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By Chuck
March 8, 2018
Jelly Belly !!!!!!
I have saw these for a while now and decided to try one and I am very pleased ! Cuts way back on towel for drying. This leaves it dry have to maybe use a towel around ornament and where it is hard to get this on but that is very few places. I use it all the time now and don't have to worry about water spots.
ProsNot using towels anymore so a + there and practically cutout water spots. Great little device +++
ConsNavigating around mirror
Los Angeles, CA
November 3, 2017
Works well on glass and flat surfaces
I use it on glass and flat surfaces and it works very well. I keep my cars waxed, so this blade gives max results. Tip: After washing and spraying off the suds, take the sprayer off the hose. Turn water on and run it over the roof, hood and trunk. On a waxed car, this will cause the water to bead up and leave it almost dry. That actually works!
ProsEasy to use, I encountered no damage to painted surfaces, but I use it conservatively on those.
By Reed
Sacramento, CA
September 6, 2016
great product
Using this significantly cuts down on my drying time. Worth every penny.
By Nick
N. W. New Jersey
June 4, 2016
Water Blade
Works well, except my car has to many curves making it hard to use. My wife will try it our windows at home.
By Alan Seele
St. Louis, MO
May 4, 2016
Jelly water blade
Works great, removes most of the water
ProsFit's your hand great, contours to the car nicely
By Jed
March 31, 2016
Great on larger mostly flat surfaces
Speeds up drying by removing water from large flat surfaces like hood and roof. Not so good in curved areas or around details.
By Ray
Pittsburgh, PA
February 17, 2016
Second one
This product is the best when washing a car or truck. Makes the job so much easier and less time consuming.
ProsTakes far less time to complete the job.
ConsShipping cost is excessive.
By Doug
Cheyenne, WY
June 18, 2015
Not as good as the original Original California Water Blade
The material is harder then the original blade. I get the design change but why change the supple medical grade silicon?
ConsNot as good as the original.
By Ron
May 5, 2015
great product
this was a great product and I am glad that I bought this item.
Prosgets the water off quickly and it is easy to use.
ConsCould use a smaller one to get the harder to reach the smaller areas.
By Joe
April 19, 2015
Water Blade
Just got the jelly blade and used it for the first time. Works great on larger parts of car especially the windows. Then I use a microfiber towel to finish drying. Blade is very soft and flexible. No worries about scratching. This will cut your drying time in half.
By john
farmingville ny
November 7, 2014
ordered as replacement
Prosquick, works best with a waxed car
By Kevin C
Newington, CT
April 30, 2014
Jelly Water Blade works
I was getting tired of water spots for auto washes. I washed both my vehicles by hand and used the water blade to remove almost all the water. The result was great, the shine on my car never looked better. I used a microfiber cloth to wipe it clean often. I used both hands with 8 fingers on the top and thumbs underneath.
ProsGood coverage and removes most the water. No water spots.. No time for dust to collect on the vehicle. Nice small blade as well as large blade.
Consa little bit of a work out for hands, my hands did cramp up a little. Extra effort required in some areas.
By Samuel
naperville, il
March 31, 2014
First time I used this on the hood and all it did was mar the paint which led to a full polishing not just a little spot fixing. stick with the microfiber towels that are 30 polymide and 70 polyester. If you really need to get a lot of watter off the car then use one towel to push the water off the surfaces remembering to start from top to bottom. Then go back with fresh towels and clean up the streaks. Another option wich is my personal favorite is a leaf blower. If you dont have one you can get a small battery operated one for 40 bucks and really speeds the process. Bottom line: this rubber leaves streaking marks on the paint surface. I used it exactly as instructed and even wet the blade first. Its similar to dragging a power cord accross the paint except this rubber is softer and transfers easier.
Consmarks up the paint that requires agressive polishing to remove
By Bob
March 15, 2012
Slick but not worth it
I have a 2007 Corvette ZO6. Used the original Californina water blade that had a stiff frame. I was careful using it so the frame would not touch the paint. The blade would sweep some water water but not all. I am not sure the Jelly Blade would be a big improvement. So, since the 'Vette has many contours in the body panels I have resorted to using an electric leaf blower and micro fiber towels - it is fast and effective. Any water clean-up will still require use of the micro fiber towels when using a leaf blower, jelly blade, or chamois on any car or truck.
By mike
November 16, 2011
love it
love this product have been using it for years
By Ryan
July 10, 2010
No more gimmicks
I agree with Tom L. This was a huge disappointment. Not only did it not remove 80-90% of the water as claimed, but when I pulled my car into sunlight I noticed marks from the blade on the areas I had used it. A PC will remove them so not a huge deal, but the point is that the car was perfect before I used this thing. Anyway, it's going back to autogeek and I will return to using towels and a leaf blower to dry.
By Tom L.
July 5, 2010
Not worth it
I only gave it 1 star due to the fact that i couldnt give it no stars. withouth the ' T ' blade this jelly blade isnt worth a dime in my opinion. works ok on flat horizontal surfaces.

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