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By David
Little Elm, Texas
August 16, 2019
Not as nice as the Big red sponge from Optimum
By Chris
December 21, 2018
Left Wanting
I figured this would be a replacement for another sponge that looks very similar but is a different color. I was sorely mistaken. The foam is more porous and very coarse. I didn't even use it on my paint for fear of leaving swirls. It's been relegated to washing wheels on my truck.
ProsIt's cheap.
ConsCoarse texture. Falls apart easy.
By Jeff Parks
Marion, Illinois
March 15, 2018
Worked good!
Used with ultima rinseless wash concentrate, worked very good, l got excellent results! Holds a lot of product and easy to flush the dirt off of it.
By Nick
September 26, 2016
Works ok
Pick up all the dirt and holds a lot of soap
By Robert Lamoureux
Darien, Georgia
July 14, 2016
Car wash sponge that I would buy again!
Its that good!
Proscost, holds lots of water!
By Kendra
Stafford, VA
April 16, 2015
That'll Do, Sponge...
I was very hesitant to purchase this sponge, regardless of its reviews. I purchased a new car and didn't even let the dealership touch it. I wanted to be the one to apply its first coat of wax. In order to do so, I needed to wash it. My absolutely least favorite thing to do on an unmarred car or a freshly polished one. Accompanied with the two-bucket method this sponge was phenomenal! It held suds wonderfully and left little in regards to swirls behind. I was pleasant surprised and very much pleased with the results to be had.
By Optimummind
Orange, CA
December 19, 2014
Love it.
This is my 2nd time purchasing this washing foam pad and I still love it.
Pros-Easy to use. -Gentle on car paint.
By laurent
United States
September 27, 2014
very good except for those cuts in the sponge
Good sponge except for the cuts which makes it break apart. If only they did not put those cuts in it, it would be perfect.
Prosfoams very well compresses and extands much better than common yellow sponges
Consstarts break apart and eventually in two due to the bad idea of putting checkered cuts in the sponge design !
By Jamie C.
Nicholasville, KY
September 6, 2014
great for rinseless wash
Bought to use with ONR. Was surprisingly firm but read its best to presoak to get it to soften up a little. Was hesitant to use a foam block, but its unique design and good reviews pushed me to buy it. I use with grit guard and it has been a fun and safe new way to wash my vehicles.
ProsEasy to grip, grabs dirt safely and releases well with a grit guard. Holds tons of wash solution
ConsHarder to fit under tight areas like door handles and mirrors.
By Andrew
November 5, 2012
I used the bone before this, and i must say this is the preferred one! has enough strength and rigidity to be scrubbed agains the grit guard, but soft on the paint!
By Jeff10ct
July 12, 2012
Good Sponge
I just used this for the first time the other day and it worked very well. In fact, my only complaint is that it takes forever to get all of the soap out at the end of the wash because it holds soap so well..haha..
By Alex aka Alko
December 27, 2011
Works Great On Soft Paint
So I bought this LC sponge awhile ago, but never used it until yesterday. I got this because of all the reviews and talk on the forum about this sponge for rinseless washes. When I got it and felt how firm it was, I was VERY nervous about using it on my super soft Acura paint. So I finally built up the courage to use it and I must say it does a FAN-TASTIC job with rinsless washes. I used the DP Rinseless Wash And Gloss and my car turned out amazing! The key is to use NO pressure. Just glide it across the surface.I actually prefer this sponge over the new MF wash mits. Go ahead and add this to your cart. You CAN'T beat the price.
By mwtaco
November 11, 2011
not bad
bought this cuz i was looking for wash media for rinseless wash. not bad. i noticed some of the edge started fraying after only 2-3 wash. don't think it will affect performance and may even by a normal process. anyways, i still prefer my dreadlock wash mitt over this sponge for rinseless washing, but that may be purely subjective. i do like the shape of it. the side notches give you some extra grip.
November 9, 2011
Love this Sponge
I like sponges for their effectiveness of cleaning grime off of the paint. However, the grime has to have somewhere to hide until you rinse your sponge. Enter the Big Blue Cube. For the price, you can't beat these. Very effective, and mostly safe. On softer paints and sensitive dark colors, there are better options, but 90% of the time I grab for this. And as other reviewers have mentioned, this is THE Optimum No Rinse Sponge in my opinion.
By Lance
December 26, 2009
LC Sponge
I love it! GREAT when using ONR
By Jason
December 23, 2009
Very nice
Found this sponge to work very well. I agree with the comment made about it being too large for some spaces, however an electric carving knife cuts it like butter. I cut mine in half so I have two half height sponges and works VERY well.
By V Marino
October 10, 2009
Meant For Optimum No Rinse
I bought 2 of these recently and can attest to the fact they work great with ONR. Grabbed and released all the dirt from a weeks driving on my Vette and left a flawless finish. This is easily the best $5 you will spend on a sponge regardless of it's use..
By Emile Amirsaleh
June 16, 2009
Excellent new design
Virtually the same length, width, and height as the old Lake Country Grout Sponge but this new design has the indentations which makes it easier to hold. Like the old design, this sponge is still hard to get into tight places so a secondary, more flexible wash mitt is needed. Great for rinseless and regular washes, cheap price of entry, and guaranteed swirl-free results make this a must-have for any enthusiast detailer.
By Tom K
March 7, 2009
This replaces my grout sponge based on size and feel. The grout spnge was great, until i used this cheap sponge. The size is just right, the texture helps for no-rinse washes, and its just plain amazing. I have since got 3 of them.

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