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By Ed
New York City
March 18, 2017
I have been using Collinite 845 now for about 3 years and the wax does last 6 months sometimes 8 months. My car has never slept in a garage. Always outdoors so the car surface takes weather abuse of all kinds. Collinite holds up. You get your moneys worth for the price with this product. I recommended it for someone who wants protection on their paint. It can be a contender in a show car event. I expected much more work in applying this wax but with an applicator pad it goes on easy and wipes off easy. The hard work is in the clay bar part of the detailing.
ProsEasy on. Not as costly as other products. Wipes off with little effort. Water beads for at least 6 months.
ConsCan have a thick consistency which is difficult to pour. You just warm it up by placing it on your warmed up engine and the heat will liquify it for an easy application.
By Kelsey
Valparaiso (area), IN
Simply the best
February 21, 2017
I would have never heard of Collinite except I've come to meet some of it's avid fans. As a Detailer for a dealership, I've encountered a lot of different waxes, and I've bought tons for personal use. No more. This stuff is simply the best. Easy to apply, easy to remove. Takes literally DROPS of this 845 to do whole panels! I put, at most, three drops of this product on a microfiber applicator and go at it. Once there is an established layer of this product on an applicator, maybe one or two drops are needed-- MAYBE-- per panel. I've done a 2006 Chrysler 300 and a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 as well as a 2002 Honda Shadow Spirit and the front end of a Cadillac Sedan with this bottle and I've used, maybe, an 1/8th of the bottle! It arrived in a solid state, (45 degrees Fahrenheit), but after allowing it to warm up in a pot of warm water, it's ready to go! As said to me, and now I'm repeating it, It's like spreading oil. Beading is spectacular, and if the longevity is anything like I've heard, I'll never buy another wax.
ProsEasy to apply/remove uses very little product to get a good result water beading is great!
Conscan be hard to see the wax on light colored cars as you're applying
By Costy
Cape Cod, Mass.
November 28, 2016
This is the best wax I have ever used, recommended it to my friends, who also say it's the best. I just returned from a 10 day hunting trip to Northern Maine, driving muddy backwoods logging roads, the drove home 300 miles in a snow storm, roads being sanded and salted, when I got home and the weather improved I washed my truck, all of the mud, salt and dirt washed off with ease, the next day, it rained and the water beaded,just like it when I first applied the wax, I will apply another coat of wax before winter sets in and it should last thru the winter. I will never use any other wax, as of the trouble some people say about the bottle, I transfer the wax to a 16 ounce salad dressing bottle[ wish bone] and it solves all of the issues with the bottle. I can't say enough of good things about this product
ProsLong lasting, ease of application, and it makes my Toyota pickup looks better than when I bought it new
ConsI only wished I found out about Insulator wax earlier
By Gary S.
Great Wax
November 12, 2016
Been using this for years. Very good wax that last through a few washes. It is very easy to put on and take off.
By bill
cabin john maryland
i am a collinite forever customer ... sorry mcguier!
October 5, 2016
used it on my Ford F250 pickup and it provided a "show" quality shine and a durable protection.
By Dan
buffalo, Ny
Amazing Wax
September 30, 2016
Easy on and easy off. Good coverage with deep wet look.
ProsEasy on easy off
ConsCould use a dispenser
By Ryan
Awesome product!
September 19, 2016
You use it a little differently than a normal wax, it's applied very sparingly, but it seems to hold up very well. One bottle should last you a long time.
By Tim
August 31, 2016
Best wax ever.live on the beach in fla,this is only product that lasts in the salt air
ProsLong lasting,great shine,easy to use
By William
El paso
July 29, 2016
Easy on, easy off, so little goes a long way
By Mike
Buck, PA
Long lasting Protection
June 29, 2016
I have used Collinite 845 for over 10 years and have found it provides a long lasting, deep shine. It is easy to use and goes a long way. I like to apply Collinite after claying and machine polishing the surface, then allowing the wax to dry for up to 12 hours. It is easy to remove even after an extended drying time. My favorite wax. SHAKE Well before use to thoroughly mix the product. After some has been used from the bottle the wax is easier to keep in solution.
Pros1. Easy to apply 2. A bottle goes a long way. I can wax 12-15 mid sized cars with 1 bottle. 3. Easy to remove even after 2-3 days.
Cons1. The factory supplied top is a bother. I use a flip cap from another product and Auto Geek now offers a flip top cap. Get one as it will limit spilling the wax.
By Joe
Princeton, NJ
Great wax just as shine as P21s
June 2, 2016
845 has been my go to wax on my cars ever since I took care of a 57' Viking yacht. All of the products are bullet proof and most easy to use. I use 845 on my cars and it goes on easy as I dap different areas of the hood with a quarter size because you only want a thin layer. Ok so used P21s after same prep as 845 and the P21s washed away the bead in a all night thunderstorm when the 845 still beaded and shines just as well on my grey metallic.
ProsGreat company and products.
By David
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Great Product
March 31, 2016
Goes on really easy. Very little product needed to wax vehicle. Have used before and lasts for months. Not a polish or cleaner. It seals the surface.
By Greg R.
Dover, OH
Insulatior Wax
March 28, 2016
This is great stuff. Shiny as can be yet durable. Bugs come off easy too. A auto detailer turned me on to it and it has obsoleted my cabinet full of other waxes and sealants.
By Nathan
Doesn't wash off when you wash the car!
March 27, 2016
I put this on my car that sees salt and road grime and it doesn't wash off with each wash like the old wax did. Makes washing the car much quicker since I now don't have to wax the car as often.
ProsEasy to put on with a buffer
ConsApplies thin so it can be hard to see, but that's minor.
By Gene
South Jersey
Oh it works!
March 20, 2016
Recently used this product on my 2016 Silverado. I didn't think the truck could get more shiny than it's factory paint job,but it did! I only used about an ounce and a half out of the bottle to do the entire truck! Amazing! Hope it lasts as long as the product claims.
By Alex
Best Decision I have made
March 12, 2016
I had purchased a small sample of this wax, i believe 4 oz. because i have never used it before and wanted to try it out. Best decision of my life! a little goes a loooooooooong way and the easy to remove is effortless! The gloss is that of a carnauba!
ProsEasy to put on easy to remove Extraordinary Shine Little goes a long way
By Ricky
China Grove NC
The best sealer out there.what a secret
February 6, 2016
Wax comes off as easy as it goes on. Leave oncaps a perfect shine and protection for your paint. A little goes a long way.be sure to order the screw on cap.makes life sweeter
By Mike
Buck, PA
Long wearing shine with Collinite
February 5, 2016
I have used Collinite 845 for the past 10 years. I find the product provides a deep shine and long lasting protection in South East PA weather. It is typical for a vehicle waxed protected with Collinite to bead up when washed for up to 6 months. Longer if the vehicle is garaged and washed gently. I usually wax 25-50 cars a year with Collinite. I addition, Collinite is easy to use and can be removed readily after 2 days. This helps get rid of the inevitable wax that gets missed when doing a vehicle. In fact, I routinely leave the wax on 12-16 hours to allow it to dry thoroughly and Collinite wipes right off even after an extended drying period. In fact it will smear if you try to take it off too soon. Over all, I find Collinite to be an excellent wax, there are cheaper products out there, but this is a cost effective wax that provides a good protection and a deep shine.
Pros1. Long lasting protection 2. Ease of application and removal 3. Good depth of impression
Cons1. Bottle should have a cap with a spout on it. The standard cap makes it easy to spill the liquid wax. I use a cap off another product that has spout in it. Not a big deal but you will notice it when lying on the creeper trying to pour wax onto a pad and you end with it all over you and the floor.
By Dennis
Shrewsbury MA
Excellent results
December 22, 2015
Go canuba wax. Easy to use. Take off wet. Shine is excellent and lasts little longer than most good waxes.
ProsPerfect for maintaing a great polished paint.
By B
Best wax for the price
September 19, 2015
I have been using this wax on my truck from day one, 12 years later. It still beads up like it was a new car after all these years. First learned about this wax from my brother in law, he gave some wax to try out and I've been hooked since. I let a few friends try it and everyone wants to know the name of the wax and where to buy it. You can't go wrong with this wax, I've tried more expensive waxes and keep coming back to collinite 845.
ProsThe best wax for the price and the best shine your car is going see
By Chet S.
North Carolina
Why use anything else?
July 9, 2015
After reading literally thousands of complements regarding this wax, I decided I needed to try it. I've used multiple waxes over the years, some "high-end", some towards the lower end of the price scale. I did a full correction to my SUV then applied this wax with a 2nd generation Griots polisher and a red LC pad, putting what seemed to be very little onto the paint. Removal was a breeze with a microfiber towel and the surface felt nice and slick. A week later the rains came and the water literally flew off. It was nearly dry when I pulled into the garage. I'm not sure I'll ever buy another brand again.
ProsAwesome protection, great shine, easy to use
By jhoffman
Goes On Easy, Once Melted
June 12, 2015
Stuff is flat solid in the bottle till you warm it up in the sun or warm water. Until that point its not useable, go to far and it turns to pure liquid and soaks into the pad then solidifies again. A little goes such a long way, love it.
ProsNeed very little
ConsIn colder weather you might need to warm it on the dash of a car.
By Christopher H.
Scottdale PA
Love it
May 29, 2015
Its a great wax. Like everyone says, less is definitely more. Very easy to apply and remove.
ProsEasy to apply and remove Beads and shines great Long lasting
By Lorenzo
North Georgia
Deep shine!
May 3, 2015
Put it on light the first time,not as much longevity as I expected,water beading wise did another application 2 mos later and went heavier,much better results! very pleased.pretty good stuff ,good protection from bug juice.wished the water beading was a lil more radical but otherwise good!
Prosapply easily even in some sunshine,comes off good too!
Consa lil less beading than expected
By Suzanne
Upstate New York
Fast and easy
April 15, 2015
I purchased Collinite 845 after reading about it on the forums. Follow the "definitive guide" on the forum and it is a breeze to apply and remove. A little goes a super long way when applied thinly... one coat barely put a dent in the bottle. I applied 845 over Blackfire Crystal Seal... the Crystal Seal alone gave a great shine and the 845 pushed it up another notch. I have since driven in rain and mud and everything slid right off with a quick pressure washer rinse.
ProsEasy to apply and remove, a little goes a very long way, great shine
By Jeff
Deltona , Fla
March 25, 2015
Looking for a easy to work with product for my new F150 the name Collinite kept appearing in a truck forum I frequent. I researched all the application suggestions on Autogeek and they were dead on. Less is more with this product. This may become My go to for all my sealant needs
ProsEasy super thin application when directions are followed. Great beading and shine
ConsNone that I discovered when you follow the recommended directions
By 4u2nv
Montreal, Canada
March 17, 2015
I used the Collinite Insulator Wax on my 20inch Alcoa Dura-Brite wheels and it's holding up well. I'm not sure why it so chemically but if it holds up on wheels I'm sure it will hold up a lot better on my paint. Currently have a nano-coating (no need to wax).
ProsWipe on Wipe off
ConsThick & smelly Had to soak the bottle in hot water to use some (stored at 20c)
By Marco A.
Woodside, NEW YORK
Fast and Easy with a great shine and protection
February 26, 2015
What Can I say with this wax? It is amazing. Followed the directions on how to prepare, transferred it into a squeeze bottle. Waxed using this product and used up only I think 0.5oz to 1oz to wax an entire hatchback. Easy on and easy off.
By David
Prattville, AL
Awesome shine
January 29, 2015
Read up on this product and decided to give it a try. Very easy to apply yet hard to see it go on. I actual did the whole car before buffy off. It was very easy to come off. Left a awesome shine to the car. Made it very slick. And yes it was figure print proof.
Prosawesome shine
Consyou do have to warm the liquid wax up since it come very thick. Which I did read up on. I put in a bowl with hot water and let it sit till it got liquid. Shaked it up and went to work.
By CA D.
So Cal
Love This Stuff
January 28, 2015
Just bought my 2nd bottle and it works great. Supper easy to apply and provides good protection, it's not bullet proof but does the job for a couple months even with bi-weekly washes.
ProsEasy to apply, great finish, good protection, don't have to worry too much about leaving "TOG"
Consdoes dissipate over time
By David
United States
easy to apply long lasting
January 23, 2015
lasts a very long time.first bought this product with deatalers pro first put pollicote paint sealant first then topped it with 845 it really lasts
Proslasts along time
By Sam
Columbus, Ohio, United States of America
Excellent wax
December 22, 2014
This is a phenomenal wax. I have been in the auto detailing industry for approximately 20 years, and this is one of the best wax's I have ever used. Goes on easy and comes off easy. Has a dynamic shine. A little pricey, but you get what you pay for.
By Jason
Chicago, Illinois
Collinite Liquid Insulator Wax
November 23, 2014
Very satisfied with the outcome. Will definitely be using from here on out. Easy to apply and remove. Saves time and energy while leaving a beautiful finish. Highly recommend!
By Linda
Chicago, Illinois
Excellent wax
November 18, 2014
This is the best wax to be found! Easy to use and excellent results.
By BE A.
United States
October 26, 2014
Only took me 25 minutes to wax the entire car. Very easy to work with. 4 dime sized dots on the Meguiars orbital and boom, the car is done pronto.
By Anthony D.
Easy on. Easy off. exceptionally glossy shine.
October 19, 2014
Collinite #845 delivers a beautiful glossy wet looking shine with minimum effort even when applied & removed by hand. It even worked unbelievably wonderful on stainless steel appliance doors. The shine and fingerprint protection was better than anything used before.
ProsEasy on. Easy off. Beautiful, glossy, wet looking shine with practically no effort.
ConsAbsolutely NO Cons !
By Terri
NW Indiana
Collinite Wax is a winner
October 18, 2014
Great wax. Leaves a brillant shine, and a little, goes a long way. If using it in cooler weather, place the container in warm water ,because the wax has a tendency to solidify. Can be used over plastic trim, grill, without clouding or discoloring.
By Jack
Cedar Park, TX
Collinite #845 - Fast and Easy!
September 28, 2014
Just used Collinite 845 for the first time on my daughter's 2014 white Jetta. This product is amazing and contrary to reviews I have read regarding difficulty-of-use, this wax is VERY easy to use. I followed these simple steps: 1. Wash 2. Polished (Meguiar's Ultimate Polish) 3. Applied Collinite 845 I applied 845 as prescribed, well shaken and very THIN! I applied one section at a time by hand using a foam pad and then buffed with a microfiber cloth. It came off with ease. I found after a couple of sections that the foam pad became 'primed' with 845 and I had to start using even less than a dime-sized amount. The finish looks amazing and has a very nice shine. And best of all I think this bottle is going to last me for many, many years.
Pros-Easy on, Easy Off -Nice Shine -Very little required per car
By Paul M.
New York
This stuff is the BEST.
September 24, 2014
I just used this for the first time today on my Ram truck. Perfect day: 65 degrees and overcast. I have read about this wax for months, and knew to apply it very thin. To my surprise, it is virtually impossible not to apply it thin. I heated the bottle in warm water, and went to work. It can be described as "oily" for lack of a better term. Just a few drops on an applicator pad did half of the huge hood on my Ram. I did half the hood, then let it dry, and buffed it off. As I worked, I found that I could do an entire panel at once. Then, I guess because of the cool temps, I did the entire other side of the truck. Drying time was about 20 min. After finishing, I had only used up about a half-inch of the wax in the bottle! This bottle will last for years! As others have said, replacing the original cap with a dispenser cap is a must, as it allows you to reload the pad with just a drop or two. If I ever use this wax in the same conditions again, I would not hesitate to do the entire truck, and then buff it off. It was that easy!!!!! I can certainly see why this wax has hundreds of 5-star reviews!!
ProsA joy to use, easy-on, easy-off. You can't beat the price.
ConsAbsolutely NONE!
By Tom C.
Montgomery, Texas
Like an Armor Shield
August 17, 2014
I waxed a 2015 GMC Yukon Denali/ Pearl white. This stuff laughs at the elements. Protects from dirt and beads water like I have never seen. Great shine...chased it with spray Aqua Wax.....what a team together.
ProsThe thinner the easier....
ConsNot to much wax and don't let it sit over 20 minutes harder to get off
By Nic
August 3, 2014
I live out in the Pacific and half of the year consists of rain almost daily. I applied this wax about a month ago after these steps: -Wash -Clay -Meguiars Ultimate Compound (Meguiars Microfiber Pads 6") -Meguiars M205 (Lake Country CCS White) -Collinite 845 (GG3 Griots Garage Red Pad 3" Two Coats) This process brought the paint back to life and the beading of water on the paint is the best I've seen. Two weeks after i applied 845 we got hit by a Tropical Storm that brought severe winds and 12 inches of rain in two days! A rinse with a hose and the vehicle looked surprisingly clean. The protection of this wax is second to none. I also clayed my wheels and applied two coats to the face of the wheels as well as the barrels. I have drilled and slotted rotors and this creates a lot of brake dust on the wheels. After 845 I noticed that the wheels stay clean much longer and wash much easier. I recommend this to anyone with brake dust issues. I clayed my glass and mirrors and also applied 845. This combination made the glass crystal clear and i barely use my wipers anymore. I have tried Rain-X and other products that tended to leave residue and marks that 845 has yet to cause. I will also add that this product does not stain trim as many other waxes do. If you get 845 on trim simply wipe it off and youre good to go! One downfall is that it is not easy to apply in the original bottle. I recommend your purchase item: D-9916 Meguiars 16 oz. Self Cleaning Dispenser Bottle to aid in application. Lastly, a little goes very far with this product. Apply it THIN (I use a Griots 3" with a red pad) and let it sit after application about 20 mins and it will wipe off easy.
Pros-A little goes a very long way! -Easy application/removal -Excellent beading/sheeting -Doesn't stain trim! -Can be used for a variety of applications (Paint, glass, taillights, wheels)
Cons-Product tends to coagulate in lower temperatures. -Makes me want to wax everything!
By Christopher
Ellenboro, NC
July 31, 2014
I detail cars as a side job. Several years ago I started using Meguiars NXT tech and really liked it. Lasted around 6 months and had a good shine. A couple years later moved to Meguiars #21 which is about the same and was really satisfied with that. About a year ago I moved up to Meguiars Ultimate Wax which is MUCH easier to apply and remove than the other two. You barely even have to use much product and wipes so easy. Started using Collinite 845 recently and it goes on and comes off just as easy as the Ultimate Wax. However, this stuff beads water much better than the meguiars and seems to make the paint shine a little better. As far as durability cant say that yet because Ive only had it a month now, but if it lasts 5 months or more I will be completely satisfied.
ProsApplication is very easy Removal is very easy Nice Shine Awesome Water Beading
ConsNone so far
By Allen
New York, NY
Giving this 5 stars!
July 31, 2014
Initial apprehension about the product but with the use of a dispensing bottle and applicator pad the product went on very easily and buffed very easily. To echo what has been said about this product before, apply only a very small amount on an applicator pad. If you do that it will buff off very easily. I was delighted at how quickly this application took. I did notice that dust stayed off the car for a couple of days. When it rained I noticed nice beading of rain water. I cannot confirm how long an application will last since I only applied this 2 weeks ago. Thus far, I am very pleased. When the product arrived the wax in the bottle was a solid mass. I soaked in in hot water for 15 minutes and transferred it to a dispensing bottle. Afterwards I just shook the dispensing bottle rigorously and the contents became like a liquid. You can also keep it warm by holding the bottle in one hand while you apply the Collinate in the other hand. I washed, clay barred, paint enhanced/polished and then waxed my car and upon completion it looked like it just came out of a showroom. I never worked so hard on detailing before but hard work does pay off. I am hoping I can get 5-7 months from an application. Collinate 845 gives great results.
ProsGreat results.
ConsJust make sure it is in liquid form when you apply.
By Zubair
Johannesburg, South Africa
Collinite 845 Insulator Wax
July 17, 2014
Has the shine, gloss, reflectivity, wet look, slickness of waxes that cost 10 times the amount with the added benefit of lasting 3 times longer . Collinite does not spend their money on fancy packaging and bottles like girly expensive type waxes, they put it into the contents of the bottle, much like Menzerna does.
ProsBest shine and protection for the buck
ConsNicer bottle cap would be appreciated.
By Steve A.
Concord, NC
Best Wax I've Ever Used
July 10, 2014
I've tried about every wax product on the market over the years before trying Collinite 845 for car polishing. This product excels in every category and produces the best results and lasts (by far) the longest.
ProsEase of application and removal Extremely long-lasting Very good shine
ConsNeed to provide your own applier; not included
By Justin
St Louis
Best wax for the money
June 15, 2014
Fantastic product. I just applied it so I cannot vvouch for its longevity, but it sure puts down an excellent shine. Water literally slides off the paint
By german
Universal City, California
great wax
June 4, 2014
need more review time to completely comment but so far great after first wash... very great reflection, I being an optics engineer for leading telescope lens building company great flection... this being a hobby. this is close to DODO JUICE, AUTO FINESSE, Wolfgang liquid sealant, Griots Best of Show wax, and P21S.
Prosdwell time before removal makes it the fastest wax to apply and remove.
Consif left to long it will require a ton after ton of elbow grease.
By Matt
Nashua, NH
Amazing stuff
June 2, 2014
The hardest, longest lasting, smoothest, shiniest wax I've ever used. Won't use anything else.
By Luis A.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Slick and Durable
June 2, 2014
This wax lived up to its hype , I am a detailing enthusiast and I have 2 cars that spend their time outside in the FL heat and rain, after about 3 weeks after applying Collinite , both vehicles shine great , with regular washing and detailing the paint stays nice and slick , and water just beads right off , its not a miracle worker but its a TOUGH wax for daily driven vehicles and well worth the money
Prosvery good protection against rain and the sun leaves an insanely slick finish the bottle will last a LONG time
Consmake sure its in its liquid form before use apply in very thin layers
By frank
long island
collinite insulator wax
May 30, 2014
make sure you shake it well to bring into a liquid
Prosoutstanding shine used on car and boat
ConsBe prepared to spend a little time ,but well worth the effort

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