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By This is fun!
March 3, 2016
Amazing results
I've used this cleaner for years to remove stains in carpet, upholstery, and headliner with exceptional results. Love it!
By Ron
Hampton, Virginia
February 20, 2015
303 Spot Cleaner Works!
I utilized this product on a bench seat that had twenty years of funk. Initially, I spent half a day scrubbing with other products and carpet cleaner. That combination failed to achieve the desired result. Frustration set in and I contemplated purchasing a new seat. I decided to give 303 Spot Cleaner a try. The results were outstanding. It eliminated twenty years of set in stains in a matter of minutes!
ProsWorks as advertised!
By Hari
Bentonville, Arkansas
October 1, 2014
My car was transported from east to central, and once I got it, the interior was awful. It looked like it went through a mechanic! There was lots of spots & dirt every where! And the seats are made of fabric/cloth, not leather or expensive. Initially I tried to brush it off, but only dust was removed. So my hunting began, and finally zeroed in on 303 product, after reading many online reviews. The product arrived on time, in a big box full of papers :), so that the bottle will not be pressed during shipping. Spent around 3 hours during a weekend, to clean the interior & I am amazed how clean & spotless my seats are now. It looks like fresh from factory! On the spots I have to apply like a wet spot & clean it up using brush (like you brush your teeth :)) and applied on other areas to clean up uniformly. This product is more worth than what it seems.
Pros- cleans perfectly - removes spots - no odor (smell) - easy to apply
Cons- nothing!
By Bert
July 14, 2014
I think I received this from Autogeek as a sample with one of my orders. I just shampooed the cloth interior on one of my trucks, there was still dirt in some spots I couldn't reach so well. I found a small bottle of this product sitting on my basement steps that I guess I put there awhile ago, I happen to pick it up and took a look, I said, hmm, let me give this a try. I can't believe how quick and easy it cleaned the cloth up. Well the bottle used up pretty quick, that's why I'm on here buying a larger size. Bottom line, this stuff worked GREAT!!!
By Sparky
Conyers, GA
April 23, 2014
Outstanding Product!
By far the best spot remover on the market!
By Mark
June 5, 2013
Recommend it
Has removed every stain I've tried it on so far including things nothing else would touch, including unknown carpet stains and a black Sharpie mark on a BMW leather seat that has refused to budge for 5 years. One carpet stain that ignored soap, various cleaners, Oxy-Clean etc. completely disappeared after 1-2 minutes rubbing and wiping. About 10% of it has come back after 2 weeks and I am getting ready to hit it again. Great stuff.
By Z71
June 16, 2011
The carpet in my suburban were a mess - salt stains, coffee, mud, fruit juice, and everything else 3 young kids can spill. This cleaner removed everything and made my carpet literally look brand new. Follow the directions - let it sit for a few minutes and then I used a cheap microfiber soaked with hot water to rub the stain. In some places I used a carpet brush. All stains were removed.
By maluminas
May 17, 2011
Very good
I used this on my mud and salt stained carpets. I started with a really good vacuuming, then used this product as per instructions. It worked very well on the mud stains, took them out like nobody's business. It also appeared to do a good job on the salt stains, but after drying i vacuumed the carpet again and the salt reappeared in some areas. Salt stains are difficult to remove though, so overall it did a good job. Cleaning them again would probably fix it.
By Chris
April 4, 2011
Works Awesome
Bought this stuff to use on some after winter stains on my truck carpet. Followed directions as per the bottle and gave it a gentle scrub and carpets came out looking brand new. Also this cleaner has a very neutral smell so your not over powering yourself while using it. Another amaing 303 product. This is pretty much a hiding gem in carpet cleaning.
By Matthew Current
July 5, 2008
Very impressive
I would recommend carrying a bottle of this in the back of your car for surprise accidents or spills as it is a great alternative to helpless fuming. I have to admit am surprised by the value to price ratio of this product. It's great at removing old stains and preventing new ones. I even used this product on a whim to try and remove a 4 year old vomit stain on a friend's mattress while helping him move and it got rid of a lot of it. I wouldn't say it's the best product in the world because at times it requires liberal application and elbow grease. But it's definitely worth having on hand.
By James Watkins
March 22, 2006
A stains worst enemy!
303 Cleaner and Spot remover is one of the best carpet and upholstery cleaner on the market. I have use this product on stains and spotting of all ages and yet to find something it could not remove. The essential partner for all light carpeting.

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