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Ron T.
Helena, AL
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
It Works!
December 10, 2016
We have been under drought conditions in the South East since September 2016. There have been water restrictions, so I started researching rinse free products. I decided to give McKee's 37 Rinse Free Wash and Wax a try. Ordered from Auto Geek and was pleased with their fast, prompt delivery to Alabama. We got a break from the drought this week when a front moved through bringing both rain and cold weather, My Mustang had not been washed in over a month so I decided to give this product a try. The car in my garage as it was 40 degrees outside with a cold NW wind blowing. I was somewhat skeptical of this type of product, but was greatly surprised when I saw the results that I got. The paint was clean and felt and looked like the car had just been waxed. The surface was clean, slick to the touch and was shiny. Best of all the glass was clean with none of the water spots or streaks that I can never prevent or get rid of using the bucket and hose method. I was able to clean both the wheel face and interior of the alloy wheels leaving them clean and shiny. The black textured moldings on the car were clean with a deep black shine. I was amazed at the appearance of the car using this product. I was greatly satisfied with the way the car turned out using this product.
Saves water - can be used when there are water restrictions. Can be used in the garage when cold weather making the hose and bucket method unpractical. Gets glass clean with no water spots or steaks. If your paint is in good condition to begin with, it makes the paint look like it's just been waxed
It takes about two hours to wash a mid sized car, almost twice as long as the hose and bucket method - but the results are worth the extra time.

alexandre periard
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
December 9, 2016
this stuff is amazing wash your car in less than 10 minutes and it will look just waxed. wish i found this stuff earlier
shine no scratch very easy to apply

North Carolina
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
It really works - Quick Detailer
September 24, 2016
This is the first time reviewing a product. I have used a lot of different products and this really works. It was sort of weird how it seamed to draw out the dirt in the paint. The car (white subaru outback) was a little dirty/dusty, but when I sprayed it, it seemed to pull up the dirt. It was weirdly awesome!
No Streaking. Pulls up the dirt. Leaves nice shine.
May make you obsessively want to clean you car over and over.

North Carolina
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Good product. Need 32oz size.
June 29, 2016
Good product. I had been using the DP products. I'm assuming these are the replacements. I would like a 32 oz size of concentrate.

5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Works great on Black
September 13, 2015
This product keeps my Black Ram RT Glowing!

San Leandro
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great product
June 19, 2015
Cleans the car with moderate effort. Did not realize it also has a polish to it. The cloths that come with it are a nice bonus.

4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great Rinseless
April 19, 2015
I really like this product.I have several other Rinseless washes that I use and this is now my favorite.It cleans very well and leaves a great shine.It is cheaper then products that it out performs and smells great.I will reorder this when I run out.
Smells like Wolfgang Auto Shampoo which is my favorite auto shampoo
Built on measuring cup at the spout would make it perfect

Moore, Oklahoma
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Works great
March 15, 2015
Been using this as quick detailer. Smells great and leaves the car looking great too.

Port of Green Bay
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Works Great!!
October 23, 2014
I have used this as a lubricant, a detailer, a water conditioner and as a rinseless wash. Does everything it is suppose to. Even used it as a detailer on a just washed, but un-waxed car. Wash our cars in the garage in the winter where temps get down to about 40. Hard to dry vehicle at that temp, but does a great job in cleaning
Mixes well. Great lube for clay Great deep shine

North Carolina
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
A True Equal to the King of the Mountain
May 31, 2014
Grabbed some of this after my ONR got super low and I must say I'm completely satisfied. I love this stuff. It's got a Pink Bubble Yum smell, just about as slick as ONR, cleans very well, but it leaves (to me) a more glossy finish than ONR. If you are looking to a viable alternative to ONR--this is your Huckleberry.
Bubblegum smell, Cleans great, versatile use, leaves a glossy finish

Spring Lake, NC
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
New and Improved!!!
April 12, 2014
It's the 3rd time I buy this product and the 1st time getting the new and improved version. I used on my cars, four wheelers, and my bike. It's like 5 in 1, from detailing, cleaning, lubricate, etc. For those who love their vehicles this product is a must. Stop buying 2 or 3 bottles of different products and get this one that does it all.

5 Stars
May 24, 2013
Just loved it! Smells great, easy to use and leaves a VERY slick surface. I used this after getting my windows tinted and there was residue of the solution they used and this took it right of. My ONR(1st version) and DG rinseless w/Aquawax are going to to back of the shelf till i use this up.

blue devil
4 Stars
good buy QD,clay lube!
July 13, 2012
this product is an excellent quick detailer excellent clay lubricant how ever using it as no rinse wasn't meeting my specs it turned the white wash mitt black and couldnt get clean the mitt only got clean when i put meguiars wash&wax with some water for my regular wash

5 Stars
Great Product & Great Gloss
July 12, 2012
Love the versatility of this product. It performs just as advertised. I have used it as both a waterless wash and quick detailer and been very satisfied. Leaves behind a nice glossy finish that doesn't attract dust.

5 Stars
April 7, 2012
I saw the DIY video done on the corvette and had to try this product but I was still a little skeptical. I have a 2012 Volkswagen Golf R which is my baby. This product does exactly what is advertised. Best car was solution I have ever used hand down. I will continue to use this product and consider with little to no hesitation using other detailers pride products in the future. Thanks DP and thanks Autogeek.

5 Stars
Good Stuff
December 30, 2011
Ok, I used this for the first time tonight. It's super slick and smells great. I had no streaking. I couldn't be more pleased. It's no my go to product of this type.

5 Stars
Goodbye ONR
November 13, 2011
I've used ONR for a few years but bought this on a BOGO. I prefer the smell and find it works every bit as good as ONR. This helps me keep my DD clean through the Chicagoland winter. I've come to prefer the Waterless Auto Wash to the traditional hose and two buckets. If you're concerned over swirls or scratches don't be. Just watch the videos on how to use it along with a little common sense and you're good to go. I've also used it as a clay bar lube and Detail Spray and am just as happy with those uses as well. I had a neighbor watching me two winters ago as I was waterless washing my car. He told me I was going to scratch it up. I offered him cash money on the spot for any swirl he could find; he went back home with none of my $$$.

4 Stars
November 11, 2011
A very versatile product. I use this or ONR as clay lube every time. I don't do rinsless washes much but I did do a full review with pictures using this product and ONR. Check it out on the Autogeek Forum for more info.

5 Stars
No brainer.
November 11, 2011
this product is a no brainer. gotta have it. i'd give it 6 stars but you can't. my cars are way cleaner and shinier vs hose wash. the whole process is cleaner and more practical too. no hiding from the sun. no hiding from the rain. no dragging out the hose. no rushing to avoid water spots. this is a win win win product. and smells yummy.

5 Stars
Great Clay Lube
November 10, 2011
I have only used this product as a clay lubricant but I have to say it is one of the best I have used. Its cost effective and provides good lubrication. I have used this product with Griots and Riccardo clays and both worked well!

5 Stars
October 7, 2011
I love this stuff! I started out using ONR a couple of years ago but tried this when it was on a BOGO. I love the versatility, price and especially the smell. These rinseless washes help keep my car clean AND scratch free through our snowy and salty mid-west winters. I have recommended this product to friends and co-workers.

5 Stars
Rinseless wash is the only way to wash
May 17, 2011
I wish I had discovered rinseless washes years ago, IMO it is the only way to wash and DP RW&G makes it so easy. What this does to water is amazing you have to experience it and the smell makes you want to wash everyday. I also use it for a clay lube and it works awesome and is so cheap compared to some of those high priced clay lubes. It makes a great QD also. DP RW&G is so versatile I think of another product I have I like as much as this!

5 Stars
Stuff Just Works
February 17, 2011
This stuff is awesome, works great. Did my buddys car also and he absolutely loved it, had to sell him my other bottle I got on bogo and now hes using it. We both have black cars and let me tell you this stuff leaves it clean and shinny. Great product at a great price.

5 Stars
Great Product
February 6, 2011
This stuff works awesome, and the smell is great too. I got two bottles of this for winter washings, but am anxious to try it as the many other uses it serves. would recommend this to anyone. My neighbor even wants a bottle of this stuff now after seeing my results with it.

5 Stars
Quality Product
December 8, 2010
I use this as a Quick detail spray and it is awesome.It adds a awesome gloss to your vehicle and leaves the surface very slick and smooth. I would use this again for sure.

5 Stars
Dont' think - Buy it!!
September 13, 2010
I love this product a whole, whole lot. Great results, saves time, energy and water. I was accustomed to making a big production about washing my car to ensure that I would get good results, while preserving the wax. But it was a chore using conventional methods - especially if I washed every week. I read the reviews for this product, so I decided to give it a try. Indeed it works EXTREMELY well. I use the two-bucket method for washing - with luke warm water in both buckets. I also add about 1.5 ounces to my 3 gallon bucket of rinse water (after all I'm rinsing the wash mitt of debris, not rinsing it of the product) Not only is the car's wax preserved, the product kicks up the gloss a couple of notches. The car's paint looks super-clean and glossy. And because I save so much time washing this way, and because I'm obsessive, I'll apply a coat of quick detailer for good measure. All this happens in under an hour. Ounce for ounce, this is the best valued product. Delivers alot with very little.

5 Stars
May 5, 2010
I have used Menzerna car wash for years.. Picked this up on a BOGO and now its all I use. Really adds a nice shine to every car I wash. You gotta give this stuff a try!

4 Stars
Great stuff!
December 4, 2009
tried this once so far after years of ONR. It's as good in some categories compared to ONR and better in some others. Smell is great. It's practical in its many uses. Anyone still on the fence about rinseless products should put the hose down and try this stuff.

Jimmy Powell
5 Stars
Outstanding Car Wash
July 9, 2009
Only car wash I use now

5 Stars
this stuff is awesome
May 23, 2009
This stuff rocks. I will never use a normal wash again. Washed in full sun in 85 degree weather and NO water spots

5 Stars
Pleasently surprised!
April 26, 2009
I was skeptical like others when I first ordered this product as I did not know how well the "rinseless car wash" would work. I take great care of my vehicle and did not want to damage the paint at all. So Sunday morning I got my 2 buckets, proceeded to wash my vehicle and Holy Cow!! what a breeze, zero scratches or blemishees and boy; was there a rich, deep shine! I am a believer....

5 Stars
Update to my review
April 21, 2009
Still loving the DP wash and gloss (still using older formula). Just wanted to point out that I was using ww mf towels for drying but I have since swapped to more plush detailing towels that have more pile and a deeper nap. Much easier to trap the dirt in the deep nap and switch to a clean section on the towel. Dont try and use two towels for the whole car. When the towel gets loaded up after one panel, switch to a clean section of the towel and then a new towel completely after the towel gets loaded up to prevent scratching.

5 Stars
April 16, 2009
I've washed my car this morning and this product is awesome, in 20m my car was clean and shine, the Schmitt work very well with this rinseless wash!!Overall, excellent product

5 Stars
Great Product
March 12, 2009
I have the original 4 in1 and love it. I have only used it as rinseless wash but am looking forward to using it as a clay lube and quick detailer. Easy to use. 1 ounce per gallon. (new formula is 1 ounce per 2 gallons ((like ONR)) dip my sheepskin mitt in, lightly wipe a panel, dry with a ww mf towel. Simple as that.

Sean Sampson
5 Stars
Underestimated How Good this Stuff is
October 10, 2008
I live in an apartment and due to a busy schedule, I have not been able to wash my Element for about 2.5 months. I would come out and see it every morning and cringe when I saw how disgustingly dirty it was. I don't have a hose, but I do have a basement with a utility tub. I filled 2 buckets, one with 1 gallon of water and 1 once of DP 4-in1, as per the instructions. The other I used as a rinse bucket. It took about 20-30 minutes to do teh entire vehicle. The Result - My Element Looks like it is BRAND NEW! It gave me better results than when I wash using a hose. When I finished, I ended up calling everyone, fiends, family, etc, telling them how great this stuff is. This stuff is perfect for me as I do not have access to a hose. I highly recommend this stuff, it works wonders.

5 Stars
Great rinseless wash
October 13, 2007
I use 4-in-1 as a rinseless wash for both my vehicles, weekly. I've used it for 1 year now with no visible marring. Use it as a QD and clay bar lube as well. Very economical with many uses. Love it!

5 Stars
Love this stuff
July 4, 2007
I love using this for clay lube and a quick detailer. When I'm drying, I spray the panel with it to add lubrication. No need to worry about running out of clay lube now! I tried using it as a rinseless wash, but my car was VERY dirty. I should have done a quick jet spray of water around the whole car to make things better. It's also great as a pad conditioner. All its uses are great!

5 Stars
Very nice!
June 3, 2007
Great product. The rinseless wash works--be sure to use the 2 bucket method. The QD is easy--takes me about 5 minutes after parking it for the night. Finally, I spritz the QD on the wheels. Keeps them shiny, slick, and brake dust free. For an all-in-one product, this rocks!

5 Stars
Got Me Through Winter
May 29, 2007
I used 4-In-1 all winter on our two vehicles. I'm talking Chicago winters with snow, sleet, and plenty of road salt. 4-in-1 was so easy to use in my garage and did not mar the paint at all. I have also used it for it's other uses and have been very pleased. I even throw some in my wash bucket to give the water a little more softness.

Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
5 Stars
Replace a shelf of products
May 13, 2007
4-1 will definitely replace a whole shelf of products...a great value for all the different tasks it can do

5 Stars
It's good
May 4, 2007
As a clay lube it has a really long play time and it's very economical. As a QD it leaves one heck of a gloss. I have not tried it as a rinsless wash yet but I'm hooked already.

5 Stars
Works outsanding!!
April 27, 2007
Used this product for the first time the other day. One word, OUTSTANDING!! It completely cleaned off the car, bugs and all.

Brian G
5 Stars
Loved it!
April 25, 2007
Bought this primarily to use it as a rinseless wash for the cold winter time. I used it thoughout the winter with great results! I've since used it as a water softener with my wash water, and it helps the water just sheet right off the paint, making drying much faster and easier. I've even began using this as a quick detailer in between washes, and it does a great job cleaning and leaving nothing but a great shine behind. Very versatile product!

Mike T
4 Stars
All Around Exellent
April 22, 2007
I haven't tried the many different uses for this stuff. Mostly I've been adding it ro my car wash. It makes the wash super slick and creates much more foam. I've read rave reviews about using it for "Waterless Wash". but I have yet to try it in that respect.

5 Stars
slick &shinny
January 7, 2007
bought a gallon of this stuff love the shine&slickness. cleans very very well.

5 Stars
December 26, 2006
Used DP 4-in-1 as a Rinseless Wash and QD and am very amazed. Easy & quick to use, complete & thorough cleaner, and left lots of shinners on the surface. For cars that are not extremely dirty this will be my wash method of choice!

jeff rhinier pa
5 Stars
August 23, 2006
i like four diffrent products in one bottle clever

5 Stars
#1 in my book
March 19, 2006
have used the other brands of waterless washes and this one beats them hands down. exellent cleaning power, no scratching, very slippery on the car's surface. unlike the others no unpleasant odor, only a light citrus scent. conserves water in areas where washing is restricted. a perfect 10 on this product !

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