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By Jim
Carrollton, TX
Fabric Convertable top
August 31, 2021
I was disapointed with the Ragg Top cleaner/protectant product (yes, I followed the instructions) So I wanted to try the 303 option. I bought the combo cleaner/protectant, just llike to Ragg Top, easy to apply but the water repellant I saw from the 303 was what I was looking for. I could blow the water off my convertable. I gave it 4 stars for how long it lasts (this is my second combo package from 303 but as I was washing the car, I noticed the beading had stopped. By now, I have to new package so i gave a new application (yes, I'm following instructions) One thing to note is, my car is a fair weather car, not my daily driver so it doesn't see the rain unless I get caught out. The results I saw from washing and not driving in bad weather should keep that protection going longer so I'll keep a close eye on how it performs going forward.
ProsEast to use
San Jose, CA
NEW 2019 MINI Convertible - results awesome
October 7, 2019
Initially worried. Cleaned and dried top. Spray, spray, spray. Oh, NO!!! Tiny bubbles all over my new top. Did I destroy the new top?? Not happy, I rubbed my gloved hand over the air bubbles, making it worse! Now I had chalky white froth. Kept rubbing and it all soaked in. Became "invisible" Final result - water beads off. Works fantastic. Second coat after re-wash a week later - the sprayer gummed up to the point it boarded on useless. Got the same initial miniature bubbles, then chalky froth after wiping to pop bubbles - eventually all soaked in and fantastic beading of water drops resulted.
Pros- Works like a champ - Water beads off - Invisible on my MINI Convertible Top (2019) (but, see Cons)
Cons- Miniature bubbles on application, turned to chalky white froth when rubbed to break-up the bubbles -eventually soaked in. Invisible after agitation and soak-in. - On second application, spray bottle trigger gummed up. Don't think I could use trigger a 3rd time.
By Tim
great product
August 28, 2016
Great product, top like new
By Stew
Sac, ca
Works like a champ
June 23, 2016
Used on my vinyl top, worked great. Sealer beads water like a champ. Will buy again.
By Txtwinii
Temple, TX
June 17, 2016
Easy to use. Take times to protect the surrounding areas. Appears to have worked well! Another great product from 303.
By Sam C.
Germantown TN
Easy to use.
June 8, 2016
Easy to use. Should mask off Windows before using protective spray.
By Scott
S central MI
So for acceptable
June 1, 2016
Easy to apply. Need to experience wet weather conditions & repeated Washington to finalize review.
By Skip Z.
New Jersey
Rain, rain, rain
May 11, 2016
Unfortunately, due to the weather, not been able to use it yet! LOOKING forward to it...Skip
By Jim
Good poduct
May 11, 2016
I recently purchased the fabric kit and applied it a week ago. The first rain came and the top was full of wer beads shedding the rain. Clearly the product works. It is too soon to do a full rating in that it was just applied. Very easy to apply after cleaning the top. I read that it is supposed to last for up to 3 years, that remains to be seen.
ProsEasy application.
ConsCareful covering of Windows and car paint. Just took a little time.
By Victoria G.
Winona MN
It has been to cold to use yet, but I am sure it will work well for my camero.
April 6, 2016
Heard it is a great product line. Just my second summer with my camero convertible. Thank you.
By Dave
Summerville, SC
Great products..wish it had been on sale when I bought it.
March 16, 2016
Great products! I especially like it because it is not aerosol. Always have great results with 303 products.
By Fred
Lakeland, FL
Easy to use
February 28, 2016
Just follow the directions - easy and effective.
ProsEase of use.
By Ralph
Elgin, IL
303 Fabric Convertible Top Kit
June 17, 2015
Very pleased with my purchase it did a fantastic job on my Corvette convertible top. Would definitely purchase again.
By Tom
303 is better than Ragg Top
May 17, 2015
It has been my experience that the 303 product for convertible tops is far superior than its competition Ragg Top. I first used Ragg Top on my 2008 Mercedes Benz convertible. I followed the manufacturers directions to the letter. But after just a couple of weeks, the top would not bead up water after being rained on. So I purchased the 303 product and have had much better results My only complaint of the 303 kit is that the 16 oz. bottle of protectant is not enough to get three applications from.
By Bigreddog12
Traverse City, MI
Cloth Top Cleaner
April 27, 2015
The cloth top cleaner worked very well with a fine bristle nylon brush. No verdict yet on the water resistance spray application. Both were easy to apply. Just have to mask or block off glass and paint areas for the water proofing spray.
ProsEffective cleaner.
By john
April 23, 2015
16fl. oz is not enough for all top buy 32oz. on the label on the bottle is written. 'COVERAGE 75-100 SQ FT (60X90SM) 16 FL OZ (473ML) on lightweight fabric; 40-75 sq ft (30-60sm) on heavier fabric depending on material and application method' you cannot change application method than change the quantity to 32 oz or 64 for double cross coverage . 303 part number 30606.
Prosgood quality
Conssmall size
By Jim C.
Tuscaloosa Al.
Water just rolls off!
March 27, 2015
I use this product every 3 years and it does a great job of protecting my top.The key is to get the top very very clean before applying the protectant. Then enjoy!
By Robert M.
Saint Augustine Florida
Great product
March 26, 2015
Use the 303 fabric convertible kit on my C5 Corvette. I don't think the top ever beaded water like it does now. Better than new. Great product.
ProsWorked as advertised.
By Rudolph
San Antonio, Texas
Great Product
March 5, 2015
I have used this product before and always reorder when I need more. It does a great job in cleaning and waterproofing my convertible top. It does involve some work to protect the car from overspray (car exterior). Once it's all covered then the rest is easy.
ProsEasy to use and effective.
ConsOverspray must be removed from glass and car finish immediately.
By Mike H.
Central, Texas
Great Product!
December 28, 2014
Easy to apply, cleans great and protects in 2 easy steps. Works and looks great!
By john g.
United States
303fabric convertible top kit
December 22, 2014
was easy to apply work with onlley trouble i had was with bottle of preservative started to leak before i was finised and i was supposed to receive another per telcon with person i called.
Prosvery good
Consleaky bottle
By Kokomo
Huntsville, AL
Good Stuff
October 15, 2014
Used to clean & seal a 3-yr old beige-color fabric convert top. Problems with top include scuffing of the fabric caused by fabric-on-fabric friction when the top is retracted and extended. These scuff areas are prone to dirt and stain. Using the 303 Fabric cleaner and applying with a horsehair brush by hand, the result was a clean top including the scuff areas (naturally the cleaning did not resolve the actual scuffs). After thoroughly drying, I applied the Protectant, actually a water repellant. It took the entire bottle to completely cover the top although I admit to a heavy hand and using a microfiber to smooth out coverage. It will take a rain storm and a few weeks exposure to evaluate how protective the Protectant is, will try to amend this review later.
ProsCleaner is effective, easy to use. Protectant is easy to apply, dries clear and even without spots or shadows.
ConsWill need more time and exposure of the top to the elements to evaluate effectiveness and durability.
By John C.
Somerset, MA
303 Kit
October 9, 2014
Very good
ProsProtectorant went on easily. Cleaner worked well.
ConsSpray a little difficult to manage at first.
By Tom
Good experience
October 9, 2014
First time ordering from Autogeek. Everything went as smoothly as could be. I have used the product before so no surprises there either.
By Arlene H.
United States
Awesome Product
September 26, 2014
When I purchased my 2000 BMW Z3 convertible dream car, I to make it look as new as possible. The previous owner took very good care of it but the top looked faded and when it rained the top soaked up the water like a sponge. Days of searching in our local auto stores, on the internet and even at a BMW dealership for the protectant I needed, I came across Autogeek.net. Within seconds I found a convertible top protectant in a kit at a price that seemed reasonable and had a great rating. I ordered the kit which was at my doorstep in a couple of days. I read the directions, used the cleaner, when dry I applied the protectant Application was simply and the top actually came out to a near new look. The next morning I poured a cap full of water on the top and wow! the water just rolled into a small bubble and did not soak in. I would recommend this kit to anyone with a convertible. Great product at a VERY reasonable price.
By Gene
Southern California
Cleaner Goes Far But Guard Doesn't on VW Beattle Convertible
August 15, 2014
The products were applied to the convertible top of our 2008 VW Beetle which is usually garaged. The top was in reasonably good condition. The surface estimate was approximately 24 square feet. The 303 cleaner was applied with the pump sprayer and gently scrubbed with large soft brush. It went on well. It took just about three of the 16 ounces in the container. It took two rinses after the wait period to clear the cleaner. The cleaner did not remove marks in the fabric where the top down folding creases occur. I expected that it would. To apply the Fabric Guard, I used a high quality 4 inch paint long by 1 inch diameter foam paint roller. The fluid was placed in a small plastic tray. I rolled the material on in small sections trying to get an even wet coat. The fabric absorbed nearly the entire 16 ounces in the container. I had hoped to get two applications out of the bottle based on the label description. We haven't had any rain to test the treatment as of yet. Depending on how the fabric repels rain and preserves the fabric, will determine if we will use the product again.
ProsProducts seemed to be easily to apply as mentioned above.
ConsNot enough fabric guard material. Almost 16 oz. absorbed for 24 sq. ft. of top. Expected to get two applications based on the label.
By Bernie
Port Vue Pennsylvania
303 Fabric Convertible Top Kit
August 10, 2014
Easy to use and exceeded my expectations . My top looks like the day it was installed On my 1999 Porsche Boxster.
ProsI put on heavy coat with a foam paint brush, easy to get complete coverage With no overspray.
By Armando p.
Brooklyn, ny
How to remove 303 from your paint
August 9, 2014
If you did not go go through the masking process and used the paint brush method, with the occasional drip, I found 91 percent isopropyl alcohol to be excellent for removing the dryer drips however, don't be too attached to your side 'pinstripes' as they will be gone too.
ProsGreat protectant.
ConsTricky application
By Alex
New Castle, Pa.
Great Product
August 7, 2014
Product was easy to use and went on evenly and looks great. I have used other 303 products and they are also very good.
By Dave
Hendersonville, NC
Not quite as good as I had hoped . . .
July 20, 2014
A good friend said I just had to try this kit to restore my 2007 tan convertible top. The top had some dark areas where the top had been in the "top down" mode as well as some staining from various tree droppings, etc. While the stains were reduced in the degree that one could see them, they were not taken away completely. The protectant, however, has done a good job of keeping rain and new stains off the top.
Proseasy to use, no foul smell, can do the top twice from one kit
Consdidn't remove all of the visible staining
By Gerard L.
Convertible top sealer
July 20, 2014
Didn't have a chance to it till today 7/13/14 it went on the top well good coverage have the car in the garage drying so will see the next time it rains
By maty k.
cleveland ohio
top kit
June 26, 2014
great results
Proseasy to use
By Bryan
Holly Springs, NC
Great Product! Takes some time to do it right
June 16, 2014
This is a great product. You have to invest some time to use the product in the manner it is designed to be used. If you follow the directions and use the product appropriately, your results will be outstanding.
ProsWorks as advertised
ConsTime consuming
By Jim M.
Suffield CT
Good for fabric Miata top
June 11, 2014
We put the fabric top protectant on with paint brushes. The previous sprayed on product (different brand) was difficult to apply and did not do well to waterproof the top. This product seems to have done much better, water beads up on the top nicely.
ProsEasy to brush on without creating a mess Waterproofs quite well
By Jerry
Great product
May 16, 2014
I liked everything about the product except the spray on feature. It took forever to spray on and very difficult to avoid overspray and get sufficient coverage at the same time. Would rate a 5 star if it could be brushed on
Prossee above
Conssee above
By Ward
Really good produact
March 22, 2014
This stuff REALLY works. The cleaner may or may not be necessary, but the protectant is outstanding. IMPORTANT: use a brush to apply. Spraying is a mess.
ProsThe top looks better and repels water like crazy.
By j g.
303 Protectant
December 2, 2010
i have used this product for years and would not treat my Solstice top with anything else.

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