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Johannseburg, South Africa
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Marque D'Elegance
August 19, 2014
The name says it all. I have been a huge fan and avid user of Collinite 845 Insulator Wax due to its price, durability, ease of use, gloss and finish, I still am however curiosity got the better of me and after having read that 915 was Collinite's premium, top of the range product, the beauty queen of the range as such, I gave in and purchased it. The net is full of stories of how difficult it is to apply and remove this product, that it only looks better on darker colours and no difference can be seen over 476 and 845 on lighter colours. I am glad I didn't pay too much attention to those people on the various forums as this has now converted me to move from 845 which I thought would never be possible. The higher price is truly justifies, more applications per can vs 476/845, more durable according to independant tests, more gloss and no where near as difficult to apply or remove if used to apply with a slightly damp pad and applied thinly, thereafter removed as you go panel to panel. The gloss and wetlook of 845 + 30% I would say even on whites! Most of all it has this really intentional old school tin can packaging, perfumed scent, and when you apply it you know you doing it just like someone else did half a century ago, its very nostalgic, once you do a wipe down, I guarantee you will stand back and be amazed at how the heck did the geniuses at Collinite get this right at such a bargain of a price. Has been tested against Supernaural/Pinnacle and Swissvax and it always punches above its weight(price) class and comes out ontop. Why it looks so good and is so durable is because its actually a hybrid like all Collinites, massive amounts of carnauba + synthetic polymers as stated by Collinites website. 915 goes the extra step of all the ingredients 476/845 have with an extra dose of carnauba, 24% more than 845 and 15% more than 476 if I recall. Really a Mans wax from packaging to finish, one of those timeless classics.
Extreme Durability Extreme Shine/wetlook/gloss
People apply it too thick, leave it too long and blame the product. People are the cons.

Tony A.
Park Ridge, Illinois
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Tough Wax
July 16, 2014
Used this over a layer of Wolfgang 3.0 Sealant on a silver Camry. The wax feels like a plastic coating on the paint, does not seem to collect dust and driving in the rain the water beads off. Probably the best wax I've ever used. I'm a sealant and wax guy. With a layer of Wolfgang 3.0 the wax was a breeze to apply and remove no effort whatsoever.
Puts on a hard tough finish and leaves a nice shine.

Atlanta, GA
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
A great wax in a proper pot.
June 30, 2014
As good as Collinite's wax is, the 476S wax is sold in pots that have much too small an opening for a even a 4" pad. Thankfully Marque D'Elegance #915 Paste wax comes in a proper container that's large enough in diameter to accept a DA finishing pad. I will trade off a bit of durability for ease of use. I cannot imagine why Collinite sells their excellent wax in such odd shaped cans. Application of 915 is very easy. Swirl the buffing pad attached to the DA polisher manually over the wax lightly a couple of times and you've got enough wax to do half a hood or most body panels. Work the wax in lightly (2 passes) with a DA polisher in the style that Mike Phillips uses and by the time you're done, you can buff the wax right off, in most case in one pass. While it's certainly possible to apply this wax by hand, it's much easier to apply with a DA polisher. Others have related how impressed they are with the shine this wax leaves behind and I can only echo their comments.
Great shine and traditional size wax pot. Easy to buff if applied correctly.
None really.

4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Incredible wax, but...
June 14, 2014
The shine this wax leaves behind is great, it has incredible durability (it's carnauba, nobody told collinite that carnauba waxes shouldn't last), water beading is incredible. It makes washing and drying cars a lot easier. On dark paints, it adds a lot of depth and on metallic, it brings out the flake. Reflections are clear, on silver, it brings out the flake, gives crisp reflections. Being a hard paste wax, I'm able to use very, very little product. I've used mine a many times, and I barely got to the halfway mark on 915, which is already a little over 2 years old. So even at this price, this wax is actually quite economical. However, it can be tricky to remove. Removing the wax gives that great, slick shine. After a while though, you may see traces of wax even after it has been buffed off. It happened to me only a few times, it was solved easily though. it would be nice if those minor issues be resolved only then will this wax get a 5 out of 5, and to me, these minor setbacks if not resolved, may just make me look for more technologically advanced synthetic waxes that offer similar durability that's a lot more user friendly.
Great shine and durability Incredible water beading 1 can lasts a long time-you will get more applications with this One of the most durable waxes on the market
Can be tricky to remove

Dave Medvic
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Collinite #915
May 8, 2014
Applies easy and the shine is excellent

5 Stars
great value
June 1, 2013
used blackfire total polish&seal on a gray pad with PC let it sit over night then topped it with this wax on a CLK 350 Grand Edition (pearl white) it is by far the best this car has ever looked. This wax goes a very long way when applied correctly so dont let the price sway you.

Peter Pecci Naples FL
5 Stars
The best wax for shine and protection
December 12, 2012
I have to say I have tried most all the high end waxes on my 2012 black VW Sportwagon. None have lasted as long in the South Florida sun and rain. In addition, my black finish looks deep and almost like a coat of glass on it. Regardless of price this is my favorite wax for dark colored cars.

4 Stars
great wax
October 15, 2012
This is an unbelievable wax. I used collinite insulator wax and topped that with this wax. The trick is to put this on as "thin" as possible, otherwise its really hard to take off. I would definitely recommend using a DA polisher to apply this wax because its just too difficult to get a uniform and thin coat when applying by hand.There is also a fine line when in comes to removing this wax. Start removing this as soon as it starts to haze and as soon as it passes the swipe test. Time is critical when letting this dry and if you wait to long it can be extremely difficult if not down right impossible to get off. I would give this 5 stars which it "no doubt" deserves but I have to give it 4 stars because it came be difficult to remove. Make sure you don't get ahead of yourself when waxing.

David Charman
5 Stars
Collinite # 915
July 31, 2012
The best Carnauba Paste Wax if ever used. Anyone wanting a long lasting indestructible shine purchase this wax, then seal it with wolfgangs paint sealant.

5 Stars
July 16, 2012
After spending over $1500 in waxes in three years, I can truely say that Collinite 915 is the best wax under $50. There's not many wax under a $100 that can touch 915 either. It looks great and last a long time. Here in Cali, I routinely see 8 months out of 915.

4 Stars
May 11, 2012
A nice, sealant durable carnauba wax. NIce for most colors, even if 915 is better for dark colors. My car is silver, it added nice depth without muting the flake. Reflections are crisp, crystal clear did bring out the flakes in the metallic paint. Price is ok, considering how many applications you can get per can of 915.

4 Stars
The Wax to have!
February 1, 2012
I finally got my hands on this wax, it's a bit pricey for me. Leaves a deep crisp shine, but honestly the difference in finish vs. 476s is very small. It's mildly easier to use than 476s, application/removal techniques are very similar to 476s. Apply as thin as you can, almost like a wipe-on, wipe-off product. NOt as hard to use as you may think. But it's worth the shine and durabilty.

4 Stars
wow, brilliant!
February 1, 2012
ok, so i've been trying out many waxes/sealants, I find the durability of this 915 very similar to 476s, but this wins overall due to its slightly better look on dark paint. and you get more wax per container than the 476s. But honestly, the overall look of this wax is very hard to differentiate to 476s. Just remember to apply it as thin as humanly possible,

Dennis C.
5 Stars
January 23, 2012
Best carnuba wax. Easy to use, put on and take off when it is wet. Long lasting. Great for any color.

5 Stars
December 25, 2011
Ok let me start off by saying Merry Christmas to all. Now for the business, i run a small mobile detailing group in my city and i always strive to use the best products on my customers cars. We use Ultima waterless wash concentrate, Meg's clay bar, Klasse polish, Klasse sealant, then top it off with a very thin layer of Collinite 915. I have to say even after repeating this process almost a hundred times im still blown away with the results! All of my customers go wild when they see how clean their vehicles look, and how long it lasts too. Very easy to clean, everything just slides off the car leaving behind that same shine month after month after month. This product protects and LASTS like NO OTHER! Stop looking around for any other wax to use, if you want the ultimate in shine, protection, and durability, then buy this stuff now. For around 30 bucks youll be matching and beating the performance of waxes that cost twice or three times as much! Hope this helps!

Alex aka Alko
5 Stars
Can Stomp With The Big Dawgs...
November 10, 2011
I have another high end, very expensive, car wax that I used earlier this year. I also have this stuff and can definitely hang with those higher end waxes. It looks amazing on any vehicle and is extremely durable. I just recently winterized my car with some 915. The first test of durability was some bird droppings. I grabbed my QD spray and a MF and I literally dusted the stuff off. The bird droppings didn't stand a chance to bond to the paint. I also applied 2 coats of 915 on my rims for the winter. Its been a week and so far no signs of brake dust, tar, or grime. You can't beat the price for such a great wax.

5 Stars
November 2, 2011

Jim S.
5 Stars
Best wax I've used
August 31, 2011
I've never seen anything like this product. Performance in terms of shine, protection & duration way beyond anything else.

Tom C
5 Stars
Collinite 915
November 26, 2010
Have a large selection of waxes, but decided to give this a try and was very pleased. Apply THIN and you will be very satisfied. While the product is slightly harder to remove than some, it produces a deep, deep shine.

Joe P
5 Stars
blitz better
November 25, 2010
915 is okay...hard to remove for sure. Try One Grand Blitz Wax....better shine, longer LASTING and easier to use.

3 Stars
Collinite 915
October 23, 2010
This stuff deifinitely lasts, and it sheets water like crazy. However, I found it to be extremely difficult to remove properly, and I tried EVERYTHING. I have a black car, and I have used other waxes/sealants that were much easier to use, however they lack the durability and sheeting that this offers. I had trouble with the wax streaking and smearing. I spent 30 minutes applying it, and about 5 hours trying to wipe it off. If only it was easier to apply, this would be my go to wax.

5 Stars
August 9, 2010
By far the best wax for dark colors. Dont be fooled by more expensive products. Nothing looks better! Application by bare hand gives AMAZING results!!! 2010 Ram looks better than when it came off the production line......69 camaro with candy apple red is just is unbeatable in color clarity and shine with 915. It does require more work than other products but the results are way worth the extra effort1

5 Stars
great wax
June 30, 2009
One of the best looking waxes on the market. Great value and durability.

Bob W
4 Stars
The toughest wax
May 30, 2009
If what you're looking for is a long lasting wax, look no further this is it! If you have a daily driver and no garage, this is the wax for you. Don't even waste your time and money on others this is the best. I should know I've tried virtually all of them and Collinite is the only carnuba based product which will withstand the hot humid summers here in south Alabama. If you have a show car and want the ultimate shine then there are other choices but for the car you drive, use Collinite. Either 915 or 476.

Chris S
5 Stars
March 13, 2009
This is simply awesome wax!! I applied this after washing with Menzerna Auto Shampoo, polishing with Menzerna P106fff. a coat of Menzerna Final Glaze and a coat of Menzerna FMJ. Applied as described here and buffed off with my PC and microfiber bonnet and finally with a microfiber buffing towel to make sure it was all off and she still beads after the winter in the Texas Gulf Coast Sun, wind and rain, not to mention the weekly washes.

Paul Kolodge
5 Stars
Overcoming the one challenge with the Can!
January 7, 2009
Collonite Marque D’Elegance #915 What a great wax for a great price. The only down side is getting the wax out of the can if you are going to use a machine polisher. I came up with a solution; turn the can upside down and use a can opener on the non opening side. Wax should pop out with a little push from the fingers. Then use a hand to hold and to rub the wax back and forth on the polishing pad. Once finished put wax in a sealed Tupperware for storage.

Bobby Babbitt
5 Stars
Marque D’Elegance
October 6, 2008
Colonite's Marque D’Elegance is "AWSOME" ! it's leaves a 'clean' Deep 'wet-look' shine, again the key word here is CLEAN & Deep can put your hand in the paint all the way up to your elbow, now that's deep...

perry dodd
5 Stars
five star rating
October 6, 2008
Collonite Marque D’Elegance is the BEST Paste Wax available, you get the best shine & protection possible w/ this product. it is not necessary to spend $100 to $500 for a Botique paste wax that supposedly "walks on water", that's baloney... Marque D’Elegance has a High Quality Pure White Carnuba Wax that is much better than the lesser grade "yellow" carnuba's.

Mini Man
5 Stars
Longest lasting you will find
September 30, 2008
Been using this wax for years. It is without a doubt the longest lasting paste carnuba on the market. If you properly prepare the surface and don't use too much wax, you will be rewarded with a beautiful wax job that lasts and lasts. Highly recommended

bobby babbitt
5 Stars
This Collonite Marque D'Elegance is the BEST !
May 6, 2008
i have a mobile detail service for a very few 'select' w/ exotic cars in the $250,000 to $450,000 price range. when dealing w/ this type of 'high-end' car specialists, you really need to know what you are doing & that you are using the "cream de'le cream" of products avilable to you. "this Collonite Marque D'Elegance Carnuba Psate Wax" is probably 'the best kept secret" around ! i was first introduced to it by a fellow detailer & who has a reputation that i respect as being 'the best' in town doing what he does. His name is Perry Dodd, (Eurpoean Detail), oh by the way, he(perry) never did tell me where i could get the wax @,hmmm... Throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale & Paradise Valley Arizona you will hear 2 names mentioned in the same sentence of 'the best' car detailer & reputation for using only the "best kept secret waxes" those 2 names are Perry Dodd & "Bobby Babbitt". my name is Bobby Babbitt, i own Pal Beach Mobile-Detail service. Up to about 1 year ago , i had been using "Pinnacle Souverän™ Paste Wax. "Man i swore this stuff walks on water" i was 'married' to Pinnacle Souveran...well one day the supplier i was getting from, promised i would never use terry's name, decided to stop selling it & took it away from me. He said he had something better, "Blackfire" & swore this was the greatest stuff since "sliced-bread' ! (he really Pissed me off) so i started searching on the net for my Pinnacle Souvern & Damn ! there it was , "Collonite Marque D'Ellegance Carnuba Paste Wax" ! (i found you kunta-kentay) I took the 3 waxes, Terry's Blackfire, Pinnacle's Best(Sauvergn) & the Collonite & applied them all 'side by side'... first of all, "The Blackfire wet-ice Wax" was terrible ! it simply "sucks"... then i wiped the pinnacle & the Collonite, i had a perfectionist witness w/me to validate this test, the Collonite Marque D'Elegance when it was wiped clean was " it had more of a deep wett look than the Pinnacle(well "hush my mouth") & also had a 'cleaner look' too ! & the Collonite costs less than the Pinnacle ... i porobably shouldn't be sharing this secret w/ the public as it took me 20years of hard-nosed experience to find this wax, this is w/out a doubt "The BEST" wax you wil ever be able to find(you can stop searching for the best, you just found it). you will be amazed @ the results & i found out that this wax will last much longer than the others...

5 Stars
Great Wax
February 21, 2008
Some people might think that liquid wax they get from a local store is the way to go. This wax is AMAZING! It leaves your paint like glass and does not dust when you wipe it off. Thats right no dust. Great buy even around 30 dollars.

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