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By Richard
rockaway park, NY
July 31, 2017
Dust residule...
leaves too much dust behind. Not a great product.
By ScottH
April 4, 2017
Top Notch
Among the countless sealants I've used, this one is among the best in terms of Paint gloss and slickness. You truly feel and see the difference. I always apply by hand, but can be applied by machine. I've always had a strong affinity to applying most LSP's by hand for the relaxation of it after a full day of polishing if nothing else. Sheds rain water effortlessly. Did I mentioned the shine it creates? These pics are just the sealant - not topped with Midnight Ivory Sun (yet)
ProsRemoves effortlessly once cured. Shine ranks right up there with some decent carnauba paste waxes.
ConsSome may consider it expensive but I would argue this is a true case of value. You need very little product to obtain amazing results making it a solid buy.
By Guy Watson
Cathedral City Ca
August 12, 2016
Black Fire Paint Protection
This product is by far the best wax, paint protection I have ever used. I own and operate a mobile detailing business - I average 80 details a month and all customers are completely satisfied with the way there car turns out. The wax is so easy to put on by hand and take off, it takes a lot less time for the job to be completed with this product, and the shine comes out perfect everytime.
Proseasy on and off protection lasts for months
By Bruce
Florence Oregon
August 4, 2016
Fantastic Wet-look Shine
I have been using Blackfire All Paint Sealant for almost two years. I applied it to my 911, a buddies Vette, a BMW 550, G37, Ram truck, my Acura, my black Ford 250 and some others. It delivers a great shine every time without fail. Of course I properly prepared the paint first. I always get a lot of positive comments. Highly recommend this product.
ProsEasy on easy off. Fantastic shine. Very good durability. Apply thin so a little goes a long way.
By John
Raleigh, NC
May 12, 2016
Great Product - only if you apply it by machine
Honestly, I am really kind of split on my feelings about this. The end result is really nice, a beautiful glossy sheen and a super slick feeling that seems to get even more slick after it cures for a day of two. My car is a Ford with Ruby Red paint and the metallic flecks really show through. My only issue with the product is that to get the best result and outcome is if you apply it with a dual action machine. This stuff needs to go on thin or it'll take some effort to remove, you simply can't get it on thin enough by hand. I tried it both ways, really just for the heck of it. When I put it on by hand, the product was not easy to work with, wen through too much product (that may be more of the fault of a thirsty foam applicator though), was tough to remove and created a lot of white dust, like waxes from years ago. When I used a DAP it went on beautifully, hazed over quickly, came off with barely any effort and barely had any dust. It really was a day and night experience depending on how I applied it. Long story short, this is an amazing product!
ProsBeautiful gloss Super slick surface Slickness and gloss seemed to improve after a day Really makes my red metallic paint sparkle Looks even more amazing when topped with carnuba wax
Cons• Not great to work with and can tough to remove if applied by hand • If applied by hand, you'll end up with a lot of white dust • This is a small Con, but the stuff smells like paint thinner
By Suprht
Montgomery, Alabama
May 7, 2016
Incredibly slick finish, as others have said. Never used a sealant with as much depth.
ProsWorks exactly as I expected
ConsNone really. It's not a miracle product. Do your prep.
By Bobby summers
Monks corner SC 29461
April 20, 2016
Bobby summers
I have been using this product since 2008 when either and Angel or Angelo was classic motoring introduced me to this product it has to be the easiest long-lasting slickest sealant on the market I love it can't say enough good things about it no negative about it
Prosintroduced me to this product it has to be the easiest long-lasting slickest sealant on the market I love it can't say enough good things about it nothing negative about it
By mark
San Diego
April 9, 2016
Easy On and Easy Off
Repeat buyer, seems to last a long time, great shine on a light blue SUV, easy to wipe off which I really like.
ProsEasy on and off
Conshigh price but really a great value, better than 3 cans of regular wax if not more.
By Chuck
March 26, 2016
Great product!
Easy to use, produces a deep liquid shine and goes a long way if used according to directions.
By Russ
Clay, NY
February 17, 2016
Wet Diamond
Excellent product! Continues to protect the paint even after washing many, many times.
By Bob
February 3, 2016
Easy to use, slick, and incredible shine
This product is as easy to use as everyone says. It was very enjoyable to apply. I'm very eager to see how long it protects. I coated all glass surfaces and it made all surfaces noticeably slicker.
Pros-Easy application and removal -Great shine -Very tight water beading
Cons-Not a serious issue, however the product is difficult to remove from foam applicator. Next time I'm just tossing my $1.00 foam applicator after using BFWD sealant.
By Craig
Bloomfield Hills, MI
November 25, 2015
Great look
very nice look to paint after applying. just like they say paint looks wet
Proseasy to apply,looks great.
By Allen
United States
April 19, 2015
This product goes on very easy and last!
Proseasy to apply and take off
By Cliff
San Francisco Bay Area, California
April 15, 2015
Feels like glass, deep liquid shine, easy to layer, lasts a long time
I tried this product based on the recommendation of a professional detailer who was giving a clinic for the local chapter of the BMW-CCA. I love this product. It's easy to apply and layers easily without requiring a cure time between layers. I can machine polish my car (using Menzerna products) and get 2-3 layers of sealant on my car in a single day. Blackfire Wet Diamond produces a liquid depth of shine, and it holds the shine for a good long while. This is a great sealant.
By Simms
March 30, 2015
Best sealant for your vehicle
I sealed my new vehicle after purchase in august. We had somewhat of a rough winter, it is now April and water continues to bead and run off of the vehicle. The shine is as if I did it today. Excellent product and a great value.
By Jack
Memphis, TN
January 3, 2015
Everyone is right
Just adding my two cents - this is the best shine and protect product I've ever used. Takes very little, goes on easily, buffs off easily, makes your paint shiny and slick. I don't wax as often as I should, but water keeps beading up for a loong time. It's expensive but totally worth it. I got a bottle over two years ago for a new car and there is still some left. It still shines up like new.
ProsEasy on, easy off, lasts a long time, looks and feels slick.
By Paul
Rochester, NY
December 18, 2014
No need for the other stuff!
Here I went and bought lots of other good waxes and sealants expecting to have the Blackfire complement those waxes. No need for the other stuff, this replaces them all!. A little disappointing though, I like waxing my car and only need to wax it every 2 months with this Wet Diamond. The Wet Diamond gives a very slippery feel to the car almost like petroleum on the surface.
Prosno residue (dust) left behind. easy on and you can wipe it off right away.
ConsStill looking for one
By Brad G
Southern California
October 9, 2014
Unbelieveable Shine and Protection
Thanks to all the other positive reviews I tried BFWD paint sealant and was immediately hooked! I have topped with different paste waxes but find they attract dust. So now after each wash I top with a product called Zaino Z8. Highly recommend BFWD sealant!
By Tony
Long Island NY
July 30, 2014
A Must Have
I was very sceptical at first when i head about this product & the price did not help. I pulled the trigger & purchased a bottle. I went down to the clear first removing all wax. I then clayed the veh, washed again, polished it which made it pop & then i sealed it with the Wet Diamond. I am very impressed with all aspects of the product from applying it to the glass like finish but most of all the protection that got. I always rinse my car as i have a few large tress by my driveway. Rinsing never took off anything but light dirt. THIS is where this product shines!! Two weeks after applying and a rinse is removing tree sap stains! I felt the finish with my fingers in a zip lock after the rinse and it was freaking clean! The car was ready to be waxed with a carnauba after two weeks of no washing! No carnauba for me. The glass finish i got from the polish and this sealer is like looking into a mirror. Great product!
ProsEverything else
By Robert
Lakeland florida
July 30, 2014
Looks Great!
Goes on easy, comes off easy, little goes a long way and holding up good! Will buy again.
By Frank
Dearing Ga
July 5, 2014
super shine
really easy to apply, great results
Proseasy on, great shine, last for months
By Jeremy
Tampa, Florida
May 21, 2014
My Secret Weapon!!
This product is awesome!! Most people have never heard of a "sealant".... Once explain what the product is and apply it to the customers vehicle, I always get the same reaction! I involve customer interaction by asking them to rub their vehicle with the back of their hand... The expression from them that I get is priceless. My customers love this stuff, it makes vehicle look like no other. Thanks, Jeremy Crystal Clear Auto Detail
ProsEasy on, Easy off
By Ty
Wind River mtns. wyoming
May 3, 2014
five stars
This is the best auto polish on the market. Beats wax every time.
ProsEasy to use, Works best with a super fine buffer. but can be done by hand.
Consthe price is absurd!!!
May 3, 2014
Lives up to the claims with a great 'wet' look. That was first comment from a car buddy when he saw it and he wanted to know what I used.
ProsA wee bit goes a long way, which is good news given the price. Way less effort than using the Zano process with better results.
ConsI've only had the chance to use it on one car and it was white. It was difficult to see where I was putting it on, even with extra lighting. Might be easier on a dark car. TBD.
By carlos
May 2, 2014
simply the best !!
I use it on dark color cars and they look amazing....I love the wet paint look....( it breaks necks ) all my customers love it
By Louis Vitarelli
East Northport, NY
April 30, 2014
Works as advertised. Great Shine.
By Brian
October 21, 2013
This product is everything it claims to be and more! The ease of use is superb, goes on and off like butter. The results are breath taking and will have people asking what you use. Invest in a random orbital and bring out your paints beauty with ease!
By Michael
October 17, 2013
Great Product super easy to use.
I bought this stuff a while back and it is by far the easiest was/sealant I have ever used. You can do the entire car at once then eat lunch and its still easy to wipe off. It uses so little per use and on my World Rally Blue Pearl Subaru BRZ it looks spectacular. ONLY downside to this is its smell. Not very good, very chemically not good like Pinnacle's stuff. If it smelled like Pina Coladas Id give it a 5.
By CJ Moore
September 23, 2013
Better than Zaino
I used to be a Zaino Bros guy for years. After trying this...I gave all my Zaino stuff to my next door neighbor. The Blackfire Wet Diamond (BWD) is easier to take off with absolutely no streaks! The shine is better (side by side comparison) as I have a Black car. All I can say BWD is my choice for my waxing duties and paint protection
By Ryan G
August 5, 2013
Better than zaino
Goes on like butter and wipes right off. I think it looks better than zaino, which I used for years, and is so much easier to use. I QD with chemical guys V7 and my black A5 looks fantastic.
By Eric Haley
June 27, 2013
The BEST Sealant Out There!
This is absolutely the best sealant I have ever used. It goes on smoothly, wipes off effortlessly, and leaves the surface slicker than anything I've seen. Tape doesn't even stick to it, which can be annoying when trying to tape off stuff at a later date, but I'll live with that one since it's just doing it's job.
By jc
June 7, 2013
Blackfire Wet Diamond
This sealant is the glossiest,deepest-looking product I've used in 20+ years. Pros: Awesome luster on black paint, super easy on/off. Little or no odor. Cons: A bit pricey, and it makes scratches "pop" too, so be sure to polish-up first! Great stuff.
By Jim Burke
May 24, 2013
I'm not usually fond of liquid waxes or glazes. I am more used to paste wax. I used the BlackFire Wet Diamond on a customer's car, and loved it!! It's so easy to use, and the car came out UNBELIEVABLE!!
By Chris
May 22, 2013
One of the best!
I've been using BFWD before autogeek acquired it and loved it! It looks incredible, is durable, is very easy to apply and even easier to buff off. One thing to keep in mind is you have to shake it and shake it well. Shake every time you need to apply more to your pad/applicator. I've found applying it via machine and blue sealant/wax Lake Country pad to be the best. A little goes a looong way, so it's pretty cost effective.
By Dw
March 31, 2013
Like a BOSS
Whiplash ? I would say YESS So easy to apply by DA and comes off easily My customer was in awe after seeing this on their truck. Spendy but well worth it for higher paying customers
March 17, 2013
Top Performer
This sealant is one of the best as far as looks and durability. Applying thin by DA and buffing it off was effortless
By Shannon
March 1, 2013
Love this stuff!
This was so easy to apply and buff off. I love it!
By alejandro G.
January 29, 2013
my experiance with black and fire wet diamond
i bought this a few weeks last year before i purchased my brand new race red 2013 mustang gt. on day 2 of owning my car i washed and clay bared it. i then used black and fire wet diamond small amount on a microfiber towel and added more. i did one panel at a time then buffed off as it was wax. i did only one coat the the shine was eye popping. i grinned every time. 2 weeks go by i was out side my girlfriends house and her neighbor is trying to back up in s spot with no cars in front of him at all and manages to bump my front bumper with his rear shaking my car. my heart dropped. i carefully inspect my front bumper and NO scratch,dent,gash spider web crack or stress marks on my paint. WOW THANKS TO BLACK AND FIRE WET DIAMOND.!!!! i then applied a second coat a month later.
By Ron
August 18, 2012
Goes on smooth and looks great.
By dan
June 20, 2012
I got a sample of this and tried it on my blue impala and it went on easy and came off easier. I couldn't believe how soft and slick it was. I don't put anything but carnuba wax on my 68 chevelle but i put this on it and love it. Its even better then my souvern paste wax.
By Patrick D
May 5, 2012
Great Shine
One of the easiest, Slickest LSP's out there. A breeze to work with, Love it
By Corey
November 14, 2011
Top 3 sealants of all time
This product is in my top 3 favorite polymer sealants. Looks amazing, simple to use, and better priced than many on top of it. Too much to say to write it all here. Do a search for my full review on the autogeek detailing forum.
By tw33k2514
November 12, 2011
Best sealant ever perhaps
I have been using BFWD ever since Autogeek started to carry the Blackfire line. I have been nothing but impressed with this product. It goes on super easy, and comes off even easier. The glossy glass like look of the product is unbelievable, and the durability is on par with other top performing sealants. Not only is it priced well, but one bottle will last you forever. I use about 1/2oz on my truck for one coat. This is a must buy!
By Joseph Gagliardi
November 11, 2011
Awesome finish!
This sealant is the bomb! The finish it leaves behind is slick, wet, and glossy. The trick is to apply this product as thing as possible, and the only way I have found to do this is with a microfiber applicator. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!
By Josh Young
November 9, 2011
My "Go To" Sealant
I have used many sealants but very few even come close the the look and ease of use offered by Blackfire Wet Diamond. This sealant makes paint look amazing and lasts for a very long time!
By Viktor
October 2, 2011
Must have sealant ! ! !
This is great very easy to use and extra durable sealant ! You can do one or more coats and does not really need to toped with wax . I use Collinite 845 on top and looks outstanding ! ! ! Highly recommended !
By Ryan LaMark
September 10, 2011
Easiest sealant to use
I have been using this sealant for 2 years and love it! The Polycharger seems help with durability. It gives a very deep glow and you can wipe off the sealant almost instantly! Very very easy to use. I highly recommend this product, you will NOT be disappointed.
September 9, 2011
One of the best!
Almost like a carnauba wax in shine and depth. Durable and long lasting, more than worth it's price. Simply one of the finest sealants available.
By Jared Schwager
September 9, 2011
Best sealant hands down
I've tried quite a few sealants and was never really impressed with them as they didn't offer the same depth and shine that carnauba wax offers. At least that was until I tried Blackfire Wet Diamond. This stuff is my absolutely favorite LSP. The shine from this stuff is absolutely amazing, especially on a black car. BFWD also lasts quite a while. I've gone about 6 months with two layers of this stuff on and water would still bead. One thing I would have to recommend for those first trying this product is USE THIS PRODUCT SPARINGLY! It should also be noted that this stuff is quite runny so be careful when applying this to your pads. I would also recommend applying this by machine, otherwise you will get some darker spots after you buff it off.

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