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3 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
great brush but the handle sucks
July 28, 2014
this brush is great for getting into the barrel of the wheel and places you just cannot get your hand into the problem and why i give it a 3 and not a 4 or five is the handle is round and smooth and gets very slippery it is almost impossible to hold on to. it needs a grip on the handle upgrade asap !

Fresno, CA
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Speed Master Bursh
July 21, 2014
I like this wheel cleaner brush. This is my second one. My first one finely fell apart. The new one works great. As other have said, this wheel brush dose splash more than my old one did. but even with that in mind. This brush does do the job of cleaning the back of my wheels an cleaning off all the brake dust.

Tullahoma, Tn
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Good brush for $$$
July 14, 2014
This is a good wheel brush. I like this style because is has scrubbing action but not stuff enough to cause scratches in wheels.
Flexible, rubber coated tip and long handle.

4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Works Well But Can Splatter
July 9, 2014
This brush seems to work well and gets in tight spaces. If you pull out to quickly it does splatter and will get on you though.

Winston-Salem, NC
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Fantastic Wheel Brush
July 9, 2014
This is the absolute best wheel cleaning tool I have ever used! Great for wide, multi-spoke wheels as it reaches the inside of the wheel behind the spokes. My Mustang has 19s and this brush fits easily between the wheel and caliper allowing me to clean the entire inner wheel easily( no moving the car ahead to clean that "spot you couldn't reach"). Its flexible and the guard at the brush end of the handle prevents driving your knuckles into the wheel when reaching to clean the inner wheel. Buy it, you won't be disappointed!

Austin, TX
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
It is worth buying
July 9, 2014
This works great with P21S wheel cleaner!

Dallas, Texas
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Gets it clean
July 2, 2014
Received on time, and works well on wheels.
Gets to the outer side and inside of wheels. Easy to use and easy to clean.

Downey, CA
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great Brush!!
June 25, 2014
Great quality and works well.. I love it

United States
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Get's the job done
May 21, 2014
I bought it to use on my Vette's deep dish wheels. It reaches all the way back to the inside edge with little effort. Makes my wheels look new again. I recommend it!

Gary P.
United States
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Works Very Well, But Wear an Apron
May 21, 2014
This brush does exactly as advertised. It gets into the barrel of the wheel to remove dirt and brake dust. It is less successful at cleaning the face of the wheel, though, because it is a little unwieldy when trying to maneuver it around the smaller areas. The biggest difficulty, and it would be for any brush, is that the bristles are so long and flexible (a very good thing) they splatter brake dust everywhere when you pull out the brush. Nonetheless, the brush is carefully crafted, is a demon at cleaning the brake dust and grime, and cleans easily.
soft flexible bristles, well made, easy to clean, very good at removing brake dust
As with any brush with this type of design, the bristles toss brake dust all over your arms, face, and clothes if you're not careful.

Kings Park, New York
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Excellent Design!!
May 16, 2014
What a great wheel cleaning brush. I have been looking for something like this for my ridiculously deep wheels on my Dodge Viper. This does everything that I require it to do. It reaches all the way back and effectively cleans the entire surface, even slips behind the calipers. It flexes when needed too. Wow!!
The best wheel cleaning brush I have ever come across.

mike c
long island
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
speed master wheel brush
May 15, 2014
Best wheel brush I've ever used, gets into all tight places.

5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Best Wheel Brush
May 10, 2014
I have been searching for a wheel solution for a long time. Being a weekend warrior I had settled for the stuff you find in the local auto parts stores. After discovering AG and their dedicated detailing supplies, the skies have opened. This brush actually makes cleaning wheels fun. If it breaks I would buy another.

central FL.
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
great product, exactly what I needed!
May 7, 2014
This is a great wheel brush, I have wheels with lots of little tight areas that I had to clean with a rag around my finger busting my knuckles. With this brush, I can simply pump it in and out of each crevice a couple times and be done with each wheel in 1 minute vs. 10 minute per wheel. Exactly what I was looking for but could not find till now. Great product!
Quick, easy, long reach
None so far.

Baton Rouge, La.
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Happy day's
April 30, 2014
I used the brush the day after I received it. Worked just the way I thought it would. Made things much easier.
The brush is something that I could not find at the auto stores.
None that I can think of at this time

Jim Schluckebier
Mid Michigan
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Works excellent.
April 28, 2014
Getting the small one also as soon as it's back in stock..

John Caban
United States
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Good wheel brush
April 13, 2014
Wanted to give this a try due to all the good reviews about it. We will see how long it last.

Upper Eastern Shore Maryland
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Most Amazing Wheel Brush Cleaner
April 1, 2014
With the exception of removing the tires to get a complete clean, hands down this is the most amazing wheel brush cleaner tool I have ever used and seen. I used it for the first time today and it cleaned every part of the wheel. Whats amazing how it can fit into tight spaces and yet doesn't loose its shape. The bristles are soft yet very strong and amazing quality. No bristles fell out after scrubbing all four tires. The speed master wheel brush completely goes across to the other side of the wheel and cleans just as good as if you took the tires off. Unless someone has severe oxidation or heavy neglected wheels from NOT cleaning inside them for years, this is the most amazing product and a huge must have.
Lightweight Excellent quality Soft bristles String bristles Flexible

United States
3 Stars
handel broke off
March 3, 2014
The brush is really good but for the price tag witch i paid 30$ at the time i could have 2 bought the raccoon brush from Chemical guys
good brush when you first get it
handle is too fragile

5 Stars
Daytona Speed Brush
October 3, 2013
This brush is great, exactly what I was looking for to clean into the wheels on my 2011 Corvette GS!! Had been looking all over for something and this is it!

5 Stars
Great brush
June 21, 2013
I use this weekly to clean my stock Golf R wheels. It's great for wide areas and reaching into the depths. I have to use a shop rag for the tight crevices (this brush is too big), but it does a great job on the larger areas and rinses clean very easily. Highly recommended!

5 Stars
November 4, 2012
This brush makes cleaning the inside of wheels very easy, and it does a great job. Even on wide wheels, it easily cleans the inside and gets in those narrow areas around the calipers. You can bend it to reach just about any spot and the calipers also.

Richard Collins
5 Stars
Love this brush!
August 13, 2012
So this brush isn't the right tool if you want/need to get some pressure or scrubbing action, but if you're looking to gently get into every nook of your wheels and gently agitate the grime, there's no better option. I found on a set of long-neglected wheels that I had to hit them with another hand-brush 1st, then finish them off with this. But this is the best/fastest way to get my wheels done every week or two, hands down. Love being able to get to the back-edge of the rims as well.

Michael, NC
4 Stars
Good Brush
July 23, 2012
The brush does a decent job cleaning the inside portion of a wheel. To clean better, I'd have to put the car up on jacks & take the wheel off. The brush won't get off dust caked on for years. When using this brush, wear clothes you don't care about because you WILL get break dust on your clothes. Twisting the brush while removing it will reduce splatter, but you still will get break dust on your clothes & I haven't found anything that will wash it off clothes.

Viktor VFD
5 Stars
The Ultimate time saver !
July 6, 2012
Great bush ! Very smart + patern on the brush lots of time washing bigger wheels. No problem so far with durability .well worth the money !

5 Stars
If you don't have this GET IT NOW
May 14, 2012
This is probably the best tool I have in my detailing arsenal. My evolution has enkei wheels that have so many spokes in them. They were always tough to clean, specially in the inner wheel. My hands would always get beat up smashing into the spokes. This brush makes things so much easier. I wish I had bought this sooner.It cleans the entire rim, can fit behind my giant brembo calipers, and my giant rotors to clean every square inch of my rim. Again, if you don't have one yet, get it now! Better yet, buy two so you can gift one to a friend. This brush is awesome.

5 Stars
I would never wash my car without it!
May 2, 2012
I have been cleaning my MINI Countryman's wheels by hand for the past year I've owned it. $40+ for a wheel brush was a hard sell for me but I finally bit the bullet and got it. I can't express how much time it saves me in cleaning my wheels. After a month or so the silver is literally black and this brushes not only the outside but the inside back to clean within maybe 2 minutes per wheel. I highly suggest this product and it is absolutley worth its price!

5 Stars
Daytona Speed Wheel brush for the win
April 10, 2012
I bought this brush a couple months ago and it's one of the best purchases i've made on This brush allows you to get deep into the wheel well which is great for wide wheels/tires.

2 Stars
Daytona brush
April 9, 2012
It worked great for 2 years till the handle finally broke off.

5 Stars
Must have tool!
November 16, 2011
I love this tool! It reaches into all manner of places with ease. It however is not as aggressive as the wheel woolies so I like to havenoth on hand for the places my wheel woolies can reach. Also get a couple 1" brushes and you are all set.

5 Stars
Love this thing
September 25, 2011
I absolutely love this brush. Simple to use, gets into the small areas of the wheels. Also cleans brake calipers pretty well. So far so good, no problems.

5 Stars
July 31, 2011
This is bar none the best wheel cleaner available. I don't see any downside of it. Saves my hands from sharp edges, easy to use, and safe on all surfaces. Cudos to the inventor of this product.

5 Stars
Awesom wheel brush
July 4, 2011
I contemplated getting this for only regret is that I should have bought it sooner. This brush really gets in hard to reach places. I was concerned that it wouldn't reach between the caliper and the rim but it still gets in between no problem. I highly recommend this detailers tool.

Ed (FastZR1)
5 Stars
Great Brush
May 17, 2011
I've used this brush for more than a year cleaning the inside of my wheels on three cars. This brush is worth the money and cleans the barrels and hard to reach areas. Mix it with some DP wheel Gel and you have a perfect combo.

5 Stars
Great brush
April 28, 2011
Works great. I actually look forward to cleaning my wheels when I'm washing. My wheels have never been this easy to clean.

2 Stars
Not So Good
April 10, 2011
Used it to clean my BMW wheels which are notorious for brake dust. The shaft is flimsy and does hold up well to tough scrubbing. Would not recommend this product.

5 Stars
defnintiely get the combo
March 7, 2011
I would say definitely pay the extra to have both the large and small, but if you must pick one, go with the small.

5 Stars
Good brush
November 4, 2010
I bought this brush to replace my old Meguiar's versa-angle brush. The bristles on this brush seem better and it works really well.

5 Stars
Perfect !!!
September 16, 2010
Man this brusn really works. Reaches curves and can be bent to the desired shape. Wheel cleaning is joy with this.

5 Stars
This is unbelievable
September 12, 2010
This really does the job. Bends as required and reaches all round. Not just for wheels.

1 Stars
brush doesnt last
August 17, 2010
i bought this thing six months ago and it already broke. the handle corroded or something, figured it would last longer for how highly it's rated!. thanks.. Stephen

Peter Milo
5 Stars
May 16, 2010
I'm not able to find ceramic pads for my 2010 S4 as of yet, and the brake dust was driving me to drink; I'd scrub the wheels, and ten miles later they'd be dirty again. While shopping for dustless pads, I came across the Speed Master brush; It works like a charm, and makes easy work out of cleaning the outer and inner barrel section of the wheels. I can now clean four wheels to perfection in under 10 minutes. This baby is up to the task!

5 Stars
Great on more than just wheels
May 10, 2010
This is a fantastic brush that has many uses. It is great on wheels, but I found it really great under the hood. It reaches into, around, between, and behind everything under the hood. I am able to clean an entire engine bay in just minutes with this brush. I also use it for door jambs. I love this brush.

3 Stars
Great - when new.
May 2, 2010
This is my favorite wheel brush bar none, and does things no other brush can. It is excellent, when new. However, it does not last more than a year after continual use. The protective tip cam off, exposing sharp and damaging tip that will scratch your (expensive) wheels if not careful. Also, after continual twisting and manipulation the handle eventually broke off, rendering useless and needing to be replaced. If you dont mind buying one a year, it is a great brush.

Cobalt9123 (Jordan Burnett)
5 Stars
Fantastic Product
April 28, 2010
I absolutely love this thing. I used to scratch and cut my hands putting a mitt in the wheel well to scrub the wells clean and would end up with grease and brake dust all over my hands. This product makes things so much easier and saves me a TON of time on the wheels. It also lets me clean under my HUGE Brembo brake calipers on my 2009 Cobalt SS. (I could never do this with a mitt and would end up just leaving it dirty). This product is well worth the price and is a MUST HAVE in your detailing tool collection.

cameron caldwell
5 Stars
January 8, 2010
You cant NOT afford to get this thing. it literally owns at cleaning the wheel, getting behind, in between, and all around everything. I've used all sorts of different brushes, bores hair, the ones you find at the local auto parts stores, this one blows those out of the water. seriously, i cant stress enough how great this product is. i would have paid double if i knew how well it worked. thanks again autogeek!

5 Stars
Perfect for cleaning my BMW wheels!
November 21, 2009
I saw the other reviews and decided to give this a try even though $30 seemed excessive for a brush. I use this with P21s wheel gel on my BMW OEM Wheels. I've been very please witht he results. Cleaning the face of your wheels is easy with anything, but to get in behind the spokes, in and around the rotors to get the entire wheel clean is now a snap with this wheel brush. I just spray on the gel, let it sit a bit and then agitate with the brush. Brake dust you couldn't see before rinses right off and gets my wheels sparkling. Highly recommended by me and I'm rarely satisfied like this.

Enoch Miller
3 Stars
Daytona Wheel Brush
November 18, 2009
I did not realize how big the brush is. I am cleaning wheels on a 98 Buick LeSabre and the openings are very small. Nothing wrong with design, just too big.

Gilbert Thompson
5 Stars
Daytona Wheel Brush
June 5, 2009
Handle could be a little firmer

5 Stars
Gomme pulitissime
May 3, 2009
Ottimo prodotto, pulisce e non graffia! Davvero consigliato! Ciao dall'Italia!!!

Matt D
1 Stars
Not impressed
April 20, 2009
I used this brush on my M5 wheels for the first time. I am not impressed. There are a lot of spokes to clean and this brush did not do the job. I ended up using my hand wash mit that is similar to the green mits that come with this kit. I was highly unimpressed. After 2 wheels I stopped using it as it added time to my washing instead of making it easier.

5 Stars
March 21, 2009

2 Stars
cleans great but...
February 24, 2009
this is the best brush I have used to clean the wheels on my M3, however the little black plastic cap at the end of the brush keeps on coming off and scratching the inside of my wheels!!! I have bought two and both have had this problem, I am not going to continue to spend $20+ and have this happen so soon all the time. Once that little cap comes off it makes it very hard to use without scratching the inside of your rims. Once they fix this issue the brush should be just about perfect.

5 Stars
EZ Detail auto brush
February 5, 2009
This is one great brush

5 Stars
Saves lots of time!!
January 6, 2009
Works great, I bought this after trying other brushes that were too harsh and not able to get the hard to reach areas which leaves you to doing it by hand. I couldn't stand not cleaning the inside of my wheels and now I can without worry of scratching them. Best of all MADE IN USA and I don't mind paying a little extra because of it!!!

F Ricker
5 Stars
Outstanding Product
January 5, 2009
This is an outstanding product for wheel cleaning. Must have tool for anyone's car cleaning arsenal! Thanks Autogeek for fast shipping.

5 Stars
Very nice piece!
December 28, 2008
i was surprised it was as big as it was. for some reason the images don't do it justice, despite being shown in action on wheels. robust, easy to use and the vinyl tip and body seems to be up to the task to prevent any accidents. the only slight gripe is i could use the brush by itself for a few bucks cheaper, w/o the green foam pockets...

Nate G
5 Stars
Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread
March 24, 2008
This wheel brush is the best I've used in over 15 years of detailing my vehicles. Unlike the Meguiar's brushes I used to use, the bristles don't become matted down over time. It fits between the spokes and fills all the space behind them to scrub the wheels, brake calipers, even stainless braided brake lines! I wish I had this brush a long time ago... I stock up on spares just in case!

5 Stars
The Best I've Found
March 1, 2008
This brush is fantastic. I have tried many wheel brushes, and some are too soft, too stiff, or the bristles are too short. This brush will fill all the space behind your spokes getting the back side of the wheel clean, the caliper, it even cleans my brake lines! It's easy to clean the back side of the spokes, as well. Works wonderfully on my E46 BMW 17 inch wheels, and 18's on my 996 Turbo. Bravo, Auto Geek!

5 Stars
Made for Z06
July 14, 2007
This brush is awesome - I was wondering how I was ever going to get the 12" rims on my 07 Z06 clean - especilly under the front brake caliper - but this brush gets in there and does a great job.

Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
5 Stars
The best
May 13, 2007
Dont know how i went so long without a brush like this...definitely designed with the detailer in mind

5 Stars
April 26, 2007
Couldnt have a better design. The memory bristles and moldable handle do it for me!

5 Stars
Best Wheel Brush Ever
February 17, 2007
I bought this brush to clean hard-to-reach places under the hood of my BMW, but I've been using it to clean my wheels instead. It's the best wheel cleaning tool I've found, HANDS DOWN. Highly recommended.

Mike S.
5 Stars
Best Brush Ever!!!!!
February 9, 2007
This brush makes cleaning my wheels on my chevy Silverado truck and Corvette Easy. This is a definately must for cleaning wheels. Thank you Autogeek

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