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By Ricky
Coatesville, Pa
September 2, 2018
3m produces again
Another great product from 3M. The product has no waxes or silicone so you can apply before sealants. Easy to you and no scratching.
November 23, 2013
This product is still the best for any vehicle, believe me. Incredible on dark colored vehicles. Every car fanatic should have this in his garage!
May 13, 2013
I've been using this stuff for years. Leaves the paint looking wet especially on dark colored finishes. Really great product.
By Mkt
January 7, 2013
Deep, Rich Shine
Used this one before, leaves the paint with a deep, wet shine. Hides swirls well, has some cleaning properties based on observation and its ingredients. Not the easiest glaze to use but it is worth the extra effort especially for dark colored cars.
By e39
July 21, 2012
NIce, proven product
Nice product, leaves a nice deep shine. Seems to have cleaners as well as fillers. After removal, paint feels squeaky clean almost unlike any other glaze i used before, make sure to remove before it dries or it will be hell to remove. It leaves the paint ready for wax.
By Ray
July 5, 2012
it's been a looong wile!
Last time is used this was years ago.. I then tried out other brands (mothers, meguiar's, etc.) and I've overlooked this for various reasons. I got myself this one once again, after application I remembered why i used this. Hides swirls real well, provides a nice deep shine that can easily match the other 2 i used. Ease of use isn't that bad, just don't let it dry. If you do, you'll have a tough time removing this.
By Bradford
January 21, 2012
Nice and Wet!!
This is a quick easy way to get a glossy wet look out of your paint after a wash.
November 29, 2011
This glaze is absolutely the best for any dark colored automobile. It leaves an amazing shine so deep and wet looking. I wouldn't use anything else on my prized automobiles.
By Andreas M
June 17, 2011
simply amazing!!
It was in the early 90's when my camaro was rear ended. I had gone to the body shop to pick it up, and just before the keys were handed to me the owner poured some glaze on a paper towel smeared it on the bumper and took it right off. It was then that I saw the mettalic blue paint come to life. It honestly looked like it was wet, a liquid bumper if you will. Since then I have always kept a bottle in the garage for those special outings. Its like that good old fashion cough syrup you can never be without!!!
By joe
August 12, 2010
wonder shine
I used it on a 10 year old baby blue Mazda Miata, after clay barring the entire car and it made the paint look brand new. Then followed it up with detail king paint sealer.
By tudty
September 21, 2008
By noah
June 16, 2008
works good
this works good on paint that doesnt need much work
By Morgan Harrub
May 7, 2008
I have a black 1970 RS/SS Camaro and put this hand glaze on before my first car show in Nashville TN with over 200 custom cars and trucks at the Hunters Custom Auto Show and this product gives the WET DEEP Look! So good in fact I took best paint of the entire show with this product over all the custom cars there! I wish you could see the pics of it I even had Tim McGraw take pictures with the car! A must for all BLACK CARS!
March 3, 2008
3M Imperial Hand Glaze
This is the single best polish on the market for the money. I use this then Meguiar's Gold Class (which you can use on rubber & plastic) and the car looks brand new and beads water for 3 months easily. It's the best to make sure your paint looks the best.
By Tool box
February 7, 2008
The best.
It's the best ever. No need to look any further.
By Pat
November 2, 2007
Shines like crazy. Use 2x/yr min.
By Pat
July 2, 2007
Serious Shine!
Without a doubt the best thing you can do before waxing!
By John
June 27, 2007
Hand Glaze
This is one of the best products on the automotive market for paint. It gives the wet look shine without excessive work. I use it on my motorcycles for a stunning shine. I've trid numerous waxes and sealants. This product really does what's it's supposed to. It cleans and nourishes the paint buffing out the surface. A top coating with a good paste wax such as S100, will lock that shine in. I use this on my truck and boat. I'm returning to this after trying to many other expensive products. 3M really does know auto paint well.
By Karla
May 20, 2007
I have a white 82 Vette:) This product makes the car look awesome!!!!
By Bruno
April 15, 2007
Great Product
I have used this prduct for the past 11 years. If you use this twice a year along with a good wax, your car will look amazing. I had a 1994 chevy cavalier for 10 years using 3M Hand Glaze and Zymol twice a year, every year. I stopped at a gas station in NJ and one of the mechanics thought I had a new paint job. It's worth every penny!

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