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By Ricky
Coatesville, Pa
September 2, 2018
Great Polish
I prefer this product because it has no abrasives. Does a fine job of cleaning the paint. Takes the gritty feel from the paint. Great tip use before glazes or sealants.
ProsEasy to apply.
By Scott rezac
Fargo, ND 58103
March 17, 2018
Mckays polish
Excellent product did as was advertised leaves a great shine.
By Don
February 1, 2018
Left scratches on my car
My black M3 that I keep to a mirror finish. I decided to switch from a paint sealant to a ceramic coating and choose McKee's. Got the car all clayed and polished and the final step before applying the paint coating I used the McKees Prep Polish by hand with a foam applicator. Did one panel and when I wiped it down it was completely scratched. I buffed the scratches out and thinking maybe it was a defective foam pad I tried another new foam pad, same results.
ProsNone for me
ConsI wont use again
By Kevin
September 5, 2017
Left Scratches
This prep is suppose to be non abrasive but left little micro scratches in my paint. I had to buff them out. I contacted McKee's customer service. They were very rude.
By jrbartholomew
las vegas
October 10, 2016
squeaky clean
this works but can be hard to remove. i used a damp applicator , worked better, left the paint clean. really worked well
Prosdoes what its supposed too.
Conscan be hard to remove
By Buza831
September 1, 2016
Worked at removing layers of sealant
I applied this per directions on the bottle making an X on a while LC pad using a DAP . It applied effortlessly and after several passes was able to remove the tough glaze. However with super soft paint as another reviewer states, it was difficult to remove and left a bit of dust behind. Now I read that I could have used a damp mf towel and that may have done the trick but I have never had this problem with Pinnicle paintwork Cleanser.
ProsRemoves layers of sealant
ConsLeft me having to buff a lot to remove
By Bill
July 16, 2016
Very light polish
Easy to apply. Doesn't dry out too quickly.
By Misterpaul
November 14, 2015
Super clean!
I followed the instructions and used nickel size drop of product on a white polishing pad and found residue to wipe off effortlessly. Repeated process for van and car. Coated both vehicles with DP Paint Protect and am now ready for whatever our Chicago winter throws our way.
ProsEasy to use. Easy to remove when following directions.
ConsNone from my experience.
By Joe
December 28, 2014
Coated my 2007 Avalon XLS which is a daily driver (I wanted to practice on this before coating other vehicles). In honesty, I was nervous about this polish because of another reviewer stating that the it left a film or glare. I can't imagine what that reviewer was doing, but this product wiped off effortlessly for me without any residue or haze. I even did this in direct sunlight (sorry!). This product cleaned very well. After correction with DG polish #2 you could feel the DPCP clean the DGP#2 slickness right off. This product gets you to square one, but does so with no swirling!. I am definitely going down the road of coatings, because of how easy DP has now made it. I'm not a pro - I got my DA from Harbor Freight and only 3 years ago I thought the TW Ice line were good products. The DP coating system is as easy as listed in DP's description.
ProsCleans with no swirling. Wipes off effortlessly. Extremely easy to use by hand or DA polisher.
ConsDon't use it how reviewer who had a glare used it.
By mike
planet earth
August 30, 2014
second review
ok, so I know this may be frowned upon but I am leaving a follow up review of the product. After using the full 16oz's of this product I am not so sure I will purchase again. This product, Duragloss SQC and Pinnacle BL Cleansing polish are all very similar. They work and behave in the same fashion. They clean well but the real problem is that they do not wipe off 100% without a LOT of effort. I never noticed this until I used it on one of our hot rods that has non metallic black paint. The paint on this car is very soft and finicky, so I always have to choose my products and towels carefully when working on it. Application and cleaning power is great with the product but it just does not cleanly wipe off. I tried immediate wipe on/ wipe off. And I also let it setup and haze before wiping off. It seems the later is the better option. Either way, The product tends to push around no matter which type of MF towel I used. 90 Percent comes off with ease, but a haze remains no matter what I do. The only thing that removed the haze was to follow up with an IPA or eraser wipedown. If I have to follow up with one of those products I find no reason to use the prep polish other than for polishing purposes. I would not use this product as a LSP before coating. Its just too risky. If you have light colored or metallic paint, chances are you will not see the remaining residue and coat over it causing potential issues of your coating installation. I hope this review makes it to the forum as it seems most negative reviews have been getting filtered out by the moderator lately. I think this review is important, especially for the DIY weekend detailer who doesnt know any better than to simply trust the product. Most any professional will notice the same thing I did when using this product.
Merchant Response:Mike, If you're having a difficult time removing 100% of the residue, try using less product and/or wiping the area with a DAMP microfiber towel.
Prosgreat cleaning power, very lubricated while being worked, priced very fairly.
ConsResidue very difficult to remove 100%. The initial 90% wipes off with ease though. Other than that great product but would not recommend to use before coating unless following up with a solvent wipedown afterwards.
By James
Newberry, Fl.
May 12, 2014
Detailer's Prep Polish
used it this weekend; white paint has never been so white....squeaky clean.
Proseasy to use
Consget off black trim ASAP
November 13, 2013
clean paint !
This product pulls dirt and grime out of paint like nothing I have used before. Use a white MF applicator or pad and watch the amazing dirt pulling power of this product. My car is Opti-coated and I used this on top of the coating and was amazed at what was imbedded in/on the top layer of the coating. I also pulled massive grime from what l thought was spotless glass. Even better is this product works on any hard surface. including granite countertops and mica cabinets. I use this on anything non-porous. Its worth the price, easily. a little goes a very long way.

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