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By Keith
Huntington Beach , Ca
Great sealant
October 17, 2021
Really easy application and removal. Great shine with super slick feel. It made the metallic in the paint just glisten in the sun.
By James
Omaha, NE
Great product
October 13, 2021
Product is really easy to use. And I have been using it on paint, chrome, stainless steel, and headlights for many years now.
ConsCost for the small bottle.
By rider
Great product
June 17, 2021
another stunner by black label great easy to use paint sealant amazing shine on my black truck
By Jason
Mohrsville, PA
Excellent results
May 7, 2021
My second container purchased of this paint sealant. Excellent product and fabulous results. You can just feel how deep and slick the protection is. My only complaint, this is my second purchase and both bottles the pump does not work, so I have to just manually dispense it on to the applicator.
By Hezekiah
San Diego , California
Good and bad
February 10, 2021
Having used multiple products by PBMG such as Wolfgang and BF, I expected this product to be good. While I’m impressed with the finish, the smell is awful. Gave me an instant headache. Be nice if a pleasant smell was added!!
ProsGreat shine Easy to apply and remove
ConsBad smell Small amount
By Peter
New Jersey
Easy to use
October 7, 2020
Easy on and off application. A little bit does go a long way. A little pricey but well worth the money for the deep shine you get and how easy it is to remove. Looks great on my wife’s Red, 2017 Ford Explorer Sport
ProsEasy on and off application. Deep shine and silky smooth finish.
ConsA little bit pricey
By Justin
North Ridgeville, OHIO
As described
June 12, 2020
Applied this last fall to mine and my wife's vehicles, and the results were second to none. Would certainly perfer a better bottle.
Prosease of application
By Fahri B.
Yalova ,Turkey
Top quality
August 23, 2018
I've never used such a quality product before,but very expensive.
By Rob
Best sealant
July 6, 2018
This is my favorite. I’ve tried all the great ones and do love them all, but this is a notch better on almost every level. Very little is needed wiping on. So easy to wipe off. Glassy yet smooth shine. Excellent beading. I’m currently seeing 5+ months longevity on a car I applied it to in frigid cold in February. I did not have to deal with the pump top because I bought the 32oz jug. I’ve only used less than 3oz total for 6 applications. I still have to try PA Master Sealant next, but as of now this is the best I’ve used.
ConsNone, including price. It?s worth it.
By Charles
New York
Hands Down Ultimate Paint Protection
May 28, 2018
Black Label Paint Sealant is the top product I have ever tried. It goes on and removes with ease. It also shines like no other just a crystal clear mirror like shine that really enhances the metallic pigment in the paint. Slick beyond your wildest dreams too. Your paint will be protected against rain bird droppings/snow/road salt/detergent washes you name it. I was able to get 7 months out of it but beading diminished after the 6 month mark. It stood up well to the past winter here in the northeast. If it weren’t for the pump dispenser which is a pain as others have stated I’d give it 5 stars.
ProsLongevity/ease of use/shine/slickness.
ConsPump dispenser.
By Travis
Using this for over a year now
August 28, 2017
I have been using this for over a year now. Like stated in the other reviews the pump itself is "Janky". The product though is excellent. I have this on a 2013 ford focus that sits outside in the elements. The sealant lasted for about 9 months which considering the elements the car is in is the longest I have had anything last. (Tried Wolfgang, Blackfire, and Mckees before this) It kept the usual defects from happening to the paint that require you do a full polish on the car. At about 9 months I noticed the roof and hood weren't beading like they used to so I cleaned the car and did a clay bar. It showed no swirls, bird marks, or other defects so I just put the sealant back on. All the metallic flakes popped and the paint looked brand new. The only complaint I have besides the bottle was the dusting effect. As you remove it created some dust that is a pain in the tail to get off. Also, I made sure all products I used and wiped off sat on the car for 24 hours before it ever left the garage. All in all I will continue to use this product.
ProsLonger lasting, Easy to apply and remove, excellent paint protection.
ConsIt is pricey, dust produced when removing it, "Janky" pump
By Micah M.
Joplin, MO
Shine, Protection, and Long lasting
December 4, 2016
I put this on a customers car 7 months ago after a stage 1 polishing job. She had me come back to put on some more protection for the winter and when I was washing down the car it was still beading up. Though not as good as when I first put it on and the very back of the bumper wasn't beading ( but that's not supersizing). I asked how she was taking car of it she said she sometimes takes it to the do it yourself car wash, defiantly dose not wash every week and no other quick wax was applied. Wow if that's not really world testing I don't know what is. If she had taken better care of it and with a spray sealant very now and again you would be looking at year round protection. Oh yeah Its supper slick and shiny too!
ProsLong lasting Shine ease of use
By Evan
Detroit, MI
Very Good Product!
September 11, 2016
Very good product in terms of shine and slickness of finish. Shine is warm and deep and not artificial looking and extreme water beading and roll-off after rain. The product is dispensed thick and rather viscous. Therefore, it takes some (medium not light) effort to apply and to spread with the applicator pad. would give it 4.5 Stars if I could, putting all the 's and -'s in perspective.
ProsWarm deep shine not artificial looking. Very slick feeling finish. Extreme water beading and roll-off.
ConsProduct is rather viscous and takes some effort to apply and spread. Easy to over-apply (one bottle is good enough for about 4 medium_large sized sedans including waxing of all the wheels.)
By Tom
Product is great
September 1, 2016
The product works as described. Great protection and easy to use.
ProsWorks as advertised
ConsPrice , deceptive practices
By Derrick J.
Piscataway, NJ
Very slick
August 1, 2016
This stuff is super slick and very easy to apply. The smell......well it smells just like a old man cologne, like everyones grandfather.
Prosvery slick easy to apply shine like a paste wax
Consnone so far, my pump top was fine in the box
By Paul
Like liquid glass
June 9, 2016
Goes on easily, wipes off easily and the shine is amazing. Need some time to see how well or long it lasts
ProsEasy on and off
By Jerry
Dublin, CA
Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant
June 9, 2016
Great product. Easy to apply and wipe off. The gloss is really shinny even on a white car.
ProsGreat product.
By Daniel
Nashville, Tn
Excellent sealant
May 15, 2016
I got this in a mystery box and I just used it for the first time yesterday. I did a 2 step Polish on a car then laid this sealant down, the gloss and slickness are out of bounds. I only used 3 small pea sized drops for a entire hood so a little product goes a good distance. I used a machine to apply and the layer was very thin. Super simple to work with. More than worth 50 bucks as I see myself getting 20 or more applications out of the bottle. If it lasts 6 months i will stay pleased and continue to but this product.
ProsSimple application and removal
ConsPrice up front however I feel it's great value
By Alex H.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
High performance sealant
November 15, 2015
I just received the paint sealant this week right on time before snow settles in until April. Easy to apply, smell is much nicer than the Wolfgang Deep Gloss paint sealant. Quick drying is welcome. Quick and easy to buff. The thing I noticed is that it was dusting much more than anticipated despite being applied very thin and the dust kept being attracted to the paint. Like many reviewers pointed out, the pump mechanism is a bad design, mine failed after a few pumps and I had to squeeze the bottle to get product out of the pump. This needs a flip top. A product of this caliber needs a bottle with flawless mechanical design. As advertised, the gloss is very impressive. I have a black car and this product makes it shine a lot and my paint have never been so slick. Best sealant I have tried. The shine does rival good paste waxes such as Fuzion and Souveran. Not too far from Zymol Destiny and Atlantique. Exceptional product considering being a sealant and for the price. Doesn't need much product to do the entire car. Looking forward to see how durable this product will be through our rough Canadian winter with heavy road salt. 4 stars because of high dusting and defective pump mechanism.
ProsEasy to apply Quick drying Easy to buff Slickness High gloss
ConsPump mechanism Dusting
Great product, poor packaging
April 12, 2015
The product itself is phenomenal. Super slick sealant, easy on easy off. Shine and depth are what you'd expect from this price point. However, the bottle and dispenser are not what you'd expect for this price. Twist to open - twist to lock design needs improvement to say the least. The dispenser has been a hassle to say the least and finally broke for good on me today when simply twisting it to the open position. Oh yeah, and as some others pointed out don't shake while in the open position... it will fly everywhere even with the pump not depressed.
ProsSuper slick with deep shine and gloss. Perfect for my black cars.
ConsDispenser bottle is crap, so much so that I can't give it a perfect 5 star rating. You might as well buy an extra pump or squeeze bottle and transfer the product to that as soon as you get it to avoid headaches.
Sherwood, Or
Love it.
April 10, 2015
We have all tried products after, after products. This sealant is an end to all that. Buy it, use it and be impressed. Super easy to work with no residue left behind (or white film left on molding). I use this on my daily driver which is unfortunately parked outside year round. Will rate it with 5 stars if the shine and protection last.
ProsEase of use and glossy, wet shine.
ConsPrice and as many of you have already stated the stupid pump. Mine never worked at all. Hate to wast product when it cost so much.
By Doug M.
Charlotte, NC
Product's great, pump stinks
April 1, 2015
Used along with their surface cleansing polish, this leaves an amazingly smooth and glossy finish. Will comment on durability after it's been on a while. The pump dispenser is a bust. The one on the paint sealant never worked and the cleansing polish failed after a short time. Pinnacle, go back to a flip top!
ProsEase of use, finished surface
ConsPump dispenser doesn't work
By lou l.
November 10, 2014
does everything a good quality wax should do, applies and removes easily, doesn't streak or leave a powdery residue. leaves a crystal clear finish. since I own 3 black cars, they show everything that is bad in any wax. no flaws in this one. I may have already sent this in...so disregard if I did
By lou l.
??? whats headline?
November 7, 2014
does everything a quality wax should. applies easily, comes off easily, doesn't streak ( I have 3 black cars, so streaking is very apparent) doesn't leave powdery residue, leaves a crystal clear finish.
By Tobi
Austin, Arkansas
Are you kidding me?
September 28, 2014
Let me start by saying I'm fairly new to detailing with a DA. I have washed and hand waxed many cars, used a multitude of products and have had varying results, but this sealant is hands down one of the best products I have ever used! I started with a thorough wash followed with some clay...then the magic happened. I fired up my DA and laid down a nice thin coat of sealant with a soft pad. This stuff buffed off with minimal effort and left the paint with a brilliant gloss and depth. I couldn't let good enough alone so I laid down a nice layer of carnuba wax after the sealant, just to see how far I could push the limits. The truck came out amazing. I have never seen my paint look so good. Depth is crazy, shine is crazy, and the metallic flake just jumps of the panels. It looks like the the truck has had a fresh dip into a vat of awesome sauce. Pictures don't do it justice, this stuff brings out the wet look like nothing I have ever seen. Hands down the best stuff I've used yet...give it a try and you will not be disappointed!
ProsDepth Shine Easy on Easy off Lasting protection
By Paul
Irvine, CA
Good Stuff
September 6, 2014
I used this product 5 weeks ago and the water beading and shine are still going strong. The product smells good and goes on super easy. The reason for 4 stars versus 5 stars is that I feel the protection was not up to my expectations. I got hit with water spots on humid summer afternoon from a rare quick thunderstorm followed by a strong dose of the southern California sunlight. The spots were very difficult to remove from my black Audi. Maybe my expectations are too high but I thought this product will perform better. Maybe it did a great job and the damage would have been worse without. Anyway, fair or unfair the product gets dinged one star. On a positive note, I tested the slickness versus Blacklight on my hood and even after 5 weeks DPS felt slicker than Blacklight that was only a week old. Bottom line is that I would buy it again.
ProsSlickness hold up very well. Easy to apply. Smells good.
ConsA bit pricey per ounce.
By John
Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant
August 27, 2014
Easy application. Nice finish. Great shine.
Prosanyone can use this product
By Eric
Saint Joseph, MO
Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Sealant
August 11, 2014
Beautiful finish and gloss. Slick surface and anti static. Excellent durability and bead power.
By Jim B.
Worcester, MA
Awesome Sealant!!
June 8, 2014
This is one of the best sealants that I have ever used. The paint looks so alive after application!!
By Dan
Pittsburgh, PA
Paint Sealant
May 1, 2014
Easy to use. Makes finish like glass. Looks great !
By mcg
Finally a polymer sealant thats not just relabeled.
March 16, 2014
this product is really good. With a product like this , who needs paint coatings. The ease of use, slickness, look and durability are the main standouts with this product. And to top it off it smells absolutely amazing. something I was not expecting. It really makes you wonder why other products on the market smell like petrol or paint thinner. How is it possible that this product smells so good, but is such a potent protectant ?? Again, just another feature that makes this product a joy to use. Ease of use is a main feature that stands out strongly. it spreads easily and very thin until it turns opaque. sets up quickly, but even if you leave it on for an hour or more it still removes the same way, which is simply with ease. The look, and soft/slick feeling it leaves on the paint also stands out. I really like how soft and substantial the sealant feels after wipeoff. I could go on and on, but the reason I came to leave a review is to express how I felt the product is worth your time in trying. It would be easy to just chalk this up as another similar polymer sealant on the market offered by Autogeek. Along with wolfgang , blackfire, four star and menzerna. I thought the same thing. I'm here to tell you its not the same. nor does it feel related. The only thing similar is the phrase "paint sealant". Other than that this is an experience in and of itself. Its worth trying. Price tag is high, but Its noticeably more concentrated and spreads further and thicker than those other sealants.
Prosease of use in application great look soft and slick finish leftover is dramatic and substantial feeling amazing scent (does not smell like any other highly durable LSP) noticeably concentrated cool bottle and dispenser
Conscool bottle and dispenser (I prefer a lid that seals shut and does not dispense product if shaken hard) price / quantity
Newport Beach, CA
Bling Bling Baby!!!
February 19, 2014
I cannot believe how easy to apply PBL Paint Sealant. Easy to remove too! I was a Blackfire Wet Diamond sealant guy and now a PBL Black Label Sealant guy! The glassy look on my black car was incredible. I bought a 2nd bottle because I have been using the sealant on my car and my close friends. Very easy to apply with a DA so easy to remove too. I use the sealant as a base and top it off with Bouncer's Capture the Rapture Carnauba wax and WOW!!! You can actually see the depth and gloss. I use the sealant as a stand alone on my friends car and it has an incredible shine to it. You cannot go wrong with (IMO) the best sealant.
ProsEasy to wipe on and off. Incredible (assist) on shine. Great as a sealant base/Wax final stage application.
ConsA little more expensive than the competition
Icredible shine!
November 30, 2013
I Finished off the Pinnacle Black Label (PBL) process with the Diamond Paint Sealant. I must say the shine is awesome. The reflection from my friend's 2007 Shelby GT is like a mirror finish. He even told me it looks better than new which I appreciate. The PBL Paint Sealant goes on real easy and wipes off too. Simply put this stuff is great!
By Omar
Blown away
November 18, 2013
I've been using Wolfgang's paint sealant for years and when my bottle ran out I decided to try the Diamond Paint Sealant because of all the hype. I wasn't expecting there to a be a big difference but man was I wrong!!!! Diamond Paint Sealant is thick and easy to apply and it buffs off like a dream. I would give this product 10 stars if I could. Another home run by Pinnacle!

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