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By Alex
Raleigh, NC
Perfect Paint Prep
April 21, 2020
Used this product before applying the surface coating. Does a great job at smoothing out painted surfaces and making them more receptive to coating application. Definitely worth the extra time to do this step before coating application.
By Patrick
Frisco, Texas
Have used this product since it came out
March 24, 2020
I always had a fairly new car usually less than 10 years old. I felt since this car is 25 years old I needed to the PB compound and polish. I always considered this like a jewelry polish. After I applied this, I was amazed at the shine I was on my to the original GM paint color
ProsEasy product to used. Fine compound
By Fahri B.
The Best
August 23, 2018
All Pinnacle Black Label products are top quality,but expensive.
By Ohioriver
Excellent pre treament cleaner and polish
May 26, 2018
I purchased this to use as the pre clean for coating on my new very expensive chrome motorcycle wheel. I was a bit reluctant to try, but that was wasted worry.. It goes on easy and does take some elbow grease, but the final result is -- wow! The chrome popped out looking like liquid.. I like! - - I will be using this product from now on out for pre wax or pre coat work. - I am tempted to try on paint.
ProsFairly ez to use.
ConsReally havent found any, maybe except you gotta work at it for the final shine.
By howdog
terre haute in
1st step
February 14, 2018
this product goes on easy comes off hard, does what it says pulls off all old wax etc. I think all pinnacle products are top notch
By Gary
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Black Label Cleansing Polish
November 11, 2016
This prepared the paint for the Black Label Coating very well. Easy to use with great results.
ProsEasy and very effective
By Richard
Easy application, nice squeaky clean finish.
October 11, 2016
Left a nice clean surface
ProsEasy wipe on and wipe off product leaving a nice virgin surface behind.
By Karlen
Saugus, CA
Works great, but...
April 21, 2016
This worked fantastic to polish my car before applying Opti-Coat to it, very easy to apply and it just wipes right off, no buffer needed. Beware though, if you get it on your trim it is very difficult to get off because of the paste like consistency of it (I expect this would be an issue with any polish though). The sooner you get it off the easier it will be!
ProsGoes on and off super easy, works great
ConsBe careful not to get it on your trim!
By John
Smooth Operator
March 23, 2016
Ordered this polish for my 2006 350z I bought recently which had some oxidation but overall paint was good, I used a Orbital and this polish and wow! I was amazed how much cleaner and smooth the clear coat looked, Great product! will order again and again.
Prossmooth application, wipes off easy
By Chad
Marion, ohio
Perfect Pre Wax Cleaner!
August 2, 2015
This is the absolute best pre-wax cleaner i've ever used. Its perfect for just about anything. Paint, plastic, glass, removes that foggy haze on the inside of the windshield with ease and easy to buff off. Paint on my dark grey Challenger just pops like crazy. Polish it on the glass and it removes water spots and road build up with easy using a white polish pad. Polishes head lights and taillights to a nice clean shine ready to sealant. For prepping for glass sealant its best to do a quick IPA wipe before.
By Brandon
Virginia Beach, VA
July 26, 2015
This product worked great. I didn't really want to add an extra step into my process but I have to say it was well worth it. The cleansing polish helped our white suv!! I almost skipped the paint sealant after seeing how clean it looked! Did great on my black Cadillac as well.
By Michael
Gastonia, NC
Good product, has potential for more
October 24, 2014
When it works, it seems to remove everything from your paint's surface! Literally, it's the most thorough paint cleaner I've used to date. Unfortunately, mastering the application method is nothing short of a pain in the rear. Even when using sparingly, this cleaner is extremely difficult to remove completely without premium quality microfibers and the proper application method. Distilled water does make things easier, as the product is water miscible... but it's hard to tell if that changes the product's performance in any way. Unexperienced detailers, prosumers, or those new to the product line will likely struggle to make the polish work as advertised. If not completely removed from the finish, the remaining product will likely interfere with the bonding of DSC to the paint surface. Also, machine application is difficult, as the product is easy to over-work. Removal is nearly impossible without re-applying at that point. Perhaps I was given an older batch with my order, or perhaps the pump mechanism made the bottle extremely difficult to mix completely. Although, the chemistry might be such that the product never separates in the first place... hard to tell. Either way, the product does need some work to make it worthy of the black label line.
Merchant Response:Thanks for submitting the review. If the polish is difficult to remove, it's usually because it was applied too thick, or worked in too long. This polish isn't meant to remove swirl marks or other imperfections, but to simply cleanse the paint of previously applied waxes, sealants, and oils that may remain from other polishes used in the paint correction step. Apply it more like a liquid wax and you'll achieve much better results.
Pros+Works wonders, when it works properly +Extremely concentrated, only a few drops per panel does the trick. +Smells incredible! Vanilla scent eases the struggle a bit.
Cons-A struggle to make the product work properly -May need a flip top dispenser
By william m.
Works Great to prep the paint
September 18, 2014
This works great getting the paint ready for waxing, make sure the car is clean before starting like always. Regardless of what wax you use I would recommend this as your starting point for waxing.
ProsGreat prep product
By Jim
Central PA
Pinnacle Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish
June 19, 2014
Product did a really nice job getting the paint "squeaky" in prep for the wax. I used a Girots 2" Random Orbital machine. Product went on easy, spread thin, and was easy to remove. I liked it!
ProsDid a nice job as it was designed. Easy to work and remove.
By Ed H.
Omaha, NE
Big jobs might need two bottles
June 16, 2014
This product worked very well on my 2009 Saturn Sky. I had a lot of stubborn water spots and feared that one bottle might not be enough even for my small car. Larger jobs might need two bottles.
By Diego
Miracle Cleaner!!!
June 16, 2014
This product removed everything of the paint 100% of contaminants, waxes, silicone, fillers, polymers, and polishing oils. It left the surface perfect for the application of new wax. excellent product
Proseasy to apply and remove
By Michael D.
easy to use
June 7, 2014
seems to work great used on chrome wheels for prep for the diamond coating
Proseasy to use works good
ConsA good cleaner that is non abrasive not sure if beeter than most
By Kev l.
baltimore md
works great
May 7, 2014
Great product strips and preps paint glass and wheels very easy. Wait a few mins and comes off very easy
ProsBest way to prep vehicle
ConsPinnacle has 2 similar products
Newport Beach, CA
This smoked Zymols cleansing polish 4-27-2014
April 27, 2014
I stripped my car so I could wax it. I stripped, clay barred and used Zymols cleansing polish. Simply put, after 10 minutes of struggling with Zymol pre-wax cleaner I threw it in the trash ($25 loss). When I switched to PBL Surface Cleansing Polish, it was a 100% night and day difference. It went on real easy with my PC7424 XP (used the 5.5" Black pad). It was also real easy to wipe off UNLIKE Zymols which sucked big time!! I wanted to compare the 2 as I want to know for future reference and if anyone was curious. I know that Pinnacle Black Label is a new product from PBMG. It has no track record. Well, today 4-27-2014 I can tell you; it is one of the best cleansing polishes around....PERIOD! It smoked a quality wax company's (Zymol) product. A KNOCKOUT! I will be keeping this product as my go to pre-wax/sealant cleaner. Excellent product and please keep up the great work.
ProsEasy on easy off and works well with any DA.
By mcg
coating prep
April 6, 2014
if prepping for a coating be sure to apply this product twice. After some time using this to prep paint I have come to the conclusion that you really need a second application, specifically by hand after going over the paint once. give it a try, you will notice that the paint feels a little slick after the first wipeoff. if thats the case, the second application , wipe on wipe off, will give you that squeaky clean surface. also use a LOT of towels for wipe off.
Nice product..easy to use
December 12, 2013
Just finished my 2013 Black CL using this product for the first time. I used an orbital polisher to apply and it went on beautifully and came off easily. Had a few small scratches and they disappeared with a little specific effort. It is expensive, but I think it could be close to foolproof.
By Tato
Very easy to remove residue!
December 4, 2013
Man, I admit I was worried after buying and reading the earlier review. However, product arrived and I couldn't be happier I've ordered this to prep. for BL surface coating. This is the highest quality product you can imagine. Thick, a little goes a long way. Perfect working time. I can't say enough, just read the product description: It does EXACTLY what it says. Although it states to be a non abrasive product, this product not only cleaned but removed light swirls, finishing even better than M205, both on white CCS pad. You can feel how gently it goes on the paint, however it's extremely efficient. Next time I will try to go directly from compounding to this polish, then coating. I know there are a lot of ways to prep paint for a coat, but I hardly believe anything would make BL Surface Coating spreads so perfectly - Synergistic, it's also stated at product, you can feel during application. Final result after this prep. and coating application: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Cons: Price/Size. This product is very good for BL coating prep, but price is prohibitive for such small quantity, I've only ordered it because of deal and sale discount. Please, increase bottle size / reduce price a little: this will be a best seller. Exceeds every and any expectative.

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