuff to remove I never had a problem and I apply it on thick. By far the best wax I've ever used.
ProsThe best wax ever.
Newport Beach, CA
May 27, 2014
Really Great Wax
For less than $20...you can't beat this!! I use this wax for the friends and clients that really do not care for their cars that much. This wax lasts quite a while and still looks great.
By Daryl Silver
Raleigh. NC
May 12, 2014
Hello: My Name is Mr. Silver and the collinite product is great as it reminds me of a carnuba wax that is no longer available on the market which went by the name of "Pro" which was a great wax. The collinite super double coat auto wax #476 is the best carnuba paste wax on the market for the money. I am a customer for life. 1Peter 2:15
By Basil Doyle
Plymouth pa
April 17, 2014
Collinite wax
Awesome fast delivery
By jim
April 9, 2014
Nice product
very nice products if you use a machine to apply you'll get a very eventful and coat which will make it easy to remove hi gloss shine on darker colors
Proshi gloss shine
Conscan be difficult to remove his applied to thick
By Gary lockrey
Michigan and florida
March 23, 2014
Good stuff
I put 4 coats on my ten year old caddie. The more you put on the deeper it looks. I had no trouble removing the wax as others have said. But i did this in a michigan winter in a 40 degree garage. I actually would apply to the whole care and wait a half hour to buff it off.. No problem.. Good stuff!
By matt
March 1, 2014
Collinite # 476
I live in Nebraska where summers are hot and dusty, temperatures are +100, snowy winters -20, and I have used most of the high end waxes on my vehicles and they worked good but didn't last nearly as long as the #476 in the harsh environment. Like some of the other reviews this wax takes a little more effort to apply but this product goes the distance and lasts under harsh weather conditions.
ProsLong lasting, tough product, reasonable priced.
By Rich Jacobs
July 20, 2013
I have been using this was for four years and my white Impala still looks like new I use Klasse All in One first then the Collinite wax and it shines! GET IT!!! I do this one time a year and my car sets outside in a parking lot all winter
By tim
July 2, 2013
Best wax money can buy
By far, the longest lasting wax money can buy. Looks exactly the same as $$$ waxes and lasts for months without diminishing smoothness or beading. It's tough as nails. People don't believe me when I tell them I use a $15 can of wax and it outperforms their $300 boutique wax. The ONLY downside is it's hard to remove if applied to heavily.
By Frank
April 23, 2013
The Best of the Best
This car wax is the best of the best. I have been using this wax for well over 20 years. Once you try this wax you will never use anything else.
April 20, 2013
By m
January 31, 2013
One of the BEST period
They love this wax in Europe. And i can see why its not always about how easy it is to apply or remove. Its the results a day later a month or even a year later. if you want a wax thats going to give that glass look and protect like a sealant. Purchase this wax. Sweden is as cold and wet as a climate one can live in as is Germany in the winter. I have talked to a good bit of Audi owners and Mercedes dealers and they swear by this wax. And after years in Sweden with unreal amount of snow i knew a couple of workers at the late Trollhaten SAAB plant and they told me they order cases of this wax (#476). PS21 100 % is one of my favorites but at 45 years of age and years of detailng cars im now a Collinite fan. Moved to the states now and enjoying the Sarasota Florida life. And yes #476 protects against the salt. All that prtection for under $20.00.
By Bob smith
July 30, 2012
Hard going on but nothing beats it!
Old school paste wax that is second to none! they may not have a huge marketing campaign in every hot rod magazine, but that's because they don't need it. I found out about this product by word of mouth...most big stores do not carry this product! long lasting shine that sheds waters like a champ! its a work out to apply by hand but well worth the effort if your that lazy pick up a DA polisher ....way easier..
By Ronn Villegas
April 20, 2012
durability at its finest!
super durable wax!! get yours now!
By Ronn Villegas
April 20, 2012
durability at its finest!
superior durability and brilliant shine! beads like crazy!
By mdetail
January 29, 2012
Brilliant shine on silver
This old-timer wax gives a nice brilliant shine on silver. Just apply it real thin to make removal a breeze and apply in sections and don't let it dry for too long. Used in conjunction with Carlack 68 sealant and you get a bulletproof protection. Carlack gives a bright reflective surface, while the 476s adds further protection and adds an element of depth to silver. Plus the water beading/sheeting is amazing!
By mkt
December 13, 2011
tough wax
this wax is awesome. but application can be tricky, if left for too long it can be real tough to remove. work in sections, before it real dries up, remove the wax, gives a nice shine. Carnauba like, but sealant in its durability. more durable than 845, but 845 seems to give (in my eyes at least) a brighter shine. NOt the fanciest packaging for a great product, but the results speak for themselves. a good solid product.
By 01GreyStangGT
November 24, 2011
Very durable.
Old-school wax with very good curability. Looks great but apply very thin.
By Lowejackson
November 11, 2011
Very long lasting wax
If you are looking for a great wax which lasts as long as many sealants, buy the Collinite.
By Chris Cochran
November 3, 2011
Motorcycle Tough
This stuff last, I put on my Harley, bugs come off very easy, it's like a film in between that paint a the outside world. I've been in all kinds of weather and it stands tough. I highly recommend this wax,,
By Lauren
August 15, 2011
Love, love, love Collinite products!!!! 476s can be tough to remove in humidity if you slather it on too thick, but it lasts FOREVER! I usually do two coats to make sure I haven't missed anything. I've witnessed water beading on the paint of our truck over a year after being applied (with only occasional applications of spray wax in between). Looks awesome- glossy and warm- especially on non-metallic paint.
By Adam
May 8, 2011
The best for daily drivers
Simply the best durable wax on the market. The looks is gives are great, is very durable and easy to use. The price isn't bad either compared to other waxes on this site. Just put it on thin and it is easy to buff off, don't let the warnings scare you. 2 thin coats of this really will last a year, no BS. I will be buying this wax for life!
By Chris
February 16, 2011
Awesome Winter proctection
I put this wax on in Oct. of 2010 before the harsh Canadain winter started. I've taking it through lots of car washes and the chemicals and road salt wash away and the nice shine comes back. It's now Feb. 2011 and the shine and water beading is still there today as it was the day I put it on. This is going to be my car wax forever.
By Fernon
January 17, 2011
Awesome Protection
I applied this product 4 months ago. I have taken the car to several car washes with their harsh soap and chemicals and the water still beads. It has also made the car easier to wash because the dirt and grime rarely sticks to it. I put 2 coats on the car and at the 3 month mark it still shines like it was just waxed. I call that a WIN!!!
By jake80
October 12, 2010
Great Stuff
Bought this item over a year ago and have used it twice on a white Impala and the results are great I keep the shine using a spray wax between washes and the car looks clean and shinny all the time
By Bill Notro
May 16, 2010
amazing stuff
this is the best wax/sealer I have ever used. I tried it on my motorccle and got the deepest brightest shine I have ever seen. Nextwas the Rv and now it's on to the car. Just the best is all I can say.
By pat
May 14, 2010
Collinite Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476
Probably the best wax I have ever used. it's worth every cent.
By chuck
December 12, 2009
collinite 476
Awesome wax - best I've used in 30 years of detailing! Great shine and lasts a very long time. For extra shine, use 476 as a base then use 915 as a topcoat - fastastic on black and other dark vehicles. Also great on fiberglass -used it on the shower surround and vanity countertops and they llok great.
By dave
November 17, 2009
This is the wax of choice for my car, truck,and harley.It puts many costly products to shame.
By John D'aurora
May 15, 2009
Colonite car wax
Love this stuff. Preforms as advertsed. Got both sons using it also.
By Rodger Leasure
April 22, 2009
Collinite 476
I have been using this product for over 20 years. The was is esay to work with, comes off easy, and provides a LONG lasting finish that looks GREAT. As I type this review, I am purchasing two additional cans of Super DoubleCoat....
By Ahmad
April 10, 2009
Great protection in the winter!
I live in Michigan and we are known for our winters. Collinite protects my paint by acting like a barrier against the harsh winter condition, and from the salt that is thrown everywhere. If you are looking for a wax to protect your paint for over a 6 month period... you found it.
By steve
December 13, 2008
this is the best wax
By Walter P.
October 31, 2008
Great product
I bought a pot of this somewhere else, but I figured I'd leave the review here anyway. It leaves an excellent finish on the car, very warm, very wet. It's a serious pain to remove this stuff, but I'd say it's definitely worth it. Durability is superb! It's been months since I applied it and it still beads like the day I put it on.
By Bill M
September 30, 2008
I was amazed !!!
I was expecting long lasting protection but the mirror like shine was a great plus !!!!
By Vincent
September 22, 2008
Collinite 476s
I have been using this product and the Insulator Wax since 1984 and I have never found anything else that will hold up during our long winters.
By Mike V.
September 7, 2008
collinite #476 wax
@ 66 years old I have used them all.This wax beats them all for durabilty and deep shine,none better I have found !
By Larry
June 10, 2007
Impressive LSP
I hadn't used a carnauba wax in several years before ordering. I read some posts prior to using that said it was difficult to use. I found it easy to apply and remove by hand doing one section at a time. I really like the appearance.
By AL417
May 30, 2007
Durability and Looks
Had a chance to use this wax on a MasterCraft boat. The owners are still raving about how good it looks and how easy it is to clean it when it comes out of the water. It was easy to apply and remove too.
By Kevin R
March 11, 2007
Really does last along time very nice product on white and light colors. I have used this product for 12 yrs or so i use it on a fleet of service vehicles its also very cost efective

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