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By Eric
Chicago, IL
Awful smell, neither has good as Tarx or IronX
August 27, 2020
I bought this product thinking I'd save money, but I find that it does not work as well as the stand alone products, TarX and IronX. Smells awful, but that's also par for the course with these products.
Daytona Beach, FL
Great Cleaner when fresh
April 13, 2020
TRIX worked very well on some tar and road grime I had on my vehicles. However after a year of having the product I could certainly tell that it got weaker. With about 200ml left I poured the TRIX into a clear bottle to see what was going on and there were some chemicals that had precipitated into lumps in the solution of TRIX. Get a smaller bottle if you plan on using it infrequently. IRON-X on the other hand has been great even with the bottle being 5+ Years old.
ProsWorks great on grime/tar when new
ConsLooses potency quickly vs IRON X
By Kenneth
Celina, OH
Good stuff
March 21, 2020
Works well chemically.
ProsCleans well
By Sean
Hagerstown, MD
great 2 in 1
January 25, 2020
Combines 2 awesome products into 1 step. Can't beat that
Pros- saves you money - double duty product - great packaging
Cons- little expensive - still smells bad
By Taylor
Freeland, WA
Two steps in one is pretty great...
October 19, 2019
Anything that saves time is of tremendous interest! The tar and tree sap are all too common here in the PNW. It just melts away with this stuff!
By Jonathan
Nashville, TN
Great 2-in-1 product
July 13, 2019
I use this as an alternative to buying Iron-X and Tar-X separately. It still works great and prepares my paint for polishing and protection. It also works great to remove iron contaminants from wheels. Highly recommend this product instead of buying each as a separate item.
ProsQuick, Efficient, and Powerful
ConsNot quite as powerful as the individual Iron-X or Tar-X
By DonKO
Western NY
Amazing product. Go to wheel cleaner, deep paint prep.
October 9, 2018
Astounded by this product. Safe for paint, so overspray is not a concern ... apart from annual deep paint cleaning before correction for CarPro Essence and Reload treatment, it is the best wheel cleaner I've used. Brake dust and dirt are easily wiped from rims with microfiber, although I use a wheel brush for hard to reach areas. I will always have some on hand.
ProsAmazing wheel cleaner. Decontaminates paint before correction. Reasonable price for outstanding product.
ConsSmell is strong, but similar to other similar products. Might lose some potency over 4-6 month (but still works).
By Leon
Sioux city, iowa
If it works, it works
August 19, 2018
The smelliest solution to decontaminate unprotected paint
ProsWorks fantastically
ConsSmells like death
By Dave
February 17, 2018
I love this product, I am extremely loyal to CarPro because they make products that work. Trix is as powerful as full strength IronX but with a tar remover. This is one of my go to chemicals when decontaminating a car, works great on the front and sides where tar is the most heavy. Trix and IronX used together is a sold choice before clay, making life much easier. Definitely recommend using this.
ProsWorks as advertised.
ConsSmells like IronX. Itâ‚"s pricy but worth it if youâ‚"re a high end business.
By Buffy
Works well
April 14, 2016
Works well at removing iron deposits and it will also help to loosen tar deposits
By Lars
Sandy Hook, CT
Didn't do much for me
October 5, 2015
If your car is reasonably well maintained (weekly/bi-weekly proper washes + keeping up on protection) to begin with, this product is probably a waste of time and money. I'm doing a winter prep right now. After a good soapy Dawn wash I decided to use TRIX to get rid of any leftover tar/iron contaminants. Either my car didn't have any, or the product failed to dissolve them. I have a light, silver car and any reaction with contaminants would have been easy to spot. The only place I saw any reaction at all was on the wheels (not much), but for that particular use, there are better products out there.
ProsMay be good if you have a seriously neglected car.
ConsPoor sprayer, squirts instead of mists.
By Shane
NB, Canada
Works as advertised
May 7, 2015
It took me 2 applications in some areas but easily removed tar and the rail dust that plagues my white paint. Anything it didn't remove then easily came off with the clay bar. What use to take hours turned into only a couple.
ProsWay easier to use than any other product that I've tried
ConsStrong smell
By Mary
Monterey Peninsula, CA
Great rust remover!
December 17, 2014
I used Tri-X on some rust spots before claying. It worked great to remove brake dust before washing the wheels too.
ProsSimple to use. Very effective with no scrubbing required.
ConsA little toxic smelling.
By Rodger V.
United States
September 18, 2014
This stuff is awesome. Cleans tar and iron deposits off of white paint like no ones business. Great on wheels too! I don't know bout the pH level on this. It smells VERY toxic. I use rubber gloves when handling it, and considering using a mask or some type. BUT don't get me wrong, it does the job!
ProsDoes what it should. Works fast.
ConsExpensive. STRONG ODOR
By Justin R.
New Jersey
Makes short work of brake dust
August 8, 2014
I love this product for use on brake dust. BMW OEM brakes spew dust onto the wheels faster than I can keep up with it, especially in north east winters. Spring cleaning, this stuff takes off the brake dust in a few minutes per wheel. Ceramic almost dust-less brake pads going on this weekend, but i am sure this product is still going to be in my arsenal of cleaning supplies.
ProsWorks great on brake dust Saves a lot of time scrubbing
Conseats away at freshly sealed driveway coatings
Rust Belt, Indiana
Very interesting product
July 26, 2014
I'm not a young guy, but honestly, I had never heard of 'rail dust'. In preparation for waxing, I very thoroughly washed my 2 year old white F150. After drying, I found a million little flecks of tar and reddish-orange dots on the paint. I was not about to wax over all that stuff. A little on-line research informed me about 'rail dust' and 'industrial fallout', so I started looking for a product to deal with it. This one seemed to be what I needed. The following weekend, I washed the truck again, then used this product. It really does work. It actually works better on the rail dust than it does on the tar, so when I've used this up, I'll order the iron remover separately and use a separate tar remover. It did remove all traces of the rail dust, and left me with a paint surface that looked perfectly clean. It worked faster for me than advertised. I think the longest I let it dwell on the surface was about 3-4 minutes, and that was almost always long enough. A couple of caveats: - On a white or light-colored vehicle, this product is very easy to use. I think on a black or other dark color, it would be much more difficult to use (it would be just as effective, but much more difficult to observe the action). - This product WILL soften rubber or plastics, and since you apply it by spraying, you WILL get some of it onto rubber or plastic mouldings and trim. Remove it from those surfaces immediately with a damp rag, and work on small areas so you can rinse those areas quickly before the synthetics are affected. I can't see going through the effort of masking or taping off all the plastics and rubber on a late model vehicle, but if you work quickly and carefully, you can avoid any damage to those items. - You will basically need to wash your vehicle, then use this product, and then wash it again before waxing. (After you've gone to all this effort, you would be silly to not complete the job by waxing). I used about half of the 1-liter bottle on the F150, which of course is a large vehicle, but I did everything except the roof. I think it's a good product, even though next time I'll order the iron remover separately. After waxing, my truck looked far better than new.
ProsVery effective, relatively easy to use.
ConsYou must be careful around rubber and plastics.
By Reggie
Big apple
Silly rabbit
May 25, 2014
Once you use TRIX before you clay and compound you will be hooked and wondering how you ever got along with out it.
Detroit, MI
Works great but could not get the stubborn spots.
April 30, 2014
Worked great at covering a large area and removing tar from difficult to reach areas. Really like how the color activation lets one know they're treating the right areas. Unfortunately some stubborn spots refused to be removed and had to get the more intense products. TRIX was a big time saver regaurdless and I would recommend to others.
By Tom
Extremely Effective
February 22, 2014
Fantastic product, spray on and wait for it to turn purple then rinse off the dissolved iron particles. Bits of tar may take additional light agitation with a sponge or wash mitt, but be careful because this stuff stinks and should only be used in a well ventilated area. I also suspect this product removes any wax or sealant on the vehicle but that isn't really an issue because if I'm using this stuff to decontaminate the paint I'm going to add a layer of protection after. I would definitely purchase this product again.
Pros-Removes Tar with little to no effort -Dissolves embedded iron particles with no effort -PH Balanced
Cons-Smells Horrid
By brazuca
2 in 1
February 14, 2013
Powerful iron/tar remover. See my review on AGO: http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/product-reviews/60668-review-carpro-trix.html
By canes
February 6, 2013
works great, takes brake dust right off. very powerful and effective but will never use it again. even a closed bottle stinks up the whole garage. i have no idea where to store this bottle!!

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