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By Rick
Coatesville, Pa
February 22, 2018
Long lasting, good gloss
Used this product for years. Love 3M products. They perform as stated. Wax is long lasting, put on in thin coats, easy to removed if applied lightly.
ProsLong lasting Great shine Excellent protection Many applications from 1 can
By jason
Day Ohio
June 6, 2015
Will buy again love 3m products
By Jeff
Nashville, TN
November 6, 2014
3M products need I say more.
Really nice finish. Easy on and off. I'm biased about 3M due to the fact that there products always perform. This in one is a bargain price for the performance you get. Deep wet finish.
By Mkt
May 2, 2014
Nice wax
I only used the liquid way back, I remember the crisp, deep reflection with the "pop" really coming from the metallic flakes on the paint, I prefer the paste to the liquid. This applies easier and thinner, and being a traditional hard paste wax, application is similar to collinite paste waxes (476s and 915) but this goes on and removes a bit more effortlessly. And this wax is less expensive than either 476s and 915. The collinites probably have better durability, but in appearance (shine, reflectivity, and depth) this can easily go head to head with collinites.
By Bill
July 24, 2013
3M Perfect-It Paste Wax
I am a wax fanatic! I try all comers looking for the perfect wax. I fell in love with the 3M Perfect-It liquid wax a few months ago, but it was difficult to remove well and the applicator would become saturated while doing one car, making it difficult to apply a nice thin coat. The liquid would produce the hardest and slickest feeling surface of all the waxws I used at the time... Mothers, Meguiars NXT 2.0, Surf City Garage Paste Wax, Glazes and Polishes from all of the above and more. I finally gave up on the liquid 3M and went for the paste. The paste is outstanding! The ONLY thing it misses on is the slickness I would get from the liquid Perfect-It. That slickness even improved after a day of curing. The paste does not have the same slickness, but it applies so easily and evenly! It removes as soon as the microfiber towel hits it. There are no streaks or baked on patches that require more effort. THE SHINE IS REMARKABLE! Water beading is good, maybe not the best. Not as good as the liquid version, but certainly good and for the effort it takes to apply the paste, worth the trade. I wax my car about once a week. I seldom allow it to go 2 weeks without a waxing except in the winter. I was forced to discontinue waxing through the coldest time of winter because the carnuba wax would never dry or haze. I used some synthetics to get through the season. I know the 3M is a synthetic sealant, but it is so easy to apply, I am hoping it will work in sub 20 degree weather. If not, I will let you know how it last through winter. In short... great wax/sealant! Applies easily and removes even easier! Great appearance! Not as slick as the liquid version, but much easier to apply! Worth the money.
By Bryan Mack
February 22, 2013
3M Perfect-it Show Car Paste Wax
This was a "hard" wax to apply, but the outcome on a 1995 4Runner was fantastic. Would have never believed it. Did clay bar, scratch remover and cleaner wax before application. When this wax was applied and removed, it POPPED!
By K
September 6, 2012
One of the good product
heavy-duty high gloss finish at low price
By Houckster
July 28, 2012
3M Paste - What more can you want.
I've settled on this wax because it seems to do everything very well. I first put down 2-3 coats of Hi-Temp Terminator Sealant and then 5-6 coats of 3M's Perfect-it paste wax. I think the depth of shine is excellent. The result may not have quite the warmth of a pure carnauba but I think it will last much longer. Frankly, this isn't a problem for me. As to application, I must disagree with the contention that this wax is more difficult to apply and remove. It goes on really well and, as with all other waxes and sealants I've tried, it is best to put it on very thinly. I use a DA polisher for this and it is much better than applying by hand. It's quicker too. A thin coat of this wax comes off very easily. Why not five stars? Well for the very best depth and warmth of shine, there are others that may be a bit better. My assumption is that depth and warmth of shine is the primary reason to use a high quality carnauba and 3M's product a compromise trading some warmth for some longevity. JMO.
By Linus Franklin
March 2, 2012
Awesome Sealant
Easy to apply. Apply 2 thins coats is better than 1 thicker one. Easily lasts 3 months. Gives a deep, wet shine.
By carl
January 7, 2012
for those who want the best
I've tried them all !!!!.This is the best like ole time "Blue Coral".Hard to use BUT lasts forever on the surface.Do it once or many times through the year.Your Choice.I stop buying the every day stuff and just use this stuff.Love the stuff !!!
By Conan
December 31, 2011
Below Average product
This wax has a pretty average look, not too impressive. it also doesn't last long.
By jaeone
July 30, 2011
Premium Eco Wax
This wax is superb and produces one of the greatest finishes I've experienced. This economical wax rivals some of the more pricier waxes on the market ie. Dodo Juice Supernatural, Zymol Concours, P21s, etc. Look no further should you wish to achieve a glass-shimmer on your vehicle finish and save a buck while do so. Note - to achieve optimal results use in conjunction with 3M Imperial Hand Glaze.
By Cole
May 28, 2011
$200 Performance for Less than $20
I've tried them all from Turtle Wax to the the $100-plus boutique waxes. I'm absolutely convinced that at a certain point over $50 the placebo fact kicks in. This is a $15 wax that leaves the designer brand in the dust. The 3M paste wax gives the deepest possible liquid shine is about the easiest wax I've ever applied ( I disagree strenuously with the Autogeek review). If you must buy a designer wax, you owe it to yourself to do a a side-by-side with this product.
By Richard K.
September 21, 2010
Great Wax
I bought this wax because of its affordability, and pretty solid reviews all over. I used it this past weekend with the PC and it is a great wax. My car isn't anything special - an 02 Passat - that suffered a poor paint job when I bought it. This wax created nice luster almost immediately. Everyone raves about the durability of this wax, so I'll see. I intend on applying another coat next weekend, topped by some sealant and see where that gets me before winter comes.
By Higgs_Boson
May 22, 2010
Part of the GREAT 3M System
The Road To Black Paint Car Finish Heaven 1. Six coats of black lacquer paint on primed surface 2. Wet sanding w/ 3M abrasives to 3000 grit 3. 3M Perfect-It II Rubbing Compound Fine Cut (39002) 4. 3M Perfect-It II Foam Polishing Pad Glaze (Dark) (39009) applied and removed with a closed cell hand foam pad (e.g. Meguiar's), Lightly rub the glaze w/ light pressure circular motion over a 1 ft2 area UNTIL all remnants of the glaze are gone. This mimics the application and removal action of a machine method. Do NOT use an excessive amount of product and do no try to work a large area otherwise the glaze will set in some areas and will be difficult to remove. If this happens, use a water spritzer to remove it and treat this area again. 5. 3M Imperial Hand Glaze (39007) 6. 3M Perfect-It Show Car Paste Wax (39526) Note: This is the EASIEST wax to apply AND remove. Just lightly wipe your applicator across the wax. It goes on in a slick and fast manner using a closed cell hand foam pad (e.g.Meguiar's) with excellent coverage. It is not a hard wax; but it is a paste wax.Let the wax completely dry. It easily comes off w/ a light wiping of a microfiber towel. That makes sense sine the wax contains fluoropolymers(slippery!) and silane polymers w/siloxanes (slippery!) .It leaves no powdery residue. I did not need any Quick Detailer Spray to remove this wax. I'm totally baffled by Autogeek's comments that "Expect an exceptionally hard wax. You will need to exert pressure when getting wax onto your applicator ... "The only drawback to this one that I’ve found is that it is more difficult to apply and remove than a soft Carnauba, like Pinnacle. (Some car buffs suggest using the aid of a non-cleaning Quick Detailer Spray to make buffing away to wax a bit easier, with the same outcome.)." Result: Deep, spectacular, high-gloss, wet-look, black paint car finish.
By Gaetano Di Tullio
April 26, 2010
I tryed other waxes of famous names and spent lots of $....3m is the true winner in all categoires. quality, shine, over all durabiliy.......trust me I have waxed lots of cars..............we use it in all our fleets limousine's, shines like no other... thank you 3m for your great product......
By George V.
September 3, 2009
Only wax I will ever use.
This wax doesn't give the highest gloss or deepest shine but it lasts very long. It also protects the paint very well. Tree sap, bird droppings, and other contaminants are easily removed with no damage to the paint. I highly recommend this product!
By Giovani Marcos from Indonesia
June 5, 2008
3M Perfect it Show Car Wax--BEST BUY Wax!!!
This Wax is a best buy. I tried last week on my BMW E36. First, I polished using Opitmum Polish, then Meguiars Deep Crystal step 2, after thar applied 3M wax, double layer. The result is very outstanding, very clear and wet.
By Tom
March 30, 2008
Best Wax I've ever used!
I'm 52 years old and have been waxing my own cars for about 35 years now and have "NEVER" been able to obtain this type of shine with any other product. I had not long ago painted the car with a single stage black laquer paint and was ready now for the best wax I could find for added protection for my new black paint, and also something that would give me a high shine. I have always liked 3M products and already applied your Swirl Remover and also Final Glaze by 3M, which gave me a nice glow and some protection, so I went on line to see if 3M had a good wax. I came across 3M Perfect It Show Car Paste Wax and read some of the testimonies, it sounded good and the price was right, so I bought a container. I applied this wax using Eagle One Wipe and Shine as a lubricant on my micro fibre applicator , which tip was included in a testomonial as a good lubricant, so I did the same, and the wax glided right on. Waited for the haze and buffed out with a clean cotton tee shirt. I was my the garage alone at the time and am not a very emotional person, but after I buffed this wax out, I was AMAZED at the high gloss buttery smooth shine. It was unbelievable to me, bringing the black out to it's max and the very high gloss shine compared to the other panels without the wax was day and night. In short....I all could do was stand back and say, Mannnnnnn, this is the best wax ever! I am a member of a car forum and I was so excited about this wax I actually took a picture of the container and talked about my experience in a new post for all the members to see. Anyhow, Thanks 3M and I am SOLD-SOLD-SOLD! Feel free to post this testimonial with my permission. You have a GREAT product 3M! (Five Star across the board). Tom
March 29, 2008
By chris
February 24, 2008
3m wax
geat wax for the price. great wet look shine. the best carnauba wax i have ever used!
By Jake of NY
January 9, 2008
This wax is a WOOOOWWW!! Its luster and depth of gloss is unbeatable. Before start of winter, I polished my car coated my paint with 2 coats Klasse sealant. To top off the protection i added 2 coats of the 3M Show car paste wax and the results was undeniably stunning. Though Klasse made the shine, the 3M show car wax brought out the luster and a very deep gloss. Lasts very long too. It withstood automatic car washes, rain, sleet, snow here in NYC up to date since october. I wish i can show the pics. I highly recommend it.
By Tim
September 3, 2007
Great WAX!!
I've used 3m Perfect it for several years now. I have a black 98 tacoma, it still shines like it's new. It takes the Minnesota weather with no problem. Very good wax, very good quality.
By Russ
May 12, 2007
I've used this wax for the last 3 years. I have found it to be the easiest of the better waxes to use and very easy to buff out. The finish is better than every other carnuba wax that I have seen and is long lasting.
October 19, 2006
By Diana
October 12, 2006
It did a very quick job, and was not at all difficult to work with. It really did hide some of my deeper scratches. My FJ Cruiser has some flat black areas that show finger prints. This paste eliminated that problem. I will buy it again, once I use all mine up.
By LoJoe
September 8, 2006
The Real Deal
This wax is everything it promises to be.Super premium look on a consumer wax budget! As with any wax surface prep is key to a showcar shine.

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