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By Percy
Louisville, KY
Hi shine
October 27, 2020
Go on easy comes off off easily with less effort
By John
San Antonio ,
Great shine from this Product
September 1, 2020
This product produces a brilliant shine on both my vehicles. The surface of the clear coat feels like glass after using. Will evaluate how long it lasts.
ProsEasy to use, goes on very consistent, and easy to wipe off.
ConsNot sure I have seen where it fills in where there are small micro scratches in the clear coat surface. Multiple coats maybe necessary.
By Robert
Glenshaw , PA
My favorite wax
July 25, 2020
I’ve tried a ton, including other ceramic waxes. All things considered, this is my favorite wax.
ProsEase of application, shine, durability, longevity.
By Danny
Andover, MN
goes on nice comes off even better , but I will give it a second coat
July 16, 2020
excellant product well worth the Money
By backkyu
New Castle, DE
an expensive but worth of wax
July 2, 2020
Comfortable workability, best results make you forget the price.
By Patrick
Frisco, Texas
Shine is intense with Synergy
March 24, 2020
This is my go to product right before a Car Show. It will make your car glow. Remember it's all about the prepping. I have won over 150 awards since a starting using Pinnacle products. Since Pinnacle Black Label came out I use no other products
ProsThe ultimate finish product. Pricey but worth it.
By Bong J.
Gardena, CA
I finally met Black Label Synergy
August 20, 2019
The properties of Synergy Wax are quite hard, and it doesn't get much when you see it on your application many times. The work is good enough to be buffing.
By Renato
tampa, fl
This stuff really works!
April 23, 2019
I have been using the same wax for years. It is very good. However, the hot summer sun in Florida is really tough. By August I must wax my car again. I wanted a wax that would last 6 months and get me though the hot summer months. I read all the reviews and waited for the Pinnacle Black Label Synergy wax to go on sale. When it did, I pulled the trigger. I must this is the best wax I have ever used! My 2001 Pearl White Lexus ES 300 looks BETTER THAN NEW!!! I've never seen my car look as sleek and wet and feel as glassy smooth as it does with this product! While this wax is pricey, I would recommend it to any car enthusiast.
ProsThe sleek, wet shine, and the sleek feel.
ConsThe price! Wait for a 25% off sale.
By Brian
Virginia Beach, VA
Amazing product
March 25, 2019
I have applied his wax to my 2006 Lexus IS350 about 3 times now. Every time I apply this wax I simply cannot believe how great a 13 year old car can look. After prepping the paint for wax I apply the thin layer as directed and wipe away. The product takes a bit of effort to wipe the excess away if you apply too much product. But the shine that is produced is simply amazing. I have never used a product that created a more brilliant shine. Its ease of use and amazing results has earned my highest confidence. The wax lasts around 3-4 months as this car is my daily driver. I highly recommend this product and all pinnacle prep products.
ProsExcellent shine and durability
Consa bit expensive but worth the price if you demand perfection
By Fahri B.
Ankara , Turkey
The Best
October 3, 2018
Beyond my expectaions.Unbelievable shine and depth.Highly recommended.
ProsHigh quality.
By Cibs
Florence, KY
Worth the Price
June 20, 2018
I have a Blizzard White 2016 Avalon Hybrid, and using this wax has been a labor of love. Well worth the price for the small amount. The key is to use a small amount, but apply maybe every four days four times. The result is far superior to other waxes. Make that FAR superior!
ProsLasts a long time/hard Easy to apply Beautiful shine Protects the surface from bird poop and road dirt (wipes right off)
By Jimbo
Boston, MA
Brilliant Shine!
July 30, 2017
Pinnacle Black Label Synergy has an incredible shine. Creates a smooth glassy wet look. Water can't bead off the car fast enough. Light reflects off every curve. Apply a thin coat 2 panels at a time and let it dry about 5 min. Gently buff off and move to the next. FYI: It's important to prep the paint for absolute best results, either by hand or machine. A lot of people assume you need a machine, but you can produce decent results with a polish pad and cleansing lotion (search AG for info). I do have a Flex 3401 D/A, but back in the day I just used what god gave me. Prep & wax once in the spring and again in the fall.
ProsEasy on, easy off. Amazing shine. Last a solid 4-6 months.
ConsPrice - small can for the money (compared to WG Fuzion).
By Nick
Worth the Money!
June 3, 2017
I purchased a new 2017 Shelby GT350 in Avalanche Gray and I wanted the paint to look just sprayed. I've seen Synergy for a couple of years now, but I've been hesitant to spend that kind money. This past Memorial Day the had a Cyber Sale on top of another 20% off, so I ordered it. I clay barred, compounded and final polished the paint with my Porter Cable buffer. I applied one coat of Synergy by hand...starting from the front of the car towards the back.? By the time I got to the back, it was ready to be removed. It came off as easy as it went on. The shine....amazing! It made the gray shine like I couldn't imagine! Wait for a sale if you are hesitant about the price...but get it!
ProsPrep work is obviously key Easy on, easy off Fast flash/cure time Intense shine Very "wet looking"
ConsPrice (wait for a sale)
By Brant
Tampa, Florida
Brilliant Shine!
July 27, 2016
I will first state that my car has previously been coated with pinnacle black diamond coating, and that the work that went into prepping it for said closing was immense to ensure a flaw free paint finish. That was done about 6 months ago. This wax goes on easy and is super easy to wipe off, there was no hazing or dusting that I could see like you'd usually get with a carnauba wax. I'm not sure on longevity just yet but I did use the pinnacle black paintwork prep lotion prior to waxing. I should've probably clayed the vehicle first however i was feeling lazy. Shine is incredible however and looking it the pictures it looks almost like a mirror.
ProsGreat shine, easy to apply and wipe off.
ConsCost (although applied as directed, you should get plenty of applications and if it lasts as long as claimed, it could well be worth it). Prep work requirement to ensure proper bonding.
By William
North Brunswick, New Jersey
lasting protection
October 28, 2015
Let me start by saying I don't use wax for the shine. I polish my car and keep it swirl free for the shine. I use wax to protect the shine. That being said I will give you my thoughts. This past summer I had a very important car show to enter. I had been using the Wolfgang fusion wax as my final step. Well, I had a small accident and couldn't use it. I did however have some Pinnacle Black Label Synergy that I hadn't used. I was upset because I like to use what works and what I can count on. This one day I didn't have a choice. I spent the entire week polishing every panel on my car. My paint was as perfect as I had ever seen it. I'm actually afraid to put wax on it at this point for fear of diminishing my finish. Guys who machine polish understand what I'm saying. I proceeded to apply the Synergy wax as per the instructions. My very first thought was it wasn't as easy to apply as the fusion wax. It wasn't as easy to remove either. Now it wasn't really difficult; I'm just comparing to another expensive wax that I use. When I was finished I realized it didn't take much product to cover my car; twice. As I have said I don't use wax for shine because I believe wax doesn't add sine. It does however cover perfections in the paint helping light bounce back instead of scattering and giving you the illusion your paint is in better shape than it actually is. So I didn't notice any difference in the finish from one wax to the next. The car show went on without a hitch and it was a great day. Here is what I noticed going forward. When I washed my car I noticed the wax wasn't breaking down as fast as the fusion wax. In fact the Synergy wax held up week after week without me reapplying any wax. In the summer I like to wash my car almost every day because I drive it. I also enjoy putting new coats on almost weekly, Yes, I go through the trouble of stripping the old wax before applying the new coat. I do this because its relaxing and I enjoy being able to control something that's almost impossible to control. A clean car. I actually enjoy pulling out the wax just to use it. Its very expensive when you use Fusion or Synergy wax for this purpose. Week after week I noticed how great my car looked after I washed it. Even my crazy brain couldn't make up an excuse to use more wax. This Synergy wax was holding up just as well as the day I put it on. This wax has some serious stamina. I have no idea if turtle wax or any other waxes people mention are just as good. It might be. If your going to spend some bucks you better be happy with the results. I was just totally surprised by the endurance of Synergy. I'm not sure if I will buy it again. Its too expensive for my pockets but at the same time if I cant find anything similar then I just might buy it again. Please keep in mind the price is expensive for most people including myself. So if you are inclined to try it make sure you buy it on sale. Wait for a no exclusion sale and free shipping. Maybe that way its better justified. Good luck.
ProsLong lasting. Doesn't require much product.
ConsExpensive. Only 5 ounces. Application slightly more difficult than Fusion wax.
By Oz
Washington, D.C.
Wow, deep 3D, great for dark color paint
July 18, 2015
Worth every penny! Deep 3 D finish. Will see how long it lasts. I didn't think it could get better than the Souveran paste wax but this wax does it better. If you want the best wax money can buy, this is it.
ProsEasy on easy off, deep 3d finish. Like a brunette with deep dark mysterious eyes. You can't help but stare at the finish.
ConsIt smells like shoe polish. Why couldn't they add a better scent to this wax. They should do like them Chimical Guys' product, smell does matter. That's the only con. Well, perhaps Black Label Synergy V2 will have a better smell. Still the best wax money can buy.
By rich
May 21, 2015
Product went on easy and came off easy and left a deep luster
ProsEasy to use
By George G.
Forked River New Jersey
Excellent product
May 17, 2015
I have a new Torch Red 2015 C& Corvette, they are a trill to own and look at. This wax makes the red color deeper, shiner, and desirable. I am very pleased with Black label Synergy wax. I highly recommend this product.
ProsWorks better then expected.
By addysdaddy
United States
May 8, 2015
Here's a link to my in depth review of Synergy http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/product-reviews/80085-synergy-can-deliver.html My only negative comment is that it will stain trim - so either tape off or be extra careful. Great product & I highly recommend it...
excellent product
October 19, 2014
This product produced an incredible shine, Very easy to work with and removal is a snap. Wait a few hours and reapply a second coat for longer lasting protection. I have use Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax before and the Pinnacle Synergy is a far superior product for shine and durability. The parts treated with Synergy actually made the paint appear deeper in color than the untreated panels.
ProsEasy to use. Durability. Gloss enhancement that outshines Fuzion Estate Wax.
ConsPrice. Wait for a sale. Well worth the price and effort you put into waxing your vehicle.
By william m.
Great Wax
September 18, 2014
This wax really makes your car shine and give it that deep wet look. It is easy to put on and get off. The one thing that I fine a concern is the cost. It dose not take much to do you entire car but I feel the cost is somewhat high and that is way I did not give it 5 stars. Take out the cost and then it is a 5 star wax
ProsWorks and looks great,
By Jim B.
Central PA
Incredible Product
July 13, 2014
Couple weeks ago I posted a review of this product on my GMC pickup. Now I have completed the process on my '14 Torch Red Corvette. I started with the wash, clay, then 3 levels of polish.....Menzerna Super Polish and Final Polish. Then I used the recommended Pinnacle Black Label Cleansing Polish. I applied the Synergy with my Giroit's Garage random/orbital with a 3 inch red pad. Using this method really enabled me to get the wax on even and very thin layer. It was really fun taking the wax off....what an incredible job. The finish is wet and deep looking and has an incredible feel. The Black Label Synergy is an incredible product. It is easy to use and the results will blow you away. It is expensive....but you get what you pay for. Thanks AutoGeek.
ProsIncredible finish with awesome depth and wet looking along with a feel on the paint like none other product I ever used. I'm sold on it.
ConsReally nothing.....I was concerned about the price but after using it and seeing the results that is now a non issue for me.
Newport Beach, CA
Put the 2nd Coat on to see a big difference
July 6, 2014
I decided to buy a jar from AGO and I was a bit skeptical at 1st. After washing, Nanoskin, Stripping/pre-wax cleanse, I put on a coat of Synergy. The jar is small, however, a 3" Red Pad will fit. I used a PC 7424 XP with a 2 7/8" Backing Plate. This hybrid wax is real hard. Very easy to apply and easy to put on thin coats. Wait about 10 to 15 minutes and wipe off. The gloss is incredible!! I tested the beading and sheeting and it does that extremely well! Very IMPRESSED. I have about 15 - 20 different types of carnauba waxes/hybrid waxes and this is in my TOP 3...period!!
ProsVery hard wax and very easy to apply in thin coats. A 3" Pad size DA works real easy with it.
July 3, 2014
By Jim
Central PA
Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Wax
June 19, 2014
For $195 this product had better have the "wow' factor for me.........and I try pretty much everything that comes along! It definitely had the "wow" factor. Very glassy and wet looking...very smooth and has nice depth and this is on a White Diamond GMC truck! I applied it using a Girot's Garage 2" Random Orbital polisher which allowed me to work it in nicely and get a nice thin and even layer. At first I was trying to remove it using microfiber towels and it was hard to remove....then I switched over to nice white 100% cotton towels and came off very easily then.
ProsLooks really awesome on a White Diamond GMC truck. Very wet and shinny looking and has a nice feel it.
By Larry
Ellicott City, MD
Outstanding shine
June 17, 2014
The Synergy wax is outstanding. The shine is deep and smooth. Simply the best wax I've used.
ProsDeep shine. Easy to apply.
ConsVery expensive
By Ed H.
Omaha, NE
Pinnacle Black Label Synergy Delivers
June 16, 2014
This product delivers the mirror-like shine it promises - it's amazing. It also exposes every flaw in rough paintwork. Be sure to take time to carefully prep the surfaces with Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay (WITH Poly Clay Lubricant) and Pinnacle Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish (two bottles needed for larger jobs). The prep work is time-consuming and arduous, but the final result will be stupendous! I skipped the Poly Clay step and am regretting it. Even though the paint surface was totally cleaned with Cleansing Polish, the PBL Synergy mirror finish is so clear that even the slightest flaw is noticeable up close. I do everything by hand. Thoroughly cleansing the finish followed by two coats of PBL Synergy uses a lot of elbow grease! But the results - even without the poly clay step - are spectacular.
ProsSpectacular results - mirror finish
ConsGreat amount of careful work prepping the surfaces. Can't skip the Ultra Poly Clay (with Poly Clay Lubricant!) or Pinnacle Black Label Polish steps.
By Diego
After 30 years of detailing the best I've ever used!!!!!
June 15, 2014
This product is definitely the best on the market. My car looks like a black mirror, incredible. if you are reading this do not hesitate buy this product, you will not be disappointed!! easy on easy off application is a breeze!!!
Proseasy to apply easy to take off,
By Denny
Simply the BEST
June 5, 2014
When it comes to Concour's Detailing I am about as anal as it gets. The key to this product and all others is surface preparation, so take your time!! After claying the surface I used the Black Label cleansing polish with my orbital buffer and a green polishing pad. This is the place to really take your time and thoroughly spread the polish and give it time to work giving the surface several passes. The polish is non abrasive yet produces an ultra smooth clear finish. I followed this with two coats of the Black Label sealer. I let that cure overnight and applied two coats of Synergy waiting about a half hour between coats. Results were amazing. This process was done on a 2002 Camaro with the factory paint job. It looks like the paint is a foot deep!! I will now move on to my show cars with custom paint jobs and repeat the same steps!! Use quality micro fiber towels and keep your wiping surface clean. Results will be spectacular.
ProsDepth of finish and surface clarity.
ConsNothing to complain about.
By mcg
insane water beading
April 1, 2014
This wax is everything it says it is. Your gonna want to use the softest applicator you can find. one thats even softer than the yellow one included. thats because the wax is semi-hard and you have to really rub it into the applicator to prime it for the first time. I found that while applying thin is always best, you need to be sure to really saturate your applicator first. dont be stingy with the application, but be sure to spread it thin to help it dry fast. The included yellow applicator is kind of squeaky and tough to saturate. I found the Auto Finesse waxmate or the yellow finger pocket to be better suited as they are softer. Once applying , spread thin and let it set up for about 10 minutes. removal is easy and it wipes clean everytime. similar to Blackfire BlackICE. Once this product crosslinks overnight, check the water behavior. Its amazing. Super tight water beads and excellent sheeting. Better than Black Label Paint Coating in my opinion. The beads are smaller and tighter. For this reason along with the durable protection I find this product to be better suited to my needs than BL Paint Coating. I dont need something that lasts 3 years as I polish my car every year. When compared to other high end wax's from Auto Finesse, Pinnacle, Blackfire, Wolfgang, Zymbol, Swissvax, ect..., this product is a great deal and priced well IME. I would expect Autogeek to come out with a sample size in the future, but considering its only a 5oz jar, I find the quantity to be perfect. This coating smells like butterscotch if your wondering. While its not as pleasant as Souveran or Fusion, it doesn't have a nasty chemical odor like most synthetic wax's. Like stated earlier, pick up a couple different type of foam applicators to try out with this product. The wax is pretty hard in the jar and depending on the weather and your technique I found application to dramatically change depending on your applicator choice. When I switched out to the Auto Finesse WaxMate, application went incredibly smoothly and it was noticeably easier to spread out.
Prosincredible water beading butterscotch scent lots of product included and semi-hard state = many , many applications fair pricing IMO
Consdoesnt spread as easily and far as souveran (like stated in the description) butterscotch scent could be a little potent to some included applicator is not the most ideal IMO
By Johnny B.
Like new !!!
March 30, 2014
I just put a coat of this stuff on my silver 2010 Jeep & all I can say is WOW! The paint is crystal clear with a dazzling Pop. It reminds you of when you first purchasd a brand new car & the shine was incredible. I want to applaud Pinnacle for creating another masterpiece. Pinnacle's Black Label Synergy will take your car shine to the next level.
ProsEasy on easy off
By Dave
Sold on this wax
March 24, 2014
I'm not one to buy waxes costing a couple hundred dollars, but I've been sold on the Pinnacle name since I discovered Souveran wax years ago, so I didn't think twice about ordering Synergy. I almost spit out my drink when I read the newsletter saying there was a wax in the black label line. Clicked and ordered within minutes! I was kinda hoping they would sign my car since I'm pretty sure I was the first person to buy it! Anyway the wax is super awesome. It goes on very thin and wipes off very easily after it dries to a haze. The shine is unreal! I used it on my wife's silver Mazda and it made the metallic flake explode - POP! My black Honda Pilot has never looked as deep or wet or glossy. I'll be posting a review on the forum with pictures.

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